Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where's Ms Megabyte2?

How is our little Kitty, Ms Mega2 coping with the move and all this activity? For over a year, Ms Megabyte2's home has been our Teton 5Th wheel. It was her only home since the old storage shed that she lived under when we first met. She learned to love the Teton.  She had her little hiding spots and places to watch out the window. We took her outside a few times but not for long and she was always happy to get back to her home.

This has been as big a move for her as it has us. When we first brought her into our new house, she walked around and checked it all out. She then sat down and looked up at us as if to say, "whats this"?  Like me, I believe she thought it was neat, but wanted to go "home" to all our  familiarity. So the first night we moved the Teton here, we stayed in it. She and I just needed a little time.

Well, she quickly got used to the house and it soon seemed more like home. Ms Megabyte2 has found several spots she can watch out the window and she "races" around from room to room, sliding and slipping around the corners on the tile. She is still as curious as ever and looking for her own private places to just sit and watch.

We were sitting in our recliners watching TV one evening when Ms Pat glanced up and said “Look where Mega is”!! She was way up on the top of the kitchen cabinet’s enjoying the site’s from her new found “perch” and purring away. She was a “happy Cat”.  It took some coaxing with her favorite toy to get her down.  I’d say she is quite happy in our New Home. I wonder how she will feel when we move back to the Teton?
The Gal’s went shopping in Prescott again Monday. Ms Pat, Gina and Dale spent the entire day “shopping”.  Rollie, Mark and I were only too glad to just stay home and do OUR thing. Here they are when they FINALLY got home. (way after Happy Hour).
Here Gina was so happy as she says “Pop’s you won’t believe what all we got in this little car”!! Gina is “famous” for what she can pack in a small space.   She is “loaded” with enthusiasm and is a bundle of energy and JOY! What a sweetheart she is.
As you can see, they were all still full of giggles and laughter. Gina says they spent the entire day having a BALL!!
Rollie and I unload this LARGE rug……How they got it loaded is “another story”!
Gina and Ms Pat unload this large Bench.  I still can’t believe they had all that in the little Honda CRV….. But when Gina says “we’ll get it in”, it WILL happen!!

We finally got it all unloaded and are now in the process of putting it in its place…  Yes, this place is Shaping Up!!
We have been waiting for our good friends Gregg and Bonnie to arrive and they are finally here !!!  They are our neighbors in Retama Village in Mission TX, fellow HDT’ers (heavy duty truck)  and our favorite Biking Buddies. So we decided to take a little trip up through the Mountains.  WOW, let me tell you it was SOME trip!! 175 miles and Boy O boy did we all enjoy it. The sights were awesome, to say the least.  Needless to say we were WORN OUT…. just havin too much fun!


Welcome to our latest followers,,Weldon and Sandy. Glad to have you with us!!

God Bless you all!


(Sorry about the fuzzy pictures, google Blog is playing tricks and giving me a "FIT" today.  If you click on the pictures and enlarge them, they are not fuzzy.  Don't ask me why...I have no idea!!)

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time is Flying!!

Time does fly, as we all know. It's been a month since Ms Pats daughter Terri stopped by on her way from California to Florida. She has been working for the Center for Disease Control for the last 4 or 5 years...can't rememer because like I said, "time does fly".   She was on her way back to Tallahassee, Florida to begin a new phase of her life.  She is returning to school to get her degree in Nuclear Medicine.  We know she will do well and wish her the best in her new career.

Here is a picture of her and her Mom just before she headed on. It was a long drive for her all alone, clear across the US but she is used to that and has traveled the US far and wide in this job. She has really seen the country.  She is a happy, young, good looking gal and we are both extremely proud of her.  BTW, the day she left (March 25th) was her birthday.  It was one of the "0" birthdays....I won't say which one, Terri. (-:

In my last Blog, I wondered if anybody would notice Ms Megabyte2 sleeping in the picture of the new love seat on my little computer stool. Did you?  Well, Kelly of  The Bayfield Bunch did and noted it in the comments.  She also noticed the WINDMILL. Did anyone else see that? It's my SPECIAL windmill. Everyone knows how much I love Windmills. Al says in his blog that every time he see's a windmill he thinks of me. Plus, Al (of Bayfield Bunch) usually takes a picture of them for me to add to my collection.. Thanks Al and Kelly.

