Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Loading up!!

Yesterday we took the truck out for a little spin and when we came back, we loaded up the Motorcycle. We have a RAMPAGE loader with a winch that makes the task pretty simple. Here are a few pictures of the process. If you click on any of the pictures, it should take you to the Web Album where you can see even more pictures.

From Loading the Motorcycle

From Loading the Motorcycle

From Loading the Motorcycle

From Loading the Motorcycle

There it is all loaded up and ready to go...........

I've been working with GOOGLE MAPS a little and it's something else!! If you haven't fooled with it, you should try it out. Here is a map of the route we will take.

View Larger Map
You can click on "view larger map" and use the "+" and "-" to zoom in and out, or the arrows to move around. Best way to move around is to use your mouse and click and drag. Then if you really want to see something neat, go to the "view in Google Earth". That is SOMETHING ELSE,,,,,,,,,you can fly around the country at any altitude you want.........ZOOM in on some of your favorite spots.............NEAT!!!!!

My best source for learning how to do this and MUCH MORE is with Chris Guld at Two Geeks on Tour. Chris is an EXPERT and goes all over the country putting on seminars and training sessions on Picasa, Google Maps and many other things. Here is a LINK to her Google Map Video web site: Google Map

Several of her short videos are free............Try them out, you will enjoy them and you may want to go further and subscribe to her service or order one of the CD's. Read all about it on her Website. Chris is an excellent instructor..

That's it for today,,,glad to have you stop by.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our last week in Mission, TX.

This is our last week in Retama Village. A week from tomorrow (Monday) we will be headed WEST!!! All week will be spent closing down our place here and preparing for the road. We have been here just a few days over 2 months. Sure seems longer than that to me,,,but calendars don't lie and it says we arrived here on Nov.21st.

You all know that we will be at the Gypsy Journal Rally in Casa Grande, AZ from Feb.9th - Feb.13th. We plan on getting there a couple days early, like around the 6th or 7th. That gives us plenty of time and we shouldn't have to drive or push too hard. However, it's always a good idea to plan in a couple of "extra" days just in case something out of the ordinary comes up. Most of you know what I mean I'm sure.
We will be giving a PressurePro Seminar at the Rally again this year. It is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb 10 at 11:00 am. If you're at the Rally, please stop in. Even if you already have a PressurePro system, we will be explaining how the PressurePro works, giving a few operating tips and answering questions so hopefully everyone can learn something.

Along with PressurePro, we will be handling another product at the Rally this year.

DRI-WASH n GUARD waterless car polish and CLEANING PRODUCTS.
We have been using these fabulous products for over 10 years and love them. I tried using other products several times, but always came back to Dri-Wash. It is absolutely the best and easiest to use that we have found.
About 3 years ago, we decided to become Dealers. Everyone always asked us "what is that you use on your Truck and 5th wheel"? After we told them it was DRI-WASH and showed them that you didn't have to wash your vehicle before applying., the next question was usually "where can I get some?" So we decided to stock some so we could help them, plus we could get OURS at a discount!
Our good friends Phil and Connie Hargin, long time and VERY, large dealers of DRI-WASH products, signed us up. So NOW, we always have some for anyone that sees us using it and asks those questions. This Product sells itself,,,,,,,,,,,just show them how easy and simple it is to use and they're hooked. Plus they keep coming back for more.....Pat has signed up over 20 people to become they can get it wholesale and also get it for their friends.....
We don't normally show this product at the Gypsy Journal Rally, because as many of you know, our good friends Smokey and Pam Ridgley are the "official" Dri-Wash dealers for this Rally. We don't infringe on their territory. However, this year Smokey and Pam can't be at the Rally. They are spending time with their son back East this winter. So with their's and Nick's approval, we will be the DRI-WASH representatives this time!!!

