Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We have a neighbor here at North Ranch RV Park near Congress, AZ. that has a couple of Beer Can Airplanes in his front yard that I think are neat. The one below also has a Beer Can Cactus behind it.

This is a Tri-wing....

Now that's a different use for empty Aluminum Cans......

Can you believe that tomorrow is the LAST day of April,,,,,,,? Where time goes is beyond me, but it sure flies by! A customer ordered a PressurePro System from us yesterday and he was located,,,,,of all places, Custer, SD. We asked him how the weather was,,,,,guess we shouldn't have asked. He said there was 6" of snow and as it melted, it was a muddy mess. We plan on heading up there in a week...hope it dries up before we get there. I wouldn't want to get stuck on our property.

It continues to get quieter and quieter here as folks continue to pull out headed to all different destinations for their summer. Soon we will be on the road ourselves, headed north up through Monument Valley in Utah,,,,,,then on over to Moab, over into Colorado to Rifle, then north to Craig. We know this route well and really enjoy it, managing to see something different each trip and it's excellent road. I'm thinking of taking a little different route from Craig over to Steamboat Springs then over to Cheyenne, Wyo and on north to Custer. It may take us a few days, because if we see something we want to check out, we just do it.....

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!!

Stay HEALTHY!!!!


PressurePro Tip of the week: Remember, if you want to change the pressure in your tires, just remove the Sensor from that wheel, raise or lower the air pressure to where you want it and as long as the Sensor was OFF for 6o seconds or more, screw it back on and within a minute the Monitor will show you your NEW set pressure. Its that SIMPLE,,,no reprogramming necessary.
If you have questions or a problem, give us a call,,,,,,7 days a week,,,7am to 7pm.850-294-0281

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Customer comments on Competition!

We have been hearing about the Tire Pressure Monitoring System that Camping World is selling. In fact, just yesterday we received this email from a customer about it:

Just wanted to let you know something I observed. I was in the line refueling at Flying J in Kingman, AZ on Tuesday when I noticed the rig ahead of us had sensors on their tires. I asked the guy if they were the Pressure Pro system. He said no, that his were from Camping World. I asked him how he liked them. All he said was, "They keep dropping out." He meant that sometimes the sensors on his 5th wheel would register, other times they wouldn't. When he asked CW about it they told him he needed a longer antenna because the distance to the rear wheels on his 32 ft 5th wheel were too far away! Isn't it true that you get what you pay for?

Just thought I'd pass this on for you to tuck away in the back of your mind for possible future use."

We've seen some discussion about the system on some of the Forums and of course, Camping World has sent us flyer's advertising it. It's called "nVision".
Since we were receiving some questions about the new nVision System, we wanted to know a little more about it so we would know first hand. We decided to get one and try it out. Above is a picture of it.

I was going to install it on our Honda CRV car and see how well it worked. As soon as I received it, I anxiously started reading the instruction manual on how to install it. Hummm, I read and re-read it 2 or 3 times.. WOW, this can't be that tough. I tried to install it,,,,Now WAIT a minute,,,,,,I read the manual again, ONE more time. No luck!!

Disappointed, I went inside and told Ms Pat that I couldn't install it and that it was getting strange readings. She was quite interested and stated "It shouldn't be that difficult, we have installed dozens of PressurePro Systems". So I told her to give it a shot. She read the instruction manual,,,,,,,,,I saw a puzzled look on her face. "Do you have it figured out?" I asked. "I think so", she replied. Then she tried installing it,,,,,,no luck, she was getting all kind of crazy readings, couldn't get it in or out of program mode, etc. Then we both tried,,,,,, No luck!!

