Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Do We Look HAPPY, or What?

All I can say this morning is "HALLELUJAH" !!!!  Rollie and Gina arrived about 9:30 am yesterday.   Gina called at 07:30 am from Chadron, Nebraska (90 miles) and said they were enroute and they would call us for directions when they got close. I couldn't believe the day had finally come... they should be here SOON!!  I remembered that just a few miles south of us there is no cell phone service, so I waited about an hour and a half, then I told Ms Pat to "come on". We jumped in the car and headed SOUTH.  Sure enough, we had only gone about 5 miles and met them.  We both honked and waved and flashed our lights. We made a U- turn, quickly caught up and zipped around them and waved for them to follow us. Soon we were leading them up our hill top. WOW, it was so GREAT to see them!
After a BUNCH of hugs, we soon had them in their parking spot for the summer and hooked up to our NEW 50amp service.(Thanks Mark!)

Rollie unloads the new Polaris Sportsman 500 they just purchased. It is a BEAUTY!!! This is what he has been doing for the last couple weeks, buying it and building this carrier on his 5Th wheel. He says it worked beautifully.  He built a 3 point hitch attachment and it is extremely solid. Good job!!

Gina gets the Ramps ready and the Polaris was soon off and ready to ride our hills. I started planning a RIDE!!

When Gina and I weren't huggin', her and Ms Pat were!!  Pat will shoot me for publishing this picture with her eyes closed, but I sure think it kinda portrays how happy, relaxed and comfortable she is that the "kids" are finally here!!!  And let's not forget about Rollie....we did a lot of huggin' with him, too....just didn't get any pictures.

Rollie brought a BUNCH of his tools along that he will need to do some work in our Toy Barn.

After a quick trip to town to mail a PressurePro System, we both cranked up our Polaris's and took a short trip up into the  hills to an old GOLD mine, where we have hidden our own personal "cache". Gina was again in AWE of all the beautiful ROCKS!!!!  She just keep saying "I can't believe this"!!!  I told her "you ain't seen NOTHING yet". :-)

After we got back from our ride and had a few minutes to clean up, the kids got settled in and it was soon time for the ritual "HAPPY HOUR".  We all agreed it was so good to be back together again. I don't think anyone will have any trouble seeing the happiness expressed in this picture. Especially mine!

Then it was time for Rollie to do what he does best and  BBQ some "baby back" ribs.  Before we sat down to eat, we all joined hands and Rollie gave a very meaningful thanks to our Father for more Blessings than we can ever count. AMEN!! The ribs, salad and some good ole' southern purple hull pea's straight from Louisiana were excellent, as usual!! (Note the Louisiana "special" watermelon in the lower left of  picture above. That's for the 4Th of July!)

At 7:30pm Ms Pat had Softball practice. They were a little short on players, so Rollie borrowed a glove and took 1st base. After the manager saw him play and found out he would be around for the rest of the summer,
he quickly took advantage of the situation and signed him up.  Hot Dog, Rollie is now an Official Player on the Crossroads Church softball team!!!  He is pretty darn good, too!! Tomorrow night is a game!!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rollie and Gina are headed this way!!

Today is the day!!! Rollie and Gina departed from Natchez, Mississippi early this morning and are headed this way. We look for them to arrive sometime Wednesday.  Ms Pat and I are both so excited. It has been over a month since we both headed opposite directions in Tucson, AZ, the day after Mikel's funeral.

Here we are at the FamCamp at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson preparing to leave.

Megabyte2, Gina and Ms Pat saying our "so longs".  Rollie and Gina were heading to their place in Denham Springs, LA. They wanted to follow us North to our place in Custer, SD but they had lots of things to take care of at home.  It had been many months since they left there. They had lots of "house chores" to take care of and they wanted to attend their son-in-law Shane's Graduation and a family Wedding in Natchez, MS.

One of the big things on their list was to  install a 4- wheeler rack on the back of their 5th Wheel so they can haul a 4-wheeler with them wherever they go.  Rollie and his Dad worked on that project and finished it up just before time for them to leave.  You can see some of their work on Rollie and Gina's Blog.    Rollie also wanted to get a bunch of his tools so he could help us do some building on our Custer property.