This is the neat WINDMILL I found while we were at the Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma, AZ a few weeks ago. It was just sitting there on a vendor's table. The Vendor was a Carefree Awning repairman.   I couldn't see the relationship in the Windmill but it sure caught my eye and I asked "Is THIS for sale? " "Yep it is." was the response.   Hmmm..." can I pick it up?", I asked. "Sure, go ahead".  WOW, it was beautifully done in Barb Wire. Wire that we had plenty of on our Ranch, wire that had helped "tame" the Wild West.  Someone had spent some time and effort in making this WINDMILL!!  Almost afraid of the answer I would get, I ask "How Much"?  "10 bucks" the old gentleman, about my age said..  Hummm, I couldn't believe it. My left hand immediately went in my pocket where I carry my money clip.. My upbringing just made me ask "couldn't take any less could ya?"  NOPE, was the reply..   I'll take it, I said !! My Dear ole Dad was quite a horse trader (among other things) in his day and he taught me that if you don't ask someone if they will take less for something, you will never know..  I would have easily gave $20.00 for this Prize, maybe more.  I couldn't believe it as I proudly took my new WINDMILL back to our booth. Gee, it takes so little to please us OLD GUYS...:-)

Rollie and Gina Thurston went to Yuma last week to see their son Thomas. Thomas is in the Marines and he is taking some training at the Marine Base there. While they were there, they went over into Mexico and brought us back this beautiful picture and frame and stand (among other things)  Isn't it out of this world? Do you think they knew about this ole "Cowboys" fondness of Windmills?  This picture is a beauty.  Here it is with my Barb Wire Windmill right beside it.  Prize possessions for our New Home!!

We have to rush to early Church, but wait until you see some of the other things they brought from Algodones, MX for our new Home.  We have grown so fond of Rollie and Gina.  God sure sent them to us and they are such a blessing. They are now "our kids".  I always wanted to RV with our kids.  I hope they NEVER leave.  They are truly family and so neat to have around.  Praise the Lord!!! Thank You,,Scott!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

Welcome to ROY and ANN, followers #80. We are so glad to have you with us........

We are ONE MONTH from departure time to our place in the Black Hills...  That will FLY by and be here before you know it!!


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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Shaping Up!!

Although our new home came with a lot of furniture, in order to make it "our home", we had to add a few things. This week two delivery trucks have delivered some new items. Here is what the first truck brought.

This is the Love Seat and Ottoman.

Ms Pat and Gina found this neat "sofa table" to go behind the Love Seat.

This picture was taken way back about the time we were moving in. We knew that "tiny" Microwave would have to be replaced.  Pat has gotten used to the Convection oven in the Teton, so we wanted one in our Home. The place is too WHITE and needs some color added.....bad.  So we set off to find a new Microwave.  It will replace that WHITE power vent above the stove.

After a lot of looking and measuring, Rollie says the one we liked best would fit and he could install it EASY!! Here's Rollie finishing up our installation of the new Micro. Of course, the wiring and the vent all had to be redone also.

Here is the finished product all working and looking good. Nice job Rollie, and Ms Pat is Happy, Happy. When Ms Pat is Happy, ole "whats his name" is Happy!! (Me):-)

Then yesterday the new frig came. They installed it and here it is... Now it's looking better around here.. The refer and the micro go together quite well, and the sink is stainless. Now all we're waiting for is our kitchen/dining table. It is a little overdue because of a back-order, but thankfully we have the screened in Porch with the patio set to eat on. There's still lots to be done but it's shaping up!!