The POWERTANK is our only other product. We started handling PowerTank a Little over 2 years ago. It has turned out to be a GREAT product and just keeps getting more popular. We sold 20 of them last year.
I heard about it from an RV friend that told me he had found the "ultimate" solution for topping off his large RV tires to the 110-120 lbs required.
A question a lot of our PressurePro customers ask is "how do we get our tires up to the high pressures required today?". It's hard to find an air compressor that will easily get a tire to that pressure and even if you do find one, or have an onboard compressor on your diesel engine, it can be difficult and time consuming. Getting from 95 to 110+ takes some recycling of the compressor. This tank of CO2 can do that difficult task in about 30-60 seconds. Everyone that has purchased one from us has been very happy with it. They tell us how much easier it is to carry around and quickly "top off" the tires early in the morning while it's cool. Plus, it's so QUIET it doesn't wake up all the neighbors.
It has worked out great for us and if you're interested you can check it out at the Rally, on our Website or read what one of our customers says about it. MARK BRUSS.. Give us a call if you have more questions.
OK....the commercial is over.....we hope you didn't get too bored but we wanted you to know what we do with all of our spare time. :-) We really enjoy selling and servicing these products because we believe they are the best on the market. We won't sell products we don't use ourselves.
Now....last but NOT LEAST, we want to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY and MANY, MANY MORE" to our dear friend and Retama neighbor, Dale Bruss. Maybe we can have a toast at Happy Hour.
It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

These WHEELS are made for Rollin' !!!

We are anxious to "hit the road". Nick and Terry Russell are in Casa Grande, AZ getting things set up for their Western Rally. He tells all about it in his daily Blog: Gypsy Journal Blog

Hearing all this makes me anxious to get out there and get set up. Nick publishes the Gypsy Journal and has 2 rallies a year, one in the West and the other in the East. It's my kind of a Rally! It doesn't cost an "arm & leg", is laid back and we have lots of friends that attend. One thing I like is that all the Vendors are set up just outside of the meeting places and work out of their rigs. That's real comfortable... you can spend all day working and never leave the front of your rig. That makes it a lot more FUN! Believe me we've been to lots of Rallies where we have a booth and need to stand in that booth all day for 3-4 days. It gets OLD fast!!! Here is a picture of our last years set up at The Gypsy Journal Rally in Casa Grande:

We really like this spot and Nick has assured us we will have it again this year. All of the other vendors are directly in front of us, as the picture below shows.
I took these pictures early one morning before the crowd was out. Everyone passes right in front of our spot on the way to all the functions. We stayed quite busy and did real well.. In fact, we SOLD OUT of PressurePro Systems and had to call our Distributor. He agreed to FLY us in an Emergency shipment.

Here is Pat meeting Duane at the Casa Grande Airport picking up the "rush" shipment of 10 more PressurePro Systems. Duane lives a few hundred miles away and loves to fly his neat little 2 place single engine airplane. In fact, when I get out to North Ranch Escapee RV Park at our other lot, he and I go flying all over the country. I have a Private Pilot's license and don't get a chance to use it much, so it's a real JOY for me!! Duane lives in a rural "airport" community and has his own private airport.
From Duane & Carol Sprague's Private Airport
This is Duane and Carol's "private airport". Click on the picture and if I did it correctly, it should take you to the entire Web Album. They have a real nice place. See you guys soon!! Anxious to get brushed up on my "touch and go's"! :-)
Meanwhile, we are starting to prepare things for our departure on February 1st or 2nd.
More on that later. Thanks for stopping by. Be safe and GOD BLESS!!!
Its a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our FIRST overnight guest!!!!

Wednesday after daughter Terri got off work she drove down here to Mission, TX to spend her days off with us. She was our VERY FIRST overnight guest in our just completed Coach House. Terri is a traveling Health Care Tech and is working in San Antonio just 250 miles North of us. What a JOY it was to have her with us. She was up and ready to walk the 4 miles with us every morning. She took pictures of the Javelinas and Birds in the park. She was only able to spend a day and a half with us, which was way too short, but we're sure glad she took time from her busy schedule to drive the 500 mile round trip down to see us. What a TREAT!!
(click on all pictures to enlarge)
Here is Terri as she is leaving for a 4 hour drive back to San Antonio. That's her brand new Chevy Impala "Company" car she just got. She has Onstar and Sirius radio. Real nice!!! Makes me remember the days when I had a Company car.