While we were all trying to smile, there were tears in our eyes. After a very sad week in Tucson, we were all getting pretty good at wearing a "smile" although inside we were crying.

Ms Pat and Gina sat holding and comforting each other for the longest time.  There were lots of tears here, so I only showed the "back side".

It was a beautiful, bright, sunshiny day, and we knew someone up "above" was telling us to CARRY ON. We left the campground and drove a couple miles on the streets of Tucson "side by side", until we came to the Interstate where they turned East and we turned West. They were headed for home and we were headed to a Doctor's appointment in Phoenix, then home to North Ranch.
The relationship that has built with Rollie and Gina was definitely developed in nowhere else but heaven.  Both Ms Pat and I always wanted to RV with our kids.  For what ever reason, that has not been possible.....until now. We are truly RV'ing with our we have "adopted" them and they us.  Praise the Lord!!!
It's been a long month and to say that we have missed them dearly would be a BIG understatement.  It will be SO GOOD to see them again!!!  Drive carefully Kids.  We pray for your safe travels and ask God to safely deliver you up here to "our little piece of Heaven". We have so much we want to show you.
It's been a GREAT WEEK!!!
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another year has slipped by,,,,

Last Sunday I mentioned that it was a Great Life. Well, yesterday was my Birthday and it brings to mind how the years slip by.  Another year of my life came to a close yesterday, and today I start with the First day of the next one. I Praise the Lord!  I want to thank all those that sent me good wishes.  Gosh, that was great!! I received over 30 Facebook birthday greetings, many private emails and several phone calls. What a blessing! Since we spent the day alone, those messages and phone calls meant ever so much to me.

We did have a neat day for my birthday. By 7:00am we were out in the Park doing our 4 mile hike.  It was such a pretty day, I asked Ms Pat if she would like to take a bike ride through the Park.   So, after lunch, about 1pm we took off..

Here we are stopped at one of the tunnels on Needles highway.

I fixed Pat up with a little camera so she can take pictures while we are moving. She is learning how to use it and has my helmet to contend with. It doesn't take as good a picture as the Nikon, but it is a lot smaller and easier to handle.

Here she missed my helmet as she takes a shot straight up above us as we ride......I sure hope those rocks don't fall!!

This is an interesting shot of the Cathederal Spires. She got a lot of my helmet, but note the special effects reflecting off the helmet. You can see the Sun behind us along with the trees and rock formation.... Nice job my Dear!

As we came to the long tunnel near the Needles Eye, there was a tour bus going through. Many people don't think there is any way a big tour bus can make it. Here is living proof.  I will say that not all tour busses can make it and those that do have a few dents and scratches. It's a close fit!!

We slowly followed the bus on through...

It was close but he made it. This wasn't a scaled down size bus, it was a full size 40', with tag axle and all. The big SUPER size ones can't make it.

We made it back home shortly after 3pm and the sky was already building with storm clouds for our usual late afternoon Thunderstorm. Sure enough, just as soon as we headed for Ms Pat's Softball practice at 7pm, the bottom fell out.  No hail or wind, just thunder, lightning and rain.   Needless to say, NO PRACTICE!!

It was a great day.  Nice hike and nice bike ride in my favorie place in the whole world. Plus, with my "love of life" and now my "Personal Photographer".   Now how can life be better than that? Praise the Lord!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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Bless you all!!!


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Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's a GREAT life.

Yes, it is a GREAT life, if you don't weaken. Ya just gotta keep plugging along. I continue to give Thanks for all the blessings we have. There is good in almost everything, some things it's a little harder to find than it is in others but it's there.  I'm happy to report that our WELL is still working perfectly! Praise the Lord for that!

