Sunday, October 31, 2010

We are getting closer to South Texas!

We drove on South from McKinney, TX about 200 miles and stopped at Motor Homes of Texas in Nacogdoches. We had just one more thing for them to check and fix before we went on to Mission, TX. While there, we installed a PressurePro System on another customers Motorhome. That’s a couple of systems the guys at MOT have helped us sell.  Thanks a lot guys....we appreciate it very much. I always put out my PressurePro sign and it attracts attention.

Yesterday, we moved from MOT across and down the road to FOT, the Foretravel Factory Campground.  It is a neat place and open to all Foretravel owners. FREE.....and they even have FREE washers and dryers!

I got on the Foretravel Forum and announced that we would have a HAPPY HOUR at the Camp Foretravel with Free “Wine and Cheese” courtesy of PressurePro.   Then I  put out our signs, like I always do, when we got parked.  Plus, we knew our friends, Bob and Joan Weinberg, from Retama were here at the campground.  Ms Pat walked around and told everyone about the PressurePro sponsored Free Wine at Happy Hour and we had quite a turnout.
Below is Ms Pat standing in front of our Rig in Camp Foretravel. Since we hadn’t done laundry for a while, she spent the afternoon right next door in the laundry room.  There were 4 nice big full size washers and dryers and she had them all buzzing. It didn’t take her long to get all our clothes washed and dried.
Did you notice just above Ms Pat’s head who was watching out the window?
Yep, it's Ms Megabyte2 keeping a watchful eye on everything. She says “Who put this stupid sign up here so I can’t see out”?  She is loving “her” new home more and more every day.

I know a lot of you wanted to see the shades we had installed, so here are a few pictures.
This is BEFORE (above) we installed the Solar Shade’s…….You can see there is quite a glare from the sun and the heat in the area gets very intense.
Here it is (above) with the Solar Shade installed and lowered. It cuts down on the glare and also keeps the heat down, plus we can see out but no one can see in.   See the new windshield wiper shades they gave us? Now below is the night “privacy” shade.
Lowered half way…
All the way down. Note...there are actually 3 shades. That’s because it's not straight across our windshield. Some they can do with 1 shade all the way across, some take 2, one for each side, but ours took 3. Not the way I expected or wanted, but that’s what it had to be....on both the Solar day shades and the Night privacy shades.  Overall, we are very happy with them and will enjoy them more and more as we get used to them.
We had a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon watching some Football, helping Ms Pat with the Laundry and a great Happy Hour with our "new" Foretravel Owner friends in this neat free campground.  I was most happy to see the BIG RED Cornhusker’s beat Missouri……..Way to go Huskers!!!!

As I was putting together this blog this morning, a car drove up to our Motorhome in the darkness. I heard a loud “PLOP”!   I jumped up and found a Sunday Newspaper laying at the front door…  WOW!!  Thank you FORETRAVEL!  We are proud to be a part of you!!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

Thanks for stopping by and may the Good Lord take a likin' to ya. Travel safe.


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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wow!!! We've been here a WEEK!!!

Yes, we are still here at the MCD Innovations in McKinney, TX getting our Shades installed.  It has been a week since we arrived, but we are "outta" here today.  Here are all the people listed that are here for work. Some of MCD’s products are shown in the background. Their shades are definitely NEAT!DSC_2572
Here is a new product that MCD has just recently come out with. They are superb wheel covers for your RV and they are going over like gang busters. Everybody loves them!!

As you can see, the parking lot was FULL to the brim Monday morning. A couple more came in that had to be placed in the dry camp holding area. I would definitely suggest an appointment if you want to stop and have them work on your RV. After you get here, they will measure the windows you want covered and then your shades will hand made just for you. That can take a day or two depending on how many you want done.