To make a long, frustrating story short, we finally called the Company for assistance. One of their troubleshooters started walking us through the programming, telling us stuff to do that wasn't even in the book. However, he was getting all kinds of strange tire pressure readings, etc. I have 35 lbs of air in my CRV tires,,,the nVision would report 35 lbs every once in a while, but then it would jump to 110 lbs, then 85 lbs...... Gee that's strange, he said, is there someone else around you that has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System?,,,,,,,Errr,a,well,,,,,yes there is!! There is a big Volvo Semi Truck that pulls a long 45' Teton 5th wheel that has a PressurePro System on it, sitting right next to us! "Oh well", he said "that's the reason then. "It's picking up those tire pressures." WHAT,,,,That can't be!!!" " Well, yes it can," he stated.

The troubleshooter told us that we would have to go to an area where there wasn't any other Tire Pressure Systems within 70' before we could install this system.....When we mentioned that this was certainly a problem, the programmer agreed and said that he was sorry it was that way. It was also causing them and Camping World considerable problems.

This, along with the Liquid Crystal display that is real hard to read on the nVision Monitor, (it picks up a lot of reflections) and the vertical antenna that lies flat down on the dash in a horizontal position, can cause a lot of problems. Fortunately the PressurePro will not pick up any other Sensors that have been programmed into another system.

Strange as it may seem, the Sensors that go on each tire look exactly like the PressurePro Sensors and transmit on exactly the same frequency. So the Sensors are interchangeable. Also, the antenna from the nVision is exactly the same 3.5" rubber duckie as the PressurePro system.... Very interesting. They certainly copied PressurePro in a lot of ways. But until they get some of the problems worked out and get it easier to program, it won't give us any competition. Presently, it's like our customer says "you get what you pay for"!

Here is the Monitor sitting on the dash of my Honda. You can see the reflections on the screen and this wasn't even in the direct sunlight..

We recently heard from another customer that was ordering a PressurePro system from us. He stated that he had bought an nVision system from Camping World and had tried for hours to install it and couldn't. So he took it back and was ordering from us. In our book, the tried and true PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System is, by far, still way out in the lead.

Meanwhile here at North Ranch the beautiful cactus continue to bloom all over the place. This one is in full bloom in our back yard. Folks are packing up and heading out by the droves, soon we will be the ONLY ones here!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!

Travel Safe!!


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ty Murray-------The KING!!!

Ty Murray is the modern day King of The Cowboys........He is also my king. I have been following Ty for a good many years. However, I was ever so surprised to see him show up on Dancing with the Stars!!! Anywhere but Dancing with the stars! Not TY,,,,,Yep, sure enough, that's him!!!

Now, I'm not a big fan of Dancing with the Stars,,,,,,Well, I like the girls OK, but it bores me pretty quickly. I was flipping channels one night a few weeks ago when I caught a glimpse of TY MURRAY.......Whoa,,,,hold on, that's not TY MURRAY,,,,,,,,the King of the Cowboys on there "dancing" is it? I had to see that!!! How in the world did they ever talk him into doing that???

I saw this kid "top" a good many bucking broncs and bulls, but never thought I'd see him on this show. In watching, I could tell from the expression on his face that he would probably be much, more comfortable on the worst "Bucking, Snorting, Kicking Bull" in any Rodeo string than up there Dancing with the Stars. I could almost hear him saying "How did I ever let them talk me into this"! "What was I thinkin'?" I'm surprised he made it through the first round, but he's made it several rounds. I was sure he was going to be voted off last night,,,,,but he wasn't, he's still in there.

This "kid", is only 39 years old, born and raised right here in Phoenix and has been riding bucking stock since he was two years old. His Dad was also a Rodeo hand, as was his Mother. Ty was instrumental in starting the PBR TV bull riding events show and is currently President of the Company. He has won 7 "All Around World Champion Cowboy" titles and was the youngest "Millionaire" in Rodeo at age 23. His career earnings in Rodeo is over 3 million dollars... He's had reconstructive surgery on both knees and both shoulders and received a broken jaw bone. At age 39, he is officially retired from Rodeo competition and lives with his beautiful country singer wife Jewel Kilcher on a 2100+ acre ranch in Texas.