Wednesday after I posted my Blog, Pat and I went into Custer to renew our Driver License. They come to town the first 3 Wednesday's of each month and ours both expire this year. The older I get the more I worry about this little task. Maybe it's because I know it's going to get tougher and tougher to maintain driving privileges as we get older. I remember when my Dad lost his driver license because his eyesight was failing, it devastated him and I felt so sorry for him.  It was about the only thing he had left and it really put a crimp in his lifestyle.  We fail to realize what that little piece of paper means to us. Think about it, what would you do if suddenly you couldn't get it? Thankfully, we both came through in flying colors! So, we're good for another 5 years....more Praise to the Lord!! 

The hardest part was getting all the information together that was required.   Boy, they want everything!  Proof of an address, proof of your Social Security number, and your Birth Certificate or Passport.  Pat finally dug up her S/S card, but I couldn't find mine. Gosh, old retired guys never use a S/S card. It's been years since I was asked for one. My Medicare card was unacceptable.  I had a Passport, but that wouldn't work. They said they would accept a 1099 so we had to come back home and find a 1099 with my S/S number on it. Took that with us and got back in line. Wait, wait and more wait.....finally our turn comes and we are approved. Now, look through the eye machine and read the letters.  Phew....we made that.  OK, now the Examiner said "that will be $20 bucks each, stand in front of the camera, then have a seat". Wait a little longer and we're outta there! Took us all morning but it is accomplished.  Hurray!

When we got home, we decided to take the 4 wheeler out in the forest for a while  It was a beautiful day. We enjoyed the hills and the views were spectacular. We ended up down at Broken Arrow Campground where we had a nice visit with owners Larry and Geri Gustafson. Their Park was busy and filling up fast.

Our good friends, Ann and Gene Benson, from Stillwater, OK were in the Denver area and decided to come up and see us.  Thank goodness they did... it was so good to see them. Gene and Ann are super folks and a joy to be around. They previously had a Peterbilt Heavy Duty Truck and pulled a 40' Travel Supreme 5TH wheel. A little over a year ago, they sold the truck and 5TH wheel and purchased this nice 45' Travel Supreme Motorhome...... it's a BEAUTY!!!

We were particularly interested in how they liked their Motorhome, since that is what we are considering getting.  They love it and told us what we hear so often...that since they have a house and just use the Motorhome for travel it works out great for them. It's almost a given that a 5TH wheel has more room. At least, ours sure does. We have never found a Motorhome that has the space, both upstairs and down that our Teton has, and we've looked at dozens and dozens of them up to and including the 45 ft 'ers. I tried to talk Gene into a trade, but he wouldn't listen. Now we could handle a Motorhome like this!!

Gene and Ann had to head back home and departed yesterday (Saturday) morning. We hated to see them leave and asked them to stay on but they are busy people and had to go. We are so glad they came on up from Denver and spent couple days with us. 

We are always sad when our friends leave us so Pat and I went out to our favorite hiking place and got in a quick 3.5 mile hike. After lunch, we cranked up the Harley and rode the hills for a couple hours. It was another gorgeous day.We stopped at a beautiful, quiet, secluded spot and inhaled the beauty of this great country, recalling many of the memories of the past and again thanking God for what he has so graciously given us.   We got home just in time for a nice hot shower and Happy Hour!! Plus, since it was Saturday,our party night, we had our usual bowl of Popcorn. :-)  Life is good.

It's only a little over a week and our "Kids" Rollie and Gina will be here for the summer!! Gosh, I can hardly wait!  It's been over a month since we said  our "goodbyes"to them the day after Mikel's funeral in Tucson. It was hard to see them head East as we headed back West. Pat and I got so close with them at North Ranch, I didn't ever want to see them go. They are such a wonderful, loving Christian couple and it will be so good to have them back with us. They have definitely filled a void in our life and they may NEVER get away from us again!! :-) 

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

God Bless You All!!!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Miracles do happen!!

The last several days have been cool, rainy,dreary and just kinda miserable up here in the Black Hills. That is up until yesterday. When I got up at 4am yesterday we were socked in...I mean heavy fog everywhere. I couldn't see the end of our driveway.  Uh Oh, I thought another gloomy day.  Suddenly the fog burned off and I could see that the sky was CLEAR. In a short time, it was a beautiful day.