JB, I want you to know that even though MOST of the RV’s are Beige/Brown, they WILL work on other colors.  So if you're gonna be close, give Peggy a call. Tell her Mike and Pat sent you. That way she will make special exception for your beautiful Motorhome, even if it’s not beige and brown……:-)
They had two installers working on our Motorhome all day yesterday and have just a few little things to finish up this morning. I hope we will be on the road South about mid-morning. However, I will make sure everything is functioning properly before we leave.
Here is Andrew installing our “cockpit” shades. They have to be wired into the ignition switch so they won’t accidently close while you're driving down the road....“Company Policy”!!  Great idea, as that might be disastrous!!
Along about 4pm last night “Happy Hour” originated around our place, as we have become acquainted with some mighty nice folks from all over the good ole US. One of the blessings of this wonderful life we live…
On last Sunday’s Blog, Dave and Susie left a comment in the “Comment Section” that some friends of theirs, Joan and Alan, would also be visiting MCD this week.  Monday morning I checked and sure enough, there, parked right next to us was Alan and Joan.   What a small world and Dave and Susie are correct.  Alan and Joan are great folks. We had a ball getting to know them. Come to find out, they had met us through “RV Dreams” and had even corresponded with us about PressurePro. Alan had a special cleaning cloth (called Kleen Bee Cloth) that he loves so much, he sells them. So, I swapped him out a PressurePro Repeater for some cleaning cloths.  Hot deal!!  I just love swapping and dealing with other RV’ers….. I was in “Hog Heaven”!

So today we will get on down the road South towards our place in Retama in Mission, TX. How far we will get or where we'll be Sunday is anybody’s guess, especially ours!! So come on back Sunday and find out and I’ll show you what our SHADES look like!!

Rollie and Gina haven't published a Blog in the last few days because they are busy visiting with family at a family reunion in Paducah, KY.  I'm sure they'll get one published in a day or two so keep checking back.  Have fun Kids!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!


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Sunday, October 24, 2010

That was a “Dirty” trick!

I got up Thursday morning at my usual time, got the kitty some food, poured my coffee and sat down at my computer. When I clicked on my email (which I always do first thing) to my shock and surprise was an email from my son Mikel. NOW that startled me!! I sat there and stared at it.  What is this?  Am I dreaming? Mikel has been gone for over 5 month’s now. My eyes were wide open and my heart rose up into my throat.  Man, I miss him something fierce.  My heart wanted to believe he really didn’t die at all. This was HIS email!  It came from his “exact” email address.  It had “NO SUBJECT” and was dated late at night. Those were all Mikel’s characteristic. WOW!

By now I was almost shaking.  Pat was getting up and I told at her to come and look.  We decided to OPEN it up.  Maybe he had it set for some type of delayed delivery.  My heart was pounding as I opened the email.  Was Mikel communicating with me?

When I opened the email all it contained was a “link”. A link that wasn’t familiar to me at all.   Now, I knew better than to click on that link.  So we sent it to Mark Bruss, our computer expert, and asked what we should do and if there was any way he could tell us what it was.  Soon, we heard from Mark and he told us it was a “VIAGARA” ad.  I don’t know HOW they do that “spam” crap like that with MY Son’s email address, but it's a DIRTY TRICK and if I could find them, we would find out who was tougher, them or me! GRRRR!!

We are at MCD Innovations in McKinney, TX. just north of Dallas. They make Solar Shades for RV’s, homes and businesses.

They are a prospering, growing company and just moved into this new location in July. This building is more than double the size of their old one and they have 50 employee’s. They say by the way things are going their employee count will double in 2 years and they will be looking for a bigger place.  Lots of people call and order the shades, which are then made to their specifications and shipped to them for self installation. They also have several dealers out in the field. If you're interested in that kind of work and looking for a job, give them a call as they are looking for representatives. Many Motorhome and 5th Wheel manufacturers are now ordering the shades from MCD and installing them at their Factory. 

They have 7 RV sites along side of their building and as you can see in the above picture all but one site is taken.  This is a busy place and they are totally booked full next week.

Here we are all backed in and hooked up.  I always put out my little PressurePro sign and pass out a few brochures.  No “hard sell” but we’re here if you need a system or just need help with the one you already have.   We did have one customer that came in while we were here.   George and Sandy Stoltz stopped by for some adjustments on their Solar Shades that they had installed a few months ago.  They needed an extra PressurePro Sensor for a “spare”, plus we shipped out 2 systems since we got here.

These windows will have the Solar Shades installed on them Monday and Tuesday. The shades are really neat, you can see out through them but you can’t see in and they keep it much cooler inside your RV. Everyone we know that has them, loves them!

