Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Mark and Dale Bruss arrived Saturday Sept 1ST......................

Larry and Linda Moore arrived the next day Sunday Sept 2ND..........................

This is Larry and Linda's Kenworth T2000 and 5Th wheel..................

Mark and Dale's Volvo 770.........................and 5TH wheel.

How about those RAINBOWS!!!!!!!!! Special ,,,just for our guests!

Larry, Mark, Pat, DonnaLyn, Linda and Jim. Jim and DonnaLyn Vickers are staying at the BrokenArrow Campground just south of our place. We had plenty of Happy Hours and Pot Lucks!! We also went on a 4 mike walk every morning and managed to work in some Hikes in Custer State Park, Took in a BLAST at Crazy Horse Mtn and a great dinner at the Alpine Inn. We had a super time~! Hope ya all HURRY back!!!!!!!


It was a GREAT DAY !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What happened???? Cooled off!!!


Yesterday morning when we got up it was 33 deg!!!! Coldest morning yet this fall. We plugged in the heater and turned on the Heat Pump. Hot coffee sure tasted good!!!

Click on this picture and enlarge it, you will see the ICE on the top of our car......Frost on the grass.....

Ice on Mark and Dale's car.....

Frost on the neighbors house.....

But the SUN was shinning....

That same morning we all heard a LOUD ROAR,,,,,,,,,REAL LOUD!!!! Everyone ran outside and RIGHT above our Teton was this HUGE balloon.............They were Sooooo Close, straight up!! I thought they were going to land on my house!!!!!,or the neighbors house!!!!
I hollered up to the balloon, "HELLO", they all yelled "HELLO" back to me. They waived at all of us and went on across the road and landed.........Gee, that still looks like fun. I keep hinting that I would sure like to schedule a ride.....But it just don't happen. Maybe that's for a reason. Could be.....

It was CLEAR as a BELL all day. That gave us a sample of whats in store for us if we stayed here much longer. So were heading SOUTH in a week.........Call us snowbirds, call us winter Texans, whatever, but call us SMART!!!!!!!:-)

It was a GREAT DAY !!!!!


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Terri's Visit Sept, 5th & 6th, 2007

Pat's daughter Terri visited us this week in Custer, SD. She went on a Hike with us in Custer State Park. Here they are early in the morning ready to go on the 4+ mile hike. Terri was moving from one job to another and only stopped by for a couple days........It was good to see her, but the visit was too short!!

Here is all 3 of us just before our Hike. That's Stockade Lake behind us. This was the first time I had used my new Tripod and timed shutter.

It worked!!! Gave me time to get in the picture...

Click on the picture to enlarge.

We had a GREAT HIKE!

It was a GREAT DAY !!!!!

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