Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last day at Retama Village in the Rio Grande Valley.

Today will be our last day here at Retama. We have been extremely busy the last few days. We were able to get in one last Motorcycle ride with Gregg and Bonnie. We rode about 120 miles altogether and Gregg showed us a neat little place called Delta Lake and Park about 50 miles Northeast of Mission. We had a little picnic lunch, a good visit and cruised on back home. We are really gonna miss Gregg and Bonnie. However, they will be coming West to Arizona in April and we will get to see them again. Hopefully, we will get some more riding in then. There are a lot of neat places to ride near North Vulture Peak, Prescott, Sedona and even the Grand Canyon! Plus there is Parker, another beautiful area.

Ms Pat made us a cover for the Harley while traveling....

Not really,,,(just kidding!) I couldn't resist showing you this picture of how someone got carried away while crocheting.

Yesterday we got the Harley all loaded and buttoned down and ready for travel. Thanks Gregg and Rocky for your help.  You both really made the job easy.  I sure feel a lot better with the new cover. It kills me to leave it out in the open unprotected. The next best thing would be a "Toy Hauler".  But until Ms Pat is willing to give up at least 12 ft of her living room, this will have to do.

We have really had a run on PressurePro tire monitoring systems. We just got Jim and Sandy Cox set up with a system  yesterday when Sam Jones called and asked if we would come to the RV Park next door and check out his Motorhome for a System. While setting him up, Ron Eichholz stopped and purchased a system for his 5th wheel. We were finishing up with him when Ron Mertz stopped and purchased one for his Alfa "See Ya". Then we had to rush home and quickly get a couple systems packed up and shipped out.

Just a few days ago I had 16 full systems in stock. Now we are SOLD OUT. WOW, what a send off!! We also sold 8 Repeaters and 4 PowerTanks  during the week. We should just about have enough money to buy fuel to get to Arizona!

Meanwhile we continue getting things ready to go, including sealing up the Coach House, shutting off the water and covering the air conditioner, etc, etc. With another busy day today and a little luck, by tomorrow evening we should be about 400 miles West between Del Rio and Van Horn, on Hwy 90, with God as our co-pilot.

Who knows where we will be by next Sunday when I post again. Thanks for stopping by and come on back Sunday for more on "Mike and Pat's Travels".

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!


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Safe travels folks & I think you should pull an executive decision & get that toy hauler......10-4:))

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

You and Ms Pat have a safe trip to North Ranch. We'll see ya'll there sometime next month.

Safe Travels,
Rollie & Gina

Jerry and Suzy said...

Travel time is better than sittin' time, so hit the road Jack, or Mike!

Rick and Paulette said...

Safe travels Mike. What's 10 feet of living space compared to a nice, perfect spot for your Harley, anyway? And, think of all the other toys you could buy and squeeze in there too?

Carol said...

Uh, do you really think someone crocheted that? If they did, I think they need to find something else to do with their time! LOL

Safe travels...........:)+

Ellie and Jim said...

We are sending you lots of safe travel wishes. Hope to see you in Arizona!