Saturday morning almost everyone pulled out and we were here almost by ourselves.. A few hours after this picture was taken the sky fell in.  It rained like crazy and the Tornado sirens went off. Soon Peggy and Jim that were in the other Motorhome came and told us to come inside the building with them until the storm passed. They work for MCD and live here year around in their Motorhome. Quite an interesting couple. You can read more about them on their Blog:  The RV Adventures of Jim & Peg  They also have an online television show:  American RVer - Television for your Ipod

Hopefully by Blog time on Wednesday, they will have our blinds all installed and I can give you an idea of what they look like. Then we are OUTTA here, headed for Retama Village in Mission, TX.  Many of our good friends are already there. They say it’s HOT there, so these Solar Shades will come in handy!!

The “Kids” (Rollie and Gina) made it all the way to Kentucky safe and sound yesterday to a Family reunion.  Rollie's Dad, Mr. Rollie, and his Uncles Jim and Mike arrived shortly thereafter.  We praise the Lord and his Angels for guarding over us and all of our family and friends as we run about the country enjoying God's beautiful creation and what it has to offer.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!

Thanks for stopping by.


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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back where we started........

Yep, here we are back where we started with our new HOME on August 29TH. This is where our NEW adventure began  just 7 weeks ago.  We pulled in Sunday afternoon so we would be "first up" on Monday morning.  We had 2750 miles on the Coach since we left here the first of September. That gave us a chance to give it a good test. We found a few minor things that we needed to get corrected.

However, we had one MAJOR problem! Our Thetford Toilet had a malfunction while we were at the HDT Rally and wouldn't work. They didn't have the parts to fix it anywhere in Kansas and we were headed down here in a few days for a service appointment, so Pat and I decided to "Get by" until we could get here to MOT in Nacogdoches, TX.  They had the parts and are very familiar with this Special Electronic TOILET.  It was inconvenient to say the least, traveling without a toilet.  Boy, don't we get spoiled? At any rate, Mike, the Service Manager, said that for such an emergency as that he would get us right in....which he did!  At 8:15 Monday morning, our home was sitting inside their shop being worked on.... even though our appointment wasn't until Wednesday morning.

It wasn't long until our Mechanic, Seth told us "Your toilet is FIXED and working properly"! Whew, that's a relief!  An electronic component (the brain of the toilet) had malfunctioned...and praise the Lord, it was covered under our warranty!
I can't say enough about Motorhomes of Texas. It's been a long time since I have dealt with an RV Service Dealership that even holds a candle to them.   Let me tell you, they take care of you!!  They service all makes and models, so I'd say without any hesitation, if you're ever in the area and need service, this is the place to get it.  As for purchasing an RV here, you sure can't go wrong.
*Example= I had a feeling that our engine batteries were weak. They wouldn't crank the motor over like I thought they should. These Motorhomes have a neat feature that I didn't even know about. When your engine won't crank, there is a "boost" switch you can flip and it "borrows" some power from the house batteries to start it right up. Thank God for that little feature.  I used it a lot!!  MOT tested the 3 engine batteries and confirmed my feeling. Two were quite weak and one was shot. They agreed that they needed to be replaced.  I told them that I didn't want "Cheap" batteries.  I wanted the BEST ones available.  I don't like to worry about batteries, especially on my starting motor. They can let you down at the most inopportune times.  They said that they put in nothing but the best. Soon they had 3 big heavy duty OPTIMUM sealed batteries installed. WOW, now those batteries are GOOD...the best!!  I also know that they are VERY expensive.

However, I'm proud and happy to announce that MOT agreed that they should have caught them on the original "PDI" (pre delivery inspection)  and there was no charge.  We were sure glad as just the batteries would have cost at least $700.00 plus installation.  They also took good care of us on all the other items we had on our list and after a day and a half of work on the rig, our total bill was only $88.00!  We were so thankful that we bought our Home at Motorhomes of Texas.

Even though our scheduled appointment wasn't until today, they have everything on our list fixed and we're ready to leave.  Today we are preparing to return up to McKinney, TX and look into installing some shades on the Motorhome. It's called MCD Innovations.  They have done work for some of our friends including Jack and Danielle Mayer.  We will let you know if we decide to do it or not.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

Welcome to our latest Followers....
Margie and Roger

Thanks for joining us and we look forward to meeting up with you on the road someplace and welcome your comments below.....

Talk to you Sunday from "somewhere" out here on the road!!!

God Bless you all and don't forget to tell your kids, family members and friends that you love them, they might not be around forever.


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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Movin’ on !!