If you haven't been watching Dancing with the Stars, take a look at this Ole' Cowboy and you will see what I'm talking about. All I can say is "Go get'em Ty and keep on Spurring"!!! However, I really feel that he wouldn't mind losing a bit!!! He's not ONE bit comfortable up there!!!! How long can he HOLD ON?

It was 100 deg yesterday in Phoenix for the first time this year and it was 93 here at North Ranch. However, with 3% humidity, you didn't notice the heat at all. Get in the shade and it was cool! We are starting to get things rounded up to head out of here in about 2 weeks, with May 7TH as our targeted departure date... Time flies!!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.....


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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Bluetooth works!!!!!!!!!!

I had about 5 people contact me and want the Bluetooth Mouse that I bought before I found out my Laptop didn't have internal capabilities for one. However, my friends Jack Mayer and Fuzz Parten, both told me I could get a "Dongle". Hmmm, I never heard of a "Dongle"!
(Remember ,I'm an old guy!)

Well, a "Dongle" shopping I went. When I typed "Dongle" into eBay,,,,,,,it came back with over 4000 of them! I spent an hour reading and educating myself about dongles... Three days later I had one! (click on all pictures to enlarge)

This is the "Dongle" I purchased. It is very small and does not stick out far enough for me to hit it on everything like I did with the "wireless mouse" I had previously. It is "plug and play" and I plugged it in and it WORKED! So, I'm in business. Sorry folks but the Bluetooth Mouse is not for sale........BUT,,,,if you have the need for a Logitech "wireless" Mouse that works great, let me know.... Thanks Jack and Fuzz, now I don't hit this one on everything. It is almost undetectable in the side of my Laptop!!!

This Blog is such a great place to sell stuff, let me throw out another item that seems to be excess to my needs.... I made another mistake!!! :-( Sometimes we just have to learn the HARD WAY! When am I going to learn that I'm not as young as I once was? Don't laugh guys, you'll be here one day......:-) My mistake was I should NOT have bought a Motorcycle!!! When we sold everything years ago to fulfill our dream of Fulltime RV'ing, I about cried when my Harley sold. I had Motorcycles for years and years,,,,,several Harley's, a Gold Wing, several Honda's,,,,,,,Suzuki's,,,,Kawasaki's,,,,,etc. Even had a Bridgestone and a "Whizzer". We went to Daytona Bike week for about 8 years straight. After selling the Harley, it just didn't seem right not having a Motorcycle.. Went about 10 years without one! So when my good friend and fellow HDT'er David Czetli (Toterman) had this neat little Bike for sale, of course, I was interested.

The rest is history. I have discovered that I just don't have the interest in riding a Motorcycle that I once did. Neither does Pat. I guess that was in a previous life!!! So if anyone wants a neat Suzuki Marauder VZ800,,,,,,that only has 3800 miles(yes, you read that right,3800) on it and is almost like new, let me know. Just a mere $2500.00!!! Plus, it sounds just like a Harley!!!

This is a 1998 and only had 3500 miles on it when I bought it from David(Toterman). It is almost like a NEW one,,,,,,,,,and 11 years old. A classic!! Your gain, my loss. Come and get it!!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

The weather is wonderful here in Arizona, but it's warming up fast!!! Pat and I are getting anxious to see the GREEN hills..........

Travel Safe and God Bless.


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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ANOTHER Cat Picture,,,,,,

Can you STAND yet another "CAT" picture? My friend Ron Tietsort, the head Law Enforcement Ranger at Custer State Park in South Dakota, sent me this picture of a "CAT" that was taken by his field camera... (click to enlarge)

Thanks Ron, that is a neat picture! Turkey season just opened in the area and Ron tells me that there aren't a lot of hunters out due to the weather and heavy snow but he did see 3 Lions on opening day!! Wow, they are getting mighty plentiful. Kinda scary for all the hikers, including us. They don't normally bother people, but as they get used to them, that is bound to change. They have a Lion hunting season every year that keeps them thinned somewhat, but there sure are a lot of sightings anymore. Some even in towns, so they are getting braver and braver!!! I'll start making sure I have my side arm when out and about...