It's a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Wow, I've had some kind of a hard time getting the Blog published this morning. Every kind of problem you can think of... Router, Antenna, Laptop or a combination of everything... has slowed me down. Pictures wouldn't load, everything was all so slow moving.  Just one of those mornings where nothing would go right. I was so sick of hassling with it at 6am, I said to "^*%#"  with it and went on with our walk and started all over when we got back. Sorry I'm late.....

A big Welcome to Glenn and Bobbi our latest Followers, who are # 79. We're getting closer to 100 Followers every jump in and help me get there. Just a short time ago it was 50. See ya in Custer, Bobbi and Glenn!

God Bless you all and thanks for stopping by......


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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The new zBoost cell phone extender.

Now here is a neat gadget that I just have to tell you about.  I ordered this "zBoost" and it arrived about 2 weeks ago and since then our life has been much better.  Down at this end of the North Ranch SKP RV Park near Congress, AZ where we bought our new home, the cell phone signal is not near as good as it was up higher on the hill at our old place. The previous owner had installed a special "Yagi" antenna on the roof for better cell phone reception. He tethered his cell phone to it, which means he was direct wired to it.
This is the Yagi directional antenna on the roof of our house. It works great and gets Verizion quite well, but we weren't happy leaving our phone connected to it by a wire. In fact, our Motorola Verizion phone doesn't even have a connection for a wired antenna. We couldn't use the Yagi. Our phone service was lousy and dropped calls constantly. This  wouldn't work with us, as we continue to sell PressurePro Tire Monitoring Systems and PowerTank's like hot cakes.   We had to come up with a solution.  So I started looking and talking and reading. I talked with my neighbor and good friend Bill Jones, who now just lives a few houses away.  He said come on over and I'll show you what will work.  Bill showed me his zBoost.
After Bill showed me his, I thought this would work PERFECT!! I immediately set out to find one. Within a week, I had one sitting on our counter. As you can see above, the black wire is coax from the Yagi on the roof and the white wire is the power to the zBoost. WOW!!  What a difference. We went from one to two bars on our phones to four and five. Designed for consumers, the zBoost Dual Band cell phone signal booster extends a zBoost Cell Zone for single or multiple users in homes or offices.  It increases indoor signal coverage – up to 2500 sq ft..  It comes with its own Vertial antenna and coax, but since I already had the Yagi, I used it.  We are HAPPY CAMPERS!! No more dropped calls and missed messages. We love it and believe me our zBoost will go with us when we travel. Plus, I can use the antenna and coax that came with it while traveling and at our other property.  Isn't it great when a plan WORKS? Praise the Lord!

Speaking of plans working....Gina's Rock Gardens around our new home continue and they are WORKING!! Just look at some of the beautiful work she has been doing. She says "I'm not done yet"!!

Back Yard
I am so proud of all she has done and we are getting lots of compliments...... Nice job Gina!!!!

Our friends Mark and Dale Bruss arrived yesterday. They have been traveling and sight seeing for a couple weeks on their trip from their Lot in Retama Village in Mission, TX. In fact, they are our close neighbors at our lot in Retama. They will be staying on our other lot here at North Ranch for a few weeks. 
This called for a POT LUCK.   Here we all are after enjoying the food and especially Rollie's GREAT COOKING. Plus enjoying our NEW PORCH.

Pictured above left to right around the table is:  Ms Pat's head, Don and Camilla Heasty, Gina and Rollie Thurston, Tom and Sally Gierisch and Dale and Mark Bruss.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Gina, Rollie, Dale, Pat and I are off to early 8 O'clock Church. Thanks for stopping by.   Praise the Lord for all he continues to do and provide for us.