The Photo session on Friday afternoon was a sure sign that the HDT Rally for 2010 was about to be over. The breakfast Saturday morning was the final gathering and by 10:00 am we were headed out. This is the 6TH year in a row that we have attended this Rally. This year we attended not as HDT’ers but as "Outcasts" with our new Motorhome.  There are 3 or 4 of us older folks (I'm speaking for myself, Gene) that have recently changed to Motorhomes and are now called the "Outcasts".  We enjoy the Rally very much as there is always still a lot to learn and the friendships we have made in this group are “Priceless”.  I will probably come back again next year...if they will have us. What a Super group this is and it's always interesting to meet the new folks that are interested in becoming a SAFE Rv’er. 

I won’t say any more about the LGT’s (Little Girl Trucks). The folks at the rally didn’t mind that designation but a couple of my readers took exception. One even made the statement that “them's fighting words”.   Now I know ole' Rick was just kidding. I have more respect for Rick than you can ever believe.  I would bet my last buck that his LGT is NOT overloaded in any way, shape or form and that his truck will stop the beautiful new 5TH wheel he just purchased.

After we bid our farewells, we headed South from Hutchinson, KS and got on I-35 and headed towards TEXAS. We are going back to Nacogdoches to Motorhomes of Texas where we bought our Rig. They are going to check out a couple things for us.  We have a few other errands to run before we head on towards our place in the Rio Grande Valley at Retama Village in Mission.  We hope to sell or rent our place there so if you're looking for a wonderful spot to spend a few months this winter, take a look.  3903 Lark Drive  It's a beauty!!

We drove 340 miles yesterday and found ourselves at the Oklahoma/Texas border town of Thackerville,OK parked at the BIG “WinStar” Casino parking lot. The big 450 hp Cummins diesel purred along beautifully and it was an easy, enjoyable trip. Pat and I had a light (very light :-) ) supper and then walked over to the BIG Casino. We found out that we had just missed Toby Keith who played there last night. He has his own bar inside the Casino called "Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill".  The place was very busy and it is HUGE. We walked around and looked at the sights and each dropped 5 bucks in the slots so fast it wasn’t funny. Seeing it wasn’t our night and the cigarette smoke was killing us, we walked back to the Motorhome and watched a little TV. Soon it was time to "hit the hay"!!

Today we have an easy trip of about 260 miles.  We have the gate code to get into Motorhomes of Texas lot so we will spend the night there and be ready for some early morning work. We’ll hang around there for a few days and make a decision on our next move..... so stop on back Wednesday and check up on us….. ‘till then BE SAFE!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!


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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Having a “Ball” at the HDT Rally !!


There are “Beautiful Big Trucks” everywhere. We have 40 in attendance at last count. Most are VOLVOS……mostly Red ones and White ones and a few other colors here and there.


Here is a Bright Yellow Volvo and a Pretty Big Blue PETERBILT. That’s Larry, our leader that does such a great job of putting this Rally together. This is one of the little “Smart” cars that some folks haul on the back of their HDT. It will fit cross wise and is a real neat little car. Note the License Plate….LOL. This one belongs to Steve and Gail.  OK, so we’re all a little crazy!!!


Maybe our new Motorhome doesn’t exactly fit in, but we are getting a lot of attention and favorable comments. There is another fellow here that is driving a Holiday Rambler Motorhome. His name is Mike also and he is a “wannabe” HDT’er. Plus our ole’ Buddies Gene and Ann will be here today. They were HDT’ers for a long time just as we were. We are now calling ourselves “Outcasts” but we are having a grand time and we have the highest respect for these HDT’ers. They know how to safely tow a 5TH wheel.

Our PressurePro Seminar was Monday and we have sold several PressurePro systems and a PowerTank to some of the newcomers.    Like I said, these HDT’ers are safety conscious so they know they need a tire pressure  monitoring system on their big rigs. 

There are a lot of Seminars about how to find and build one of these neat RV Towers and classes on the Engines, Brakes, Tires and all other phases necessary. There are several in attendance that drive LGT’s. That’s what we call “Little Girl Trucks” (or “pickups”). Most are 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. They are here to learn about this great way to tow and find out how easy it is to get into.   Soon they too will become owner/operators of HDT’s. It always puts a BIG smile on their face! It’s FUN and it’s SAFE.



Most all “boys” love Trucks and it’s not hard to find a few guys surrounding someone’s truck looking, talking and swapping ideas. It’s great fun to join in and see what others have done. It’s a  place to get a lot of new idea’s and pointers. You see just about everything!