Monday the "Well" guys didn't show up, as I expected.  However, it was raining hard most of the time and we couldn't have done much anyhow. Yesterday (Tuesday) it was a beautiful sunny day and they were here bright and early.

I do believe in Miracles and I do believe I experienced one this weekend.  Sunday before I left for Church at 8:30am, I did a test on the "Well" because I thought I had noticed something that I wanted to confirm. I turned the Pump on and let it build up to pressure. I put my pressure gauge on and it built up to 59 lbs and shut off. I then turned off the power to the pump. It seemed to be holding.  Praise the Lord! Is this for real, or am I just imagining things? I took a close reading of the pressure and let it set for for a couple hours. When we got home shortly after 10:00 am, the pressure was still 59.  Hallelujah !!!!!   I still didn't believe my eyes.  I watched it for a couple more hours. Sure enough it was holding.  Hmmm, what happened? I watched it Monday in the rain off and on and amazingly it was holding. Tuesday I knew the "Well" guys would probably show up and that was fine.  I wanted them to check this out and see if I was right.

The first "Well" guy showed up and I explained to him what I had discovered. He was amazed and wanted to wait for the head guy to get here and check it out.  When he arrived and ran several tests, it was discovered that sure enough, a MIRACLE had happened and it was working perfectly..  In disbelief they packed up and went on to another job, telling me to watch it and let them know if we needed them.  Keep your fingers crossed, I have been dissapointed before but so far so good.  So, do I believe in Miracles? Yes I sure do and I thank God everyday for these kind of fine things that happen. We have WATER!!!

Our good friends and Motorcycle riding buddies, Gregg and Bonnie Gheyssens, are reporting in to us on their way to Alsaka.  Last week they had arrived at Dawson Creek,BC and entered the Alaskan Highway. They are both on their Bikes and Gregg is pulling their Camper. They camped at Mile Marker "0" Campground. They have a neat setup. What an EXPERIENCE!!! 

The weather has been slowing them down a little, but they are enjoying the sights so far.  I have been tracking their progress on the map. They are heading on to Whitehorse, in the Yukon. Maybe they are getting close. WOW, what a trip!!! All I can say Gregg and Bonnie is, I wish we were with you.  Please be careful and ENJOY!!! We're thinking of you...

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It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

"WELL" !!!!

"WELL" right!!! Our "WELL" is giving us fits!!!! It has done its job perfectly since we put it in back in the summer of 2004. This summer after we arrived here and I took my first shower, I told ms Pat, " WOW, we really have water pressure! Like never before."  Since we originally set the pressure regulator on the pump at 50 lbs, I never use a pressure regulator. Noting the high pressure, I went out and put on our regulator. I have it set at 65 lb. It immediately went up to 65 and stopped. Hmmm, that's unusual. Now I have another gauge set up so that it can measure the exact pressure of the water coming in. I got it out and put it on and it went way over 100 lbs.  WHOA, what's up here?  That's not right.  I figured it was a pressure switch. I called our "WELL" guy and of course, he was out so we left a message.

"WELL"....we have an RV.  Right?  We have a fresh water tank.  Right?  No problem.  I filled the fresh water tank and shut off the "WELL".  Now we should have water, at least 100 gal.  All set...OK.  Ms Pat turned on the kitchen sink faucet and nothing.    Hmmm, now what? After some checking I find that the Shurflo Extreme 5.7 gpm Smart Sensor water pump that I special ordered on this Teton has blown a fuse.   Hmmm, I have had trouble with these Shurflo pumps before. I tried another fuse.  Blew it, too! Another problem!! Ms Pat says she can smell something like wire burning.  Uh oh....not good. All the wiring seemed good. Nothing to do but remove the pump and see whats up.  That's not an easy task as they are NEVER in a convenient place. When I get it out and test it, I can see it is shot. Burned up. That's the smell!.  What is it with these pumps? Some repairmen have told me horror stories about them.  I'll have to contact the Company again. Meanwhile, no water.  Now we are living out of gallon jugs. 