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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Friend Del

Every year when we come back to North Ranch, I think of Del Holowell.  Each year, I dedicate my Blog in remembrance of "My Friend Del".  Del was just one of those guys you can't forget. When we bought our lot here at North Ranch SKP Park near Congress, AZ almost 10 years ago, Del was my next door neighbor. Del and I immediately became friends and I admired him very much. He was such a friendly guy, it was a joy coming back every year and seeing him.   He loved horses and kept his horse at a boarding ranch near Wickenburg.  Knowing I was an old Cowboy and raised with horses, he always wanted me to go riding with him. I never did go but believe me I wish I had.

Del told me that he had Prostrate Cancer and was treating it.  He hadn't been to a doctor in several years and by the time he had his PSA tested, it was 117.  He said it was bad but they were treating it and although it had gotten dangerously out of his Prostrate Gland into other parts of his body, he felt they would be able to control it.   He didn't talk about it much, although I quizzed him about it often because at the same time my PSA tests were coming in rather high. Del just enjoyed life and didn't seem to worry about anything much. He was always in such a good and friendly mood. He never met a stranger.

In just a few short years, Del was gone.  The Cancer had spread from his Prostate into his bones as Prostate Cancer nearly always does. We visited him in the hospital several times and in a few months he was called to that blessed Campground in the Sky. We only got to know Del a few short years, but he left a permanent impression in our hearts.  He was a GOOD guy!!   No, make that a GREAT guy!!  

Del, Ole Buddy, we miss you and I know your wife Pat misses you very much. However, I know that our Lord called you home for a purpose and you are living in peace. I can see you riding the trails and leading the pack!!  We love ya Man!!!

I will never forget "My Friend Del".

I have one request of all my male readers and friends................please get a PSA test every year.  

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

Thanks for stopping by,,,,

Welcome to Doncat and Cheryl our latest followers # 78......

God Bless You All !!!


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Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Boy's,,,,,

My oldest son and his oldest son drove up from Tucson for a visit.  We sure were glad to see them. They pulled into our new place about 4:30 PM. What a special treat for happy hour!! My son is Mikel and his son is Mikel and I'm Mike. Now that can be confusing when we are all in one place. However, confusing as it is, I think it's neat! We all sat around and caught up on some visiting. We sure don't get to see enough of each other. Then we all piled in the car and went into town for a Chinese dinner. I haven't had one of those for many years and probably won't have another anytime soon. The best thing about it was being with the BOY'S!!!

The next morning they were up and out early and headed up to the Grand Canyon. Mike (Grandson) is on spring break so his Dad agreed to take him on a little trip.
Ms Pat and I sure like the color of his new Pontiac.  Guess that color runs in the family!

Here we all are....Mike, Mike and Mike. Can you tell which is which?  My son is retired from the Army and lives in Tucson where my Grandson is in High School.  Our time together went by way too fast and I wished it could have lasted longer. Sure enjoyed seeing them. I hope we can get together again soon.... real soon!!

We continue to get settled in our new home more and more each day. It was crazy at first...some things were in the 5Th wheel and some in the house. Remembering which was here and what was there was confusing. We were just SO comfortable in that Teton.  The day we moved it to the new place, I told Ms Pat I couldn't leave yet.  I was going to sleep in my regular bed. I knew in time it would be OK but I almost got cold feet. I have been living in an RV for 15 years. It has become my way of life and change never was easy for me and seems to get harder every year. I guess I'm getting old and sentimental. But I'm OK now and we both have become accustomed to the house. Some things are real easy, like no dumping the tank and the 50 gal water heater. NEAT!!!

Gina ROCKS!!!   Gina loves all these rocks.  She and Rollie have made several trips out with the 4 wheeler picking up rocks. She is building us some kind of a neat Rock and Cactus Garden.

Recently Paul and Nancy Wilson (our 4-wheeling buddies) agreed to take us all out to a rock quarry. Gina was so excited.  It was about 20 miles and Paul knows all these back trails better than anybody I know.  So we all took off and here is what we found.

 We didn't go into any of the mine shafts, but there were beautiful Quartz rocks everywhere.

Gina was in Heaven!! She wanted to take them all!! 

Rollie says "Whoa, thats a lot of ROCK!!