It’s a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by. We may still be here Sunday, who knows. But please stop by and see what we’re up to.

God Bless and Travel Safe!!


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Sunday, October 10, 2010

HDT Rally in Hutchinson, KS

As Rollie would say :-), "This morning Ms Pat and I wake up and find ourselves at the HDT (Heavy Duty Truck) Rally in Hutchinson, KS."  At my age,  I’m just happy to WAKE UP!!

Friday, we left Colorado Springs, CO at our normal time of around 8AM on our journey to Hutchinson, KS. As we stepped out the door, this is what we saw:

SNOW in the Rockies!  That’s Pikes Peak in the background. The sun was shining and it was cool, but a very pleasant morning and Ms Pat and I were definitely “itching” to get on the road.

Soon we were a couple hours down the road in Lamar, CO and it was time for a short break. We pulled into this Safeway parking lot. The country had changed from mountians and foothills to flat lands and the elevation had went from 6000 to 3600. It was a beautiful morning and we had a superb “tailwind” that was scooting us down the road with ease. The 450 HP Cummins Diesel was just idoling along at my favorite speed of 62-63 mph. The computer was showing 12-14 miles per gallon.  It is truly a comfort to drive this rig.  I LIKE this "motorhomin'"!!!  I enjoyed our HDT and I wouldn’t trade that experience with it and the 45’ Teton for anything in the world. But for us right now, this is the way to go! We are just as happy as a couple kids with an ice cream cone!!:-)

I received an email from a customer that I just have to share with you…..
“Hi Mike and Pat:
Several years ago at Casa Grande Gypsy rally you sold me a repeater for my pressure pro system (the old original style presurepro). It's paid off yesterday as I was heading toward Rapid City. See my post:
I wish I had found you in Custer today while I was roaming the area since I'm in need of a PPro sensor replacement (I suspect you don't have sensors that would work with the old style PPro) In any case I want to thank you for saving me from a real disaster. I never would have stopped if the PPro hadn't picked up the transmission from my Jeep.
Again thank you.”

We get quite a few of these kind of testimonials. We have hundreds of customers, but it's amazing to me the folks that the PressurePro system saves from a disaster. This gentleman actually sent of picture of his blown tire on his jeep. Be sure to take a look at it on the link in his email.

If you don’t have some type of a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, by all means GET ONE!!!  In this day of modern electronics, just think of all the other “stuff” most of us have. Will it do for you what a Tire Pressure Monitoring System will do for you?  If you tow something (anything), just get one! I could give you several reason why PressurePro is the BEST, but just GET ONE…PLEASE.  Sorry about the “commercial”. I don’t do it often, but I feel awful strong about tire pressure management. People just don’t give it enough attention until it's too late.

I guess I’m thinking SAFETY because I’m here with these guys in the HDT group and they are about the most safety minded group of folks I have ever known. That's why they are driving the size trucks they are, because they are SAFE!!  And you can believe they almost ALL have Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems.  If you're reading this and don’t have a big enough truck and don’t have a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), give it some serious thought.

Looks like there is going to be nearly 40 HDT’s at this Rally....that makes about 80 people. Nice turn out. We are looking forward to seeing all our old friends and making new ones. This is the 6TH year in a row that we have attended this great Rally. You can learn how to "be safe" here.  Please stop over to our new “BIG RIG” and say hello. We are still HDT’ers at heart and always will be.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

Thanks for stopping by and please contact us if we can help you or answer any questions…  Check our website for PressurePro and PowerTank, or give us a call. We usually have an unpublished “special” of some kind going on.

Rollie and Gina.....we miss you.  Hurry up and get on over here but BE SAFE!!


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We're on the Road Again!!

We arrived in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Monday about noon. This is our first Foretravel Rally, although we have met several Foretravel owners over the years and many are our PressurePro customers. We were welcomed with open arms from this very friendly group.

The Rally was being held at the "Garden of the Gods" Campground. It is very close to the base of Pikes Peak.

It didn't take us long to find our site and we were fortunate that Rollie and Gina were right next to us.  This was a "bring your Buddy" Rally and the group welcomed our "kids" just as enthusiastically as they did us.
There were 16 Foretravels in attendance at this "Four Corners" Chapter Rally. This is a very friendly group and we were accepted as if we had been members for years. We are enjoying the Pot Lucks and seeing all the other Foretravel Motorhomes' and talking with the owners.

