Wednesday, January 13, 2010

OK 2010,,,Bring it on!!

Well, here we are almost 2 weeks into the New Year. They say as you get older, each year gets tougher and I suppose they are right, but I'm not old yet. So I say "Bring it on".   I'm ready and lookin' forward to it.

A few weeks ago, we had a Fireman from Massachusetts call and order a PressurePro System from us for one of their Fire Trucks. It was a big order and we were quite pleased to get it.  Monday, he called Ms Pat again and ordered 3 more big systems for 3 more Fire Trucks and Pumpers. He was pleased and happy with the first system and wanted more, which we were equally happy to supply him. Lets hope he continues to be happy with them and finds more Fire Trucks to put them on. The day after that, a Foretravel Motorhome owner called and ordered another big system.  Then, yesterday we shipped a system to Oregon which was a referral from one of our present customers. So that makes it already a good week. In fact, it makes it a good year! Plus, we still have over half the week left. So like I say, "Bring it on"!

It is getting a little "blah" as far as weather is concerned. It's pretty limited around here for things to do and places to go, but when the weather is dreary and damp and you're confined to the indoors, it gets rather boring. I'm getting way too much computer time for me. I did manage to get my hair cut yesterday and went to the Post Office. That was real exciting!

On the way home, I stopped at my favorite store to just look around. You're thinking Wally World, aren't you? Nope, my favorite store is Tractor Supply. We have one just a couple miles from us and I enjoy just looking through the stuff. It even brings back old memories. They have a section for horses and all type of animals. There are saddles, bridles, halters, breast collars and cinches. There are neat curry combs, hoof trimming tools, throw ropes, pigging strings, hot shots and you name it. They also have a good tool section, truck supply section, all types of hardware, a special section for western clothing, both work and dress, and all types of shoes and boots. I bought a nice western straw hat there a couple months ago. I could go on and on about what all they have, but next time you see one, you need to stop in and take a look.

The three main things I miss at this Park is something I enjoy very much. One is a Jam Session, where all the local musicial talent get together for a couple hours and just play and sing. Another is a "Swap" table. All Escapee Parks have a swap table where people put things they want to swap. I love them and I put stuff out and exchange stuff there all the time. The third is mountains or hills. Both are scarce around here.

However, in a couple more weeks we aill be heading to North Ranch Escapee RV Park in Congress, AZ. I'm looking forward to hiking the Vulture Peak mountain again this year and hitting the desert with our ATV where we can exercise our trigger fingers and catch up on some target practice (another favorite) and checking that swap table. Paul, Nancy, Pat H and Julie, we are looking froward to seeing you soon. Start your engines!!

We'll be there soon!!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

Thanks for stopping by.


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Congratulations on your "fire sales!" We are looking forward to seeing you at Nick's rally, but we won't be heading up to North Ranch any time soon. We can use the swap table (called "Neiman Marcus") here at our own SKP Park. And yes, there are Sunday jam sessions, and we are on the side of a little hill, looking out at mountains in all directions! Yay for Escapee living!

Rick and Paulette said...

We have a "swap table" here at the Sands RV Park too. We pass by it several times a day on the way to the dog park. We've already made a few exchanges since we've been here. It's always interesting to see what others don't need, or don't want, anymore.


Haven't fired a gun since 1965 so my target practice would probably consist of trying to hit a double wide barn door from about 5 feet:((

Mark and Dortha said...

Oh, no...another Tractor Supply Man. That is Mark's favorite store fact, he shopped there yesterday for all sorts of nuts and bolts. LOL

Takes so little to entertain you guys!