Monday, May 28, 2007

Last day in South Texas!!!!

Its been 5 weeks since we arrived here in South Texas. We came here to look at the RV Sites that our friends the Bevington's and the Rodonis's spoke so highly of and looked to us to be a good bargain. We bought one the first week we were here and The Chief said he could easily get it built and let us park on it for AT LEAST a couple days before we had to leave. WELL,,,,it didn't happen. The permitting, inspecting, surveying and getting the form builders, the plumbers and the electricians all moving was more of a problem than even the Chief expected. It seem the county is getting more and more particular and its imposable to fight city hall.

We held off as long as we could, but we have to be in Casper,WY for our Teton appointment in a week. I don't want to cut it any closer in case we endure a problem or bad weather. Its quite a trip, about 1450 miles.

So were wrapping things up today and will pull out in the morning about 8am and do our best to get to Kerrville, Tx north of San Antonio. I only like to plan on 300 miles at the most even when I'm sort of in a hurry. Plans can always be changed, but I have to have a plan. We LOVE the Buckhorn Lake RV park right along I-10 North of Kerrville and stay there when ever we can. Their sites are 100' long!!!!! Not cheap, but comfortable!

Next post we will probably (God willin) be in WY or home in Custer. We enjoy traveling, even after 12+ years of it, so we're a little excited to be going, but have a LOT of work to do...

See Ya down the road!!!!!!



Thursday, May 24, 2007

Time Flies by, Its getting HOT here!!!!

WELL time has flew by and we are still here in Mission, TX and our concrete still has not been poured on out lot.....
Oh ya, forgot to tell ya, we finally decided on lot # 32 and Larry and Linda decided on lot # 12. They are at one end of LARK street and we are at the other. We have the corners covered!! They seem to be the most popular lots as they seem to have more "personality" to them than the others. We defiantly wanted to be parked N. to S. That way we get the morning sun on the front door and its on the back of our Teton in the afternoon. That's the way we have it on our lot at North Ranch and also our place in the Black Hills. We just seem to like it better that way...

There has been one delay after another. We wanted to "park" on our lots for a few days, or even just one night, before we headed North. The Chief thought he could make it happen and encouraged us to stay. The permits took longer than expected, then the inspectors took longer than expected,,,,ho hum. Now we only have a few DAY's before we just HAVE to leave. We have got to make this appointment at the Teton factory. We missed the last one because of Mom's death and they agreed to 'extend" the warranty until this time. If we missed this one who knows if they would do the stuff we have been wanting to get done or not. At their $90.00 per hr flat rate, I'm afraid to test it! Besides is getting HOT down here. Not a good time to be in these parts! Its easy to see why everyone else is gone.

Both Lots are ready to pour and tomorrow is Friday. If they don't get it done tomorrow, that's it, we won't get to see it done!!! Its the week end and Memorial Day weekend to boot with Monday being a Holiday. No way are they gona get any concrete on any of those days. So we have our fingers crossed, but wont be surprised if it don't happen. TUESDAY morning is departure day!!! Come "you know what" or high water!!!

Its a LONG haul to Casper, WY from here,,about 1600 miles.......Just hope we don't have any type of a breakdown........
I'll let you know what happens. Meanwhile, I guess I'll go for a BIKE ride on my new MONOGOOSE .............aluminum frame, double suspensson, 26", 21 speed Mountain Bike..........Pat and I bought a MATCHED pair. Two of them for $200.00. Can you believe that? What a bargain!!!



Sunday, May 6, 2007

Gee, been BUSY down here in S. Texas!!

This is our lot # 32.

Time has flew buy. I've been meaning to bring this up to date and just haven't got around "toit". How do folks do it that post on these Blogs EVERY day? They must be better time managers than I am!!

Pat and I really like it here in Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort. We have the entire place almost to ourselves. They have a nice POOL and a great Fitness Center. Pat loves the fitness center's. She has spent a lot of her life in Gold's Gym and others over the years. I go with her every morning to this center and she is my "personal" trainer"!!!! Now how's that,,,,,can't beat it! She really puts me through a workout. After a short Bike ride we go for a swim. Man that feels good. Then we sit in the HoT TuB for a bit, back in the pool and then shower. Whew,,,what a LIFE!!!!
By this time its lunchtime.

We have picked out a RV site in Retama Village that is right next door to this place, that we like real well. The CEO Ken says he will start on the concrete and the Coach House as soon as we give him the word............Only a few of these "choice" lots left, they are going fast.........
Hmmmmm, decisions, decisions. These HAVE to be a good investment. We've about decided to do it. We will spend a winter or two here and see if we like it better than North Ranch in AZ. If we do, we'll sell the one at the Ranch, if not we'll sell this one. Meanwhile, we will get a "lot sitter" at North Ranch for next winter. Anybody interested????

Its great to have Larry & Linda Moore right next to us down here and they are trying to make the same decisions on a RV site next door as we are. Our friends the Bevington's and the Rodonis's already have purchased a site. Both their sites are completed. Bill & Kathy are on their site right now working on the Coach House. Dick and Diana haven't seen theirs since it has been completed. They bought it before any work had been started and had to leave and go back home... If Moore's and us get one, that's 4 of the HDT gang (heavy Duty Truck) that are here. That's interesting. maybe even Dangerous....:)

It is getting HOT and HUMID here. I can see why almost everyone has headed for home. (ie., North!) This place really fills up in the winter tho...... This so called Valley is real popular for the "Winter Texan's". I can't figure out why they call it a Valley,,,,,,,sure don't see any hills around for miles.........It is a LONG strip of towns along hwy 83 for miles and miles.

My "personal" trainer is calling, so I Must go do my thing,,,,,,get fit!!!! AH,,,then the pool and the Whirlpool............TOUGH LIFE, but I'm glad I stuck around for it !!!!! Ya just gotta LOVE it.