Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WHAT?? Another Cold Front headed this way!!!

Everybody keeps hoping it will someday warm up! They say this is the coldest winter they have had here in the Rio Grande Valley in at least 5 years. We have only been here 3 winters and it sure is the coldest one we have seen. It just seems to get cold and stay cold for days on end. Cold and Damp! It's getting a little tiresome.  Now they tell us that tonight another frigid cold front is going to hit us and it will be worse than any so far...Geeze!

I'll bet those folks up in my home land aren't feeling one bit sorry for me.  I see it's going to be about
20 deg "below" zero up there and maybe warm up to about 2 deg "below" in the daytime.  Oh well, I guess we don't have it so bad after all.   In just 3 weeks, we are going to head North and West to Arizona.  I'm sure it will be a colder there. It will be a lot dryer though and that makes quite a difference. I just don't want to be in SNOW. I've had my fill of that stuff....40+ years of it is enough. Although several winters ago, we did get stuck in Deming, New Mexico in snow drifts of about 2 ft deep. I don't want to see that again.

Last summer I showed a picture of my friend Mel Harrison's PressurePro Tire Monitor stand that he had built by one of the Mennonite wood crafters near Elkhart, Indiana. It is an extremely attractive mount and several have asked me about it, so here is another picture of it. I have several more pictures if anyone wants to see them. Just send me your email address and I'll send you what I have so you can check it out further. Mel had them make it out of wood that matches the woodwork in his rig. He gets a lot of compliments on it.              (click on picture to enlarge)

Today's Blog is going to be short. We have an exciting day planned and must hurry around and get ready for it. In a little while, we are going to Mexico. No, not to shop or replenish the liquor supply. We are going with our good friends and fellow RV'ers, Rocky and Sheri Rhoades. They are Missionaries working with HeroMakers and have several projects going on just over the Border. They asked us to go along with them and see what they have been doing. I know they are very involved in working with underprivileged and orphaned children and I'm anxious to hear and see more about it.  I'll keep you advised.

Rocky and Sheri Rhoades at our place in Custer, SD


It is a GREAT WEEK!!!
Thanks for stopping by.  See ya Sunday.
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Debbie Goode said...

Yeah, we have been cold here in the Tampa Forida area too! But we decided not to let a little cold air stop us from enjoying our stay. Yesterday, I put on my long johns and we went down to the dog beach. It was about a 4 mile hike there and back, but it was beautiful!! The furballs loved running free up and down the beach. I never thought I would do the beach in long johns, but ya do what ya gotta do...LOL!

Rick and Paulette said...

Sounds like the cold weather in Texas and the southeast in general is getting everybody down back there. Luckily for us, California has so far been spared from the deep-freeze treatment. Hope things warm up for you soon.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike, here in Benson, AZ, the nights have been getting down to about 26 degrees, but the daytime highs have been running in the low to mid 70s, about 10 degrees warmer than normal. They'll drop into the mid to high 60s the next few days, but that's fine with us. Time to drag Mis Pat outof that hot tub, dry her off and go west, young man!

Anonymous said...



We were just south of Deming in Columbus a few years ago & got snowed on so that may have been the same snow you were talking about.
Our night's are cold here in SE Arizona but the days are sunny & generally in the mid 60's.