Gina is looking hard and Ms Pat has found one just like she wants.

Soon we had all the rocks, big, little and small, that we could dare haul out of there.  It was a beautiful day and very pretty country.  So we loaded up and headed home.  What a great day and neat trip out back of our house in the wild, wonderful desert mountains.  We even saw a Western Diamondback Rattle Snake crossing the trail.  Sorry I didn't get a picture. Thanks Paul for showing us the way.  We brought home a ton of rocks for Gina's planned rock display in our new front yard.  I can't wait to see it when she is done!!

It was a Busy GREAT WEEK!!!!

We are off for early 8am Church church this morning and I'm pleased to say Rollie and Gina are going with us.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Travel Safe!!


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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We had a Feast!!

Since we knew our screened in porch would be our primary point of entertainment and we enjoy it so much, we decided to get some new patio furniture. So, off we went in Rollie and Gina's truck to Prescott shopping. The gals found just what we wanted at Home Depot. Now to get it and several other items we purchased home.
The guys at Home Depot were a little dubious that we could get it all in the truck. Ms Pat says "where will it go"? Gina stands back surveying the situation and says "IT WILL GO!  " Rollie says "when she says that, it usually goes"!
Let's see now...this will go in the sleeper....somehow!
It WILL...GO,...I know it will!!
Rollie says "Yes, it will go, but we have to take it apart".......

Soon the truck was FULL!!  Rollie says "If you want to hand it up to me, I can get some more in"!! LOL

Now let me tell you, I hate shopping!!  After about an hour of it, I've had enough. My attention span is extremely short! We spent ALL DAY chasing from store to store, looking, measuring, comparing and pricing. The gals, Gina and Ms Pat were into it! Rollie and I just stood back and smiled at each other. I don't think Rollie enjoys shopping much either, but watching these girls and just answering when we were asked for an opinion, was actually fun.

Here it is, home and all put together...I think it looks GREAT. I am extremely proud of their selection and everybody's hard work. It took the entire next day to put it all together. Rollie did most of the labor and had it all put together in a very short time.  Thanks Rollie.  Can you believe we got all this into Rollie's truck?  We sure did, plus much more!!
We didn't wait long until we put it to good use and it worked great!!  Here is our very first get together on Easter Sunday. Around the table left to right, we have Gina Thurston, Paul and Nancy Wilson, Ms Pat, Rollie Thurston and Tom and Sally Gierisch. We all enjoyed the Turkey Rollie deep fried and the Ham Sally cooked, plus all the other super dishes everyone brought...

After dinner we all sat around and visited. The new Patio set worked great and we love it.

This picture is especially for my friend Rick. There ya go Buddy! That's the way to show FOOD on your Blog. Didn't think I would do it, did you.....?:-)   Rollie is a top notch cook and like all Louisianians, he has had lots of experience. We, along with several of our friends, can vouch for the fact that he does a GREAT job!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

Welcome to Dale Bruss as our latest follower.. I know Dale has been reading our Blog for a long time. Thanks for signing up Dale, its getting to be a race with other Blogger friends.....keep "Following" folks!!

God Bless you all!!


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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!


Sorry, no time to do a Blog this morning.  We're off for the Easter Sunrise Services with Rollie and Gina and our neighbors Paul and Nancy. We're leaving at 0530 and I have to shave and get ready.

This afternoon is our first "House Warming" Celebration!!!!!  Easter Dinner and all the trimmings. Deep Fried Turkeys by Rollie and lots of covered dishes from everyone else.   Paul and Nancy, Tom and Sally, Rollie and Gina and Ms Pat and I will christen our new home in celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Wish you all could join in the fun.

Ms Megabyte2 welcomes you to our new HOME!!!  Gina found this and gave it to us...isn't it neat? How thoughtful of you Gina. We love it!!!

Welcome to Nicole, our newest follower. We want a picture Nicole! It's great having you along with us.

God bless America!!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!


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