Lots of other things are beginning to happen in Custer State Park. I just received the enclosed notice from the Game, Fish and Parks:

First Buffalo Calf of the Season Spotted at Custer State Park

CUSTER, S.D. - The first buffalo calf of the spring in Custer State Park was spotted on April 11, 2009. Ron Tietsort, Conservation Officer for Custer State Park, saw the buffalo calf in the south end of the park near the west end of the Wildlife Loop Road.
"Spring is a perfect time to view wildlife in the park and with the recent moisture, everything is greening up," said Chad Kramer, buffalo herd manager. "Deer, antelope, turkey and buffalo can be seen throughout the park right now. Some herds of elk have recently been spotted along Iron Mountain Road in the mornings and late afternoons."
Visitors are advised to leave buffalo calves alone. It can be dangerous to approach baby animals, particularly buffalo calves. If a mother buffalo feels she or her calf is threatened, she may charge.
"Occasionally, people will think a buffalo calf has been orphaned and try to rescue it," said Kramer. "This is rarely true; buffalo may roam up to one mile from their calves and come back later for them."
Most buffalo calves are born in May, but around 10 to 20 percent arrive in April at Custer State Park.
For additional information on Custer State Park, please contact the park at (605) 255-4515 or visit
As most of you know Ms Pat and I worked every summer for 10 years for the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks, 9 of those years was in Custer State Park as Law Enforcement Rangers. What a wonderful place to work!!! We enjoyed every day of it!!!

I always enjoyed the baby Buffalo calves. We had the privilege of driving through the herd almost every day. It kinda reminded me of back home on my parents ranch. We didn't usually start at the park until the first part of May. There were always plenty of baby calves by then. They are sure fun to watch as they jump and run and play, just like little kids. There are several hundred of them born each spring.....If you are looking for a beautiful place to spend a few days or weeks, the Black Hills has a lot to offer. Mt Rushmore National Monument, Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer State Park, Deadwood, lots of hiking trails, trout fishing and much more. You can spend weeks there and still not see everything. Also, let us recommend the Broken Arrow Campground as a place to stay. It is just down the road from our place and the owners, Larry and Geri, will make you feel right at home.
Bet you can tell that Ms Pat and I are beginning to get the "call of the Hills" can't you? Yep, we are getting anxious..... By this time next month we should be there!!
It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!
Travel safe!!!
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning,,,,2009

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Happy Easter!!!

It's 5:00 AM, April 12TH. Too early for me to tell what the weather is going to be like today, but Friday night and yesterday, it rained ALL night and most of the day. That was the first measurable rain since we got here almost 2 months ago. The rain was much needed as it was real DRY and the FIRE danger was rising FAST. My rain gauge says we received over an INCH.

Now, I'm ready for some more of the HOT and DRY stuff!!! The high yesterday was only 58*. Now I know some of you would almost KILL for 58*, but to us, along with the damp stuff, it felt real COOL!! OK, I know we're spoiled. It has been in the 70's and even up to 80's last Monday. It's EASY to get spoiled down here.

Anybody need a "Bluetooth" Wireless Mouse? I messed up!!!!! I just got this new Sony Laptop a few months ago and I was led to believe it had "Bluetooth" capabilities built in. It is listed in the Control Panel, so I bought a nice, NEW Microsoft "Bluetooth" Mouse. That was where I messed up!!! Should have made SURE it had one......You know what they say, "Don't ASSUME nothing", right? Right!!! Well, I was excited when I got my new Mouse delivered by UPS and anxious to install it. To make a long story short and after trying and trying to install it, Ms Pat called Sony Support and after a few clicks she was told "NO, it doesn't have Bluetooth capabilities and it's impossible to add it". Hmmm, bad news, not what I wanted to hear!!! That's what I get for assuming. Not being well enough versed to be capable of checking myself, I should have called Sony support BEFORE buying the Mouse! Live and Learn!!!
So, if anybody needs a Mouse, I happen to have one that seems to be excess to my needs.:-(
(click to enlarge)
It's a neat Mouse, you can back up with it and everything. It is just what I wanted, except it won't work if you don't have "Bluetooth" Capabilities!!! I gave $35.00 for it and I'll take $20.00, plus a few bucks shipping. I carefully put it back in its original package and took this picture yesterday. (Sorry, the date on the picture is says 2008 instead of 2009, I just noticed that!) If you can use it, just holler.