Ms Pat has her in a "bear hug" and says,,,,"NO don't go, you just got here"!!Those two are like "two pea's in a pod" and seeing them together and the way they enjoy each other is PRICELESS!!!

It's always SO SAD when your kids leave. So quiet and your heart and thoughts go with them, wondering about them and what their future will hold and where it will take them. Maybe I just worry too much, or maybe I'm getting old and senile. Whatever....but let me say it again, tell your kids that you LOVE them, cause they (or you) may not be around forever....

Terri does a wonderful job of keeping in touch and letting us know how she is doing. She is in contact every few days and that is a blessing we appreciate. Hurry back Terri, we love you a lot!!

Just a couple more weeks here in Ratama Village in Mission, TX and we will be packing up and heading West to Arizona. It's going to be a busy 2 weeks. Today our friends Ron and Barb Bergquist are coming down from Dallas to visit for a week........We are looking forward to seeing them.

So that's it for today,,,see ya all Wednesday, thanks for stopping.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!

God Bless!


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meet my new Friend,,,,,,

Well, another COOL one the last couple of days here in Mission, TX! 43 deg when we got up yesterday and it's 40 this morning. In Northern Texas, it is 28 deg and in Rapid City, SD, it is 12. So I doubt I will get much sympathy from anyone up North. But this is down South and that's COLD for us. The humidity is high here and the cold seems to really penetrate. We nearly froze when we started our walk yesterday and it will be worse today. Monday it warmed up to 70 and was nice... yesterday it barely made it to 67 and it wasn't up there for long....

Oh well, I said I wouldn't complain as long as I didn't have to SCOOP anything!!!! No worry about that,,,,,,,I hope!!!! :-) I see it's -40 to -50 way up North,,,,,,,that's BELOW,,,,,,and SNOW!!!! They do have to SCOOP!
Meanwhile, I'll take what we have and SMILE!!!!
Now I want to introduce you to my new friend. Most of you know I get up around 4am each morning. Many ask, WHY?? My answer is quite simple... because I like to! When the weather is good, I take my coffee outside and check things out. Mainly just enjoy the peace and quiet, I love the early hours.
Shortly after we arrived here at Retama Village in the Rio Grande Valley, I was outside early one morning and suddenly had a visitor. A little gray and white kitty showed up. She wasn't very friendly and I couldn't get close to her. I talked to her and tried to get her to come closer, but she wouldn't. She stayed her distance, then disappeared into the darkness to the house behind us.
This happened each morning and every time she would come a little closer, but still wouldn't let me pet her. I hadn't said anything to Ms Pat about my new acquaintance until one morning I went inside and ask if we had any milk. What in the WORLD for??????, Ms Pat asked. At first she said NO!! "We aren't feeding any strange CAT". Ahhh, come on I pleaded,,,,, "pretty pleeease",,, she's not a strange Cat...she has been visiting me every morning for over a week and I think she is hungry!!! A little more pleading and she gave me a small bowl of Milk...........(-:
The little Kitty wouldn't drink it at first, so I just set it down and watched her from inside. She would go and drink it and BE GONE.
Thus, began our Friendship, which has turned into quite a Friendship.
Soon she became friendlier and friendlier and it wasn't long until she would rub my ankles with her body and let me pet her and Finally, even HOLD her !! She started appearing during the day at times, but always disappears quickly back behind us somewhere under a storage shed. She never had any type of a collar or identification. Now her visits are a daily thing and sometimes several times a day. In fact, she is beginning to make herself right at home on the back of my truck.....
Ms Pat was very reluctant at first,,,but she was soon "won over" by the Cat's friendliness.... She still says "NO, we can't have a cat"! "They shed too much"... Here are of few pictures of my new Friend....