After about 3 days and another call to the "WELL" man, he finally shows up. These guys just don't seem to understand the urgency of these situations. Although they are all real busy out here and you're lucky if you can even get anyone.   After considerable checking, he finds the pressure switch is OK and the "WELL" needs to be pulled to check further. The truck for that job is tied up and it will be a few days.  Hmmm. Ok what can we do?  Finally, on Friday, they came to pull the well.

Ms Pat watches as they begin to pull out the "WELL".

This is the Stainless Steel elongated submersible pressure tank. 

All 180 ft of it came out, 20 ft at a time..

They find a Check Valve that is bad. They replace it.

It's all back in and we're ready to hook it up.

"WELL", it still doesn't work properly. They think there must be another problem. The Boss thinks he knows what it is. But the "WELL" has to be pulled AGAIN.  Plus, of course, it's getting late on a Friday night.  Can't do it until Monday!!  Now you just watch.  Monday they won't show up.  I know how it goes.  Oh "WELL". Maybe Tuesday.. We can only hope....we are at their mercy!

That's how our week was huh? We do have water though.  We just have to go out to the power pole and turn it on and off when we need it but we're still living out of gallon jugs.  We can at least go turn it on when we want to shower and off when we are done. Who knows how this saga will end but I can tell you one thing I do know, it's gonna hit HARD in the ole' pocketbook. I can here the cash register ringing.

However, it was still a GOOD WEEK!!!

BTW, Ms Pat has been working real hard on a couple of websites to advertise our Teton/Volvo and our lot in Retama Village. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by.  Check back Wednesday and I'll let you know what happens.

Everyone Travel Safe!!


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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Its OFFICIAL,,,,,,,,,(almost)

I love the good ole' USA!
This is one of my favorite pictures of Ms Megabyte2........She was born in Texas and Loves the USA!!
Below she says " When do we eat?"
She has added so much to our lives, I can't imagine what we would have done without her.   She enjoys it out here in the Black Hills of South Dakota, too. But I sometimes wonder if she isn't thinking about our "New House" back at North Ranch in Arizona. I know we think about it a lot.  She loves the big screened-in porch and we do, too.
This is how we left the living room. The 1.5 inch thick insulated shades are all down and the furniture is covered with sheets. We have the Air Conditioner set at 89* and the automatic watering system comes on every 5TH day at 4:00AM.  We can't help but miss it a little bit.  We enjoyed it so much for the couple months we lived in it before we headed up here to the Black Hills.  But it is most comforting to know that our good friends and neighbors, Paul and Nancy Wilson, are keeping an eye on it for us. We know they will alert us immediately if anything goes awry. They stay at North Ranch year around nowadays and they love it.
We moved our porch furniture into the utility room.  The place is insulated real well and it has a large attic fan that is thermostaticly controlled. It will be interesting to see if the A/C has to run very much. I notice that it has already gotten pretty warm down there....  100+

Well, it is now OFFICIAL.   Our beautiful place in Texas is FOR SALE............. as is our TETON 5TH wheel and VOLVO TRUCK.  We haven't exactly gone "public" with it yet, but as bad as we hate to, it will be done soon. It is hard  for us to do.  This is our "Dream Rig" and is the most comfortable full-timing rig we've had.  Here are the links if anyone wants to get an early preview:

3903 Lark Drive,  Retama Village

3903 Lark Drive, Sales Brochure

2005 Teton and 2001 Volvo

We scanned a list of the options and upgrades for the Teton and put them in the Web Album Folder.  If you know anyone who might be interested or if you need more info, give us a call.

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Welcome Georgina,,,glad to have you with us!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Nice Hike in Scott's Honor!!

Scott A."Scooter" McFall
JUNE 28, 1961 - JUNE 5, 2008

Yesterday was the 2ND anniversary of Scott being called home by our Lord.  It was also National Trails Day. We decided to hike the 10K (6.2 miles) to the top of Crazy Horse Mountain and stand on the arm in Scott's honor.  We couldn't think of a better way to pay tribute to Scott's memory.  He had visited us here a  couple of times and loved the Black Hills.  
Here we are at the top after the 5 mile hike up some quite steep terrain. It was wall to wall people and a beautiful day for such a hike.  We were tired but extremely happy. The weather was perfect, partly cloudy and about 65 degrees.
From Crazy Horse Hike June 2010
I took a bunch of pictures.  Click on this link Crazy Horse Hike 2010 and it will take you to an Album of the entire hike from Start to Finish. I have put comments under a few but I didn't have time to do them all.  I will do more later.