WOW!! I just looked out and it appears it's going to be a Beautiful, Clear, "Sun-shinny" day!! Praise the Lord!! The Easter Sunrise Services in the area should be Wonderful. Funny how things like that work out, isn't it? It sure proves WHO is in CONTROL!!!

I can't leave without showing you a picture of Ms Megabyte2 sleeping. Like I said, she finds some of the darndest places to snoozzzz!
(click to enlarge)
She will sleep here for hours,,,,,,even while Pat is typing. She sure likes Ms Pat,,,,follows her everywhere.

Well, maybe just one more! Here she is watching "Boids" at the feeder I fixed up for her.
(click on all pictures to enlarge)
She loves watching "Boids". She even runs and jumps up to look when I holler "Look Mega, Boids".......She is one smart cat!! Yep, Dennis, I guess you can say we are "HOOKED"!!! I never dreamed one little kitty could bring 2 people so much happiness! Scott, you knew that didn't you!!!
It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!
Thanks for stopping safe.
Be sure to tell your kids you love them, they may not be around forever!
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Interesting picture of the Buffalo Roundup.

My good friend, Ron Tietsort, sent me this interesting picture of him attempting to turn a small herd of Buffalo back that had broken from the herd at the annual Buffalo Roundup in Custer State Park. The picture was taken by staff photographer Elisha Page/Argus Leader and appeared in some National Magazines. Ron is the head Law Enforcement Officer in the Park and was our Boss for many years. Mighty fine fellow!...... Click on the picture and enlarge it so you can get full benefit of the position Ron and his horse are in. I don't know what was going through his mind as this group of Wild Buffalo were heading straight for him full bore, but knowing Ron as I do, it was probably something like "Oh Lord, my trust is in you"! Great picture and exciting to say the least!

Another thing that interests me in that picture is the Saddle on his horse. Take a close look. That is my SADDLE!! In Sunday's Blog, I mentioned that when I was younger I followed the Rodeo Circuit. I was awarded that fine saddle back in 1953 when I won the All-Around Championship at the Rodeo in Ardmore, South Dakota. On both stirrup fenders it has carved in the leather "All Around Champion Cowboy, Ardmore, SD. 1953" My Dad used the saddle on the Ranch for years, then my middle son Patrick used it on his Ranch for a few more years until he became a Federal Agent. Then about 6-7 years ago, I loaned it to Ron, as he was short a saddle in the Park where Ms Pat and I worked for several summers. Ron loves the saddle and had some of the leather replaced on a couple "D" rings. It is a well built, strong saddle, I saw it last summer and it still looks GREAT,,,,,,WOW, after 55 years and still going. I hope you enjoy it Ron, nice to see someone get some use out of it. Especially YOU my friend!

I remember the day I won that saddle. I had a long drive back to the Ranch after the Rodeo and I got there in the middle of the night. Needless to say, it had a been a LONG 3 day weekend and I was "dog" tired! My folks didn't know of my big win. I was too tired to wake them up, so I took my NEW SADDLE and placed it in the middle of the kitchen table and promptly went to BED!. I knew they would see it immediately when they got up around 6am. Now,,,let me say my Mother was not the type that you messed up her Kitchen! But I hoped she wouldn't be too MAD. She wasn't!!!LOL

Back here at the Ranch, North Ranch RV Park in Congress, AZ that is, it's warming up and we're enjoying it..... 53* when I got up at 4am this made it to 83 yesterday!! Beautiful!!!
It's a GREAT WEEK!!!!!