She enjoys laying on the back of the truck and snoozing in the warm Sunshine... Is she comfortable or not?????
Thus is my New Friend, an interesting Friendship. The only Cats I have been around since I was a small boy were at late son Scott's house. He and Ann LOVE cats. They each had their own when they met. Scott's cat was named Megabyte,,,,,we called her Mega. Scott had Mega for 19 years, through "thick and thin", the friendship they had was priceless. Interestingly enough was the fact that his Mega was on his lap constantly, especially during his 9 month battle with Cancer. I especially noted the relationship they had during that time. She would not leave his side(lap). It was as if she KNEW the battle and pain he was going through.......
Just as interesting is the fact that Mega died just a few weeks after Scott passed away. I think about that a lot.. I bet they are together..
So I named this young loving little kitty, Megabyte2. I shouldn't get so attached to her, because I realize that I can't take her with us,,,,no way. Pat and I agreed a long time ago that there wouldn't be any pets while we were traveling. Someday, if we ever have to be stationary again, we can have a pet,,,,,,But, let me tell you,,,,it's gonna be hard to leave little Ms Megabyte2.
However, every time we leave an area there are many things and people that are HARD to leave. But it's part of this lifestyle that we love so much, and yes, I know that lots of folks travel in an RV with pets. But we have about all the responsibilities we can handle. We'll have a pet someday, just not now. Just so you know, we aren't leaving her without someone to take care of her. The shed she stays under is in our neighbor's back yard. They also feed her and another Tom cat that hangs around. So she'll be fine. I'll miss her but maybe she'll be here to greet me when we come back next Fall.
Time to go for the Walk!!!
See ya all SUNDAY...........
Its a GREAT WEEK!!!!!
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

World Birding Center, Mission, TX

We start off each day bright and early with a 4 mile walk. I'm talking a "brisk" walk, not a "mosey". It takes us an hour. Been doing it for years. It's not necessarily because I enjoy it, but we figure it is a life necessity. We want to live a long, healthy life and to do that, we feel we have to keep moving and push ourselves. For the first few years, it was tough and I could think of a dozen reasons not to go walking, but Ms Pat kept pushing me. Believe me, I needed that push!! Now, although I still don't really enjoy the walk, I look forward to it. Shortly after sun up, presently about 7:15 am, we head out.

The second most enjoyable place we walk is here in South Texas in the Bentsen State Park, just a couple blocks from our place. It is a World Birding Center, 760 acres and a nice quiet place to walk. It used to have a big RV Park in it. In fact, back in 2000, the first year we came to the Rio Grande Valley, we camped in the State Park. They closed the campground shortly after that and dedicated the entire Park to the World Birding Center (WBC). Retama Village, where our lot is, and the Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort right next to us, were just an open farm field......... Strange how things work out. Who would have ever thought?
Here are a few pictures taken in the Park.
(click on all picture to enlarge)

This is Danielle Mayer and Ms Pat at the far South end of the Park looking out across the Rio Grande River. That house across the River is Mexico. Told you we were close!!

Almost every morning, we see one or more groups of Javelinas feeding under the many bird feeders. They are interesting creatures and have become somewhat tame as they don't pay a lot of attention to us as we walk by....each time I see one I can't help but think how good they would taste on a BBQ spit........:-)

That's about it for this week, Gotta go walk!!!!

Just 3 more weeks and we'll be headed WEST to attend the Gypsy Journal Rally at Casa Grande, AZ and on to our lot at North Ranch near Wickenburg, AZ.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

God Bless you all...


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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cabinets finished!!!

Another "mission accomplished" in Mission!! We were able to get the cabinets finished in the Coach House. Ms Pat is happy with them. Stuff like that doesn't concern me, so if she's happy, I'm happy!
Here is the finished product:
(click on all pictures to enlarge)

Always a few more "little" things to do, but it's presentable. We are ready for our first overnight guest! Daughter Terri will be here in about 10 days! She is working in San Antonio and will drive down for a couple of days. We can hardly wait!!!