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We have a busy day planned.  We are off to Crossroads Church, then a Church Pot Luck Dinner, then Ms Pat has Softball practice. She loves Softball and the Church has a new team. She is so excited!!

We are sure missing Rollie and Gina and counting down the days until they get here.  They will be heading this way 3 weeks from today.

We continue to thank the Lord for his loving guidance and comforting support. 
It was a GREAT WEEK !!!


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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello JUNE!!

As my friend and fellow blogger, Randy Warner says "Hello June"!

Time keeps moving on.......not slowing down for anybody or anything. The last 3 weeks have been some kind of a blur. It is so good to be back here in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

The next day after we arrived and got everything set up for the Summer, I unloaded my Harley.  After I stowed the Rampage loader, the ole' Harley seemed to say to me "Lets go for a spin"!  I had a lot to do but I thought what the heck! I told Ms Pat I was going for a spin. Just a quick ride out to the Park and back. I ask her if she would like to go and for the first time in history, she declined. So I got my helmet, boots and gloves on and gave her a kiss goodbye. It will be just a short ride I told her.

I headed out towards Custer State Park, rode around Stockade Lake and started back towards home. Gee, it was such a beautiful day, perfect weather about 75 deg and clear skies. I was amazed at how well the Harley ran and handled and how much more confident and comfortable I was riding than I was last summer. All my rides in Texas and Arizona had built my confidence level considerably. Thank You Gregg and Bonnie!

It was a superb day for a ride and on the spur of the moment I decided to go on out into the Park and ride over Mt. Coolidge, down into Wind Cave National Park, around through Pringle and back home.  Wow, I could feel a comforting feeling come over me.  Suddenly my mind wasn't spinning anymore and I was so glad to be alive.   Ah...the comfort and soul healing was beginning to take place.  I was especially enjoying the beautiful scenery, the Sky, the Weather, the Buffalo, the Antelope and just being alive and in this wonderful place.

My 10 minute short spin, turned into a 2 hr 55 mile, super enjoyable trip. I stopped high on a hill, parked and was quietly (praying) paying trubute to those due and having many flash backs, when it dawned on me that I had better call Ms Pat and tell her that I extended my trip. OOPs,,,I forgot my phone.... I knew she would be worried, so I cranked up and headed for home. However I was about 30 miles out and it took me  about 45 minutes to get home. She was worried, but relieved to see me roll up.....I told her that I was so sorry and explained what had come over me. We hugged, both cried a little and thanked God for each other. We are so lucky to have one another and to have God in our life!

I haven't welcomed all the new FOLLOWERS lately and I would like to do that now.

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We are so happy to have you along with us.........WELCOME!!!!

We are up to 99 listed followers!!  Can you believe that? I started this blog 3 years ago and just a few months back we had 50 listed followers. I always thought...if I can only make it to 50. That was my goal for an accomplishment. Then after we got the 50..... I thought, OK, I'll never make it to 100!!!! WOW, bless you all, we appreciate you !
I close with a recent picture with my middle son, Patrick.

Patrick will be 53 years old on June 8TH. Happy Birthday son!!!!   I am extremely proud of Pat.  He is a former Marine and is now a Federal Agent.  He and Michelle have 2 children....the oldest is Patrick and the youngest is Shala.  Both are wonderful kids of which I am also quite proud.  Patrick (we call LP) graduated from the Univ of Nebr with his Masters a couple years ago and is now an accountant with one of the largest accounting firms in the US and Shala is about to graduate from the same university...U of N.  Shala is getting married in a couple of months (Aug) in Lincoln. We are looking forward to seeing her then!

Thanks for stopping by.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Remember to tell your kids and family that you love them.  They may not be around forever.


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