Yesterday we all signed up for the Cog Rail ride to the top of Pikes Peak.  Here we are arriving at the Depot.

They warned us us to bring heavy coats, because it was in the 30's at the top.... hard to believe as it was nearly 80 at the Depot.

This is the Cog Rail Car we rode to the top..

Here we are at the TOP! 14,110 was 35 degree's, the coats felt GOOD! The cloud cover blocked the warm sunshine a lot of the time but the view was still spectacular!  It even dropped a few "Flakes" of SNOW on us!!

After about 30 minutes viewing the sights, it was time to "load Up" and head down.... I was ready.  It was cold and there were even a few flurries of snow! But it sure was fun and beautiful!!

On the trip down we spotted these Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep..... We have a lot of these Sheep in Custer State Park. For more on the Cog Rail and Pikes Peak, click on these links.

We were all a little tired after the trip and just made it home in time for "Happy Hour" and a group BBQ that really hit the spot!!  I love picking these old timers minds about their Foretravel Motorhomes and learning as much as I can. There is a world of information here.

Today we are excited to be be going up into the Mountains about 20 miles West, to the Diamond Campground in Woodland Park where our good friends and fellow RV'ers and Retama neighbors  Jack and Danielle Mayer work. They are busy closing up the Campground for the season, so we just barely caught them.  It will be great to see them and see where they have worked for the last few summers.

We plan on departing this area on Friday morning and head to Hutchinson, KS for the HDT (Big Truck) Rally to see all of our old friends and fellow HDT'ers. We should be there Saturday afternoon. We might not own an HDT anymore but our hearts will always be with them and all our super friends. We will continue to firmly believe that one of these HDTs is the ONLY and SAFEST way to tow a large 5TH wheel.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

Thanks for stopping by.....hope to see you Sunday.

Remember to tell your kids you love them.  They may not be around forever.


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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Departure Day!!!

"D" day is finally here.  We’re heading out!  All day yesterday, we put the final touches on everything in preparation to head South this morning. The final and last task was blowing out all the water lines in our new Cabin so they won’t freeze and break. We have never had to do this before, as we didn’t have plumbing. Now we have LOTS of plumbing and we sure don’t want it to freeze. That would be disastrous! Rollie and Rocky did a superb job of planning for this procedure.  They plumbed this unit so that it is a mere 15 minute procedure to blow all the water out of the lines. They installed an air “quick coupling” on the water supply  manifold. Rollie was showing me how to do it. Wow, is it slick!!  Just  hook an air compressor to the quick coupling and open all the faucets. It may have taken a little longer than 15 minutes but only because Rollie was carefully explaining to Ms Pat and I exactly how to do it, so we will be able to winterize the place ourselves in the future. Then we put RV antifreeze in all the p-traps, stool, etc.  It was a neat procedure. 
Gina helped me organize and clear out the garage section of our building so we would have room to get everything stored for the Winter. It was a real “mess”. Stuff was piled everywhere.  Let me tell you, she is a go’er and a do’er!!  WOW, I guess it would be better said that “I helped Gina!”  She about wore me out...helping her put stuff where she wanted it.  But LOOK at what we acomplished…..doesn’t it look neat?WOW, we have room for everything!!!  Last night we filled it up putting everything is in its place for the Winter.  Thanks Gina, your my girl!!

So this morning we are all ready to go.  I don’t have much time and will have to cut this short.  We plan on going to somewhere around Cheyenne, Wyoming today...then tomorrow we will proceed on to Colorado Springs, Co. to the “Garden of the God’s” Campground where we will attend the Four Corners Foretravel Rally. I am so glad that Rollie and Gina are going with us. We look forward to meeting all the Foretravel folks and learning as much as we can about our new home.  Plus, we’re gonna tour the area and ride the Cog Rail to the top of Pikes Peak.  Pikes Peak is 14,115 feet so we'll be on top of the world.

As yet another Summer in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota comes  to an end, I can’t help but give my thanks to Rollie and Gina for such a wonderful, joyous and productive summer. Thanks also to Rocky and Sheri and all our other great friends that had a hand in making the summer what it was. Most of all we praise God for all of the “above” and this wonderful life he has laid out before us for without Him, none of it would be possible.

Be sure to check out Rollie and Gina’s Blog for more about what we have been doing here in the “HILLs”

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

We’ll see you down the road….God Bless!


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