Our good friends Roger and Susan Haddix are selling their 2007 Harley. If you looking for a SUPER motorcycle, this is just that. Here is a picture I took of it while we were visiting a few weeks ago.

It is a Heritage Softail Classic,,,,,,,,,,,,and a Peace Officers Special Edition. Roger special ordered the bike in 2006. It only has 7000 miles on it and has been garaged since. BOY-O-BOY, would I love to have this baby!!! It is a BEAUTY!!!!! Here is Roger's ad in the SKP Forum: Harley For Sale Be sure to get in touch with him(or me) if you're interested.
Nick and Terry Russell stopped by yesterday to join us for Happy Hour at the Clubhouse. They will be leaving the Valley tomorrow heading west to prepare for their Gypsy Gathering in Casa Grande, AZ. It's a fun time so come if you can. We'll be there with our PressurePro and
Dri-Wash products. Safe Travels Nick and Terry.
Well, that's it for today, time to go for our 7am walk........Kinda cool this morning, but I LOVE IT and it's going to get up to 78 today!!!! :-)
Thanks for stopping by.......See ya SUNDAY!
It's a GREAT WEEK!!!
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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nice Weather!!!

It sure has been nice here in Mission, TX. the past few days.....78 was the high on New Year's day, then 84 on Friday, with 87 yesterday. This morning as I write this at 5am it is 68. It has been very comfortable with a light to moderate breeze a lot of the time. The Rapid City Journal tells me that it is 3 deg up there this morning. Burrrrr!!!

We were able to get some things done the last couple days after a great New Year's Day. Congratulations to the Cornhuskers and the Seminoles for winning their Bowl games!!! Well done!
The Painter has stained the cabinets in the Coach House and will be back today to put on the final coat of varnish. Estaban (the cabinet maker) was here late yesterday afternoon and finished up the last shelf on our cabinets. So after today, we should be done. Oh ya, forgot, I have to finish up plumbing the wet bar, but that shouldn't take long...
Almost every evening around 5:30 or 6pm, Pat goes up to the Clubhouse and enjoys the Hot Tub!!! She loves it! Quite often I go with her. Last night I took a couple pictures.

By the time I arrived, Pat had it all cranked up and it was HOT!!! This entire Pool and Hot Tub are SALT water. It feels great, especially after a long hard day. (click on all pictures to enlarge)

It's just starting to get dark and the lights are starting to come on. Ahhhh, 20 minutes of this and you'll be ready for bed..... Makes me sleep like a LOG!!
Pat gets over in the BIG pool and does a few laps. Tonight our Neighbor and early morning walking buddy, Dale Bruss, came over and visited us.
This is the entire pool and patio area. It consists of 3 pools. A wading pool, the hot tub and the big lap pool. It's like our Private Spa tonight, as usual!

Here is the exercise room. There is also a nice shower area where you can take a nice LONG hot shower........

We have a great pool room.

Pat also loves to shoot pool, plus she can hold her own with the best. Even beats me!! (most of the time) :-)
Now you can all see what a hard life we lead. It's tough!!! But you know, somebody HAS to do it. So it may just as well be us.
Now we're ready for our first guest for the Guest House. Terri, our daughter, will be here on the 14th to spend a couple days. We can't wait Terri!!!
We were happy to have our good friends Nick and Terry Russell of the Gypsy Journal stop by and visit us. It was great seeing them. They will soon head West to Casa Grande, AZ to prepare for their Western Rally...we'll be if you can make it to the Rally, stop by our PressurePro booth. Come back to see us before you leave, Nick & Terry.....
So, now its your turn. Come on down out of that COLD country and spend a few days with us. We have a place for you!!! Soak up some of this sunshine and warmth to take back with you!!! Sit in our Hot Tub with us!!
Thanks for stopping by and special thanks to those that leave comments. You know how much that helps. It kinda lets you know somebody is reading this nonsense!!!LOL
It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!
God Bless You All!!!
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