God Bless.......
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yet ANOTHER snow storm!!!

What's the old saying, "when it rains, it pours",,,,,,,,It seems that "when it snows, it blizzards!!!!!"

From today's Rapid City Journal:
The third major snowstorm in two weeks dumped another foot of snow on Rapid City on Saturday, derailing weekend plans, closing roads, businesses and the airport and leaving many with a serious case of cabin fever.

12 inches of snow fell in and around Rapid City yesterday. I-90 was blocked all across the state and even East of Sioux Falls.

Our good friends, Dave and Lois Brown stopped by and spent a couple days with us on their way back to their home in the Black Hills. They stayed in the local Congress motel. Dave and Lois have spent the last several winters in Yuma. They always brought their 5TH wheel in the past; however, this year they decided to rent a Park Model. They said the Park Model was nice, but next year they are going to again bring their 5TH wheel. They missed their "home on wheels". They also came to visit us in Tallahassee, Florida way back in about 1996.

We first met Dave and Lois the first year we began full timing back in 1995. It was our first year in the Black Hills and we were Camp hosts at Angostura Reservoir, near Hot Springs. They used to come to the lake fishing on weekends and we struck up a long and interesting friendship. Dave had fished that lake since the 40's and we fished together a lot. He really knew where the BIG fish hung out. We enjoyed going out and catching tons of fish with him and he enjoyed Pat cooking them up for dinner "southern style"! Pat introduced them to Cheese Grits and Hush Puppies, along with fish fried in "beer batter". Southern cooking agreed with them!!

This is an interesting couple. Dave ran the local Grain Elevator in Olerich, SD and Lois was a school teacher. They both lost their spouses many years ago. Both love to dance and had known each other well as couples before they lost their spouses. It's so neat that they can go on enjoying life and still love dancing at least once a week all winter long....

I have a lot in common with Lois, as her kids and grand kids are quite involved in Rodeo. She knew that I was raised on a cattle ranch just a few miles south of where her ranch was located and she remembered that I rode Bulls and Broncs in Rodeos back in the 50's for several years. We knew a lot of the same people. What makes me especially proud to know her is that her Grandson is Chad Ferley,,,,,,Chad is a top notch Saddle Bronc rider. Now I mean REAL TOP NOTCH. Just "google" him and check out his record. He was high point man for several years, then in 2007 he won the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP,,,,,in Saddle Broncs!!! He is again "setting high" this year and we are all watching him very close as he continues to win at Rodeos across the US. Hang in there Chad and stay healthy. We hope to see him in the Las Vegas finals next fall....

Now, the REAL INTERESTING thing about this couple is Dave is 85 and Lois is 87... (sorry Lois, I had to tell). You talk about being active,,,, gosh they wear me out just watching them. They just never seem to get any older. Boy, do they ever give Pat and I hope......What an inspiration!!! Dave and Lois, my hat is off to you both,,,,,keep it up. Maybe I do have a few years left in me. I hope I can follow your example.

Since the weather is so bad up where they are heading, they decided to go over to Oklahoma and visit a daughter and then to Wichita, KS to spend time with a Grandson, before continuing on North......Safe travels you two,,,and God Bless!!!

Meanwhile the wind just BLOWS and BLOWS here at North Ranch in Arizona. But what the heck, it was 70* yesterday. What am I complaining about!!!! Glad I'm not up near that beautiful "Broken Arrow Campground" in South Dakota yet! But we will be there in another month or so.......

Thank You all for stopping by. We are off to Church for the early 8:00 services....

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

God Bless...


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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You want some SWAMP WATER?

NO, it's not an APRIL FOOL joke!!!! The "Swamp Water" that Joanne mentions in the shout box on the right side of my Blog is FOR REAL. Let me tell you about it.

When we were in Florida last October at my friend John Palmer's Solar Farm, John and some others were drinking "Swamp Water". I, of course, was curious about it and asked John what it was. John handed me a bottle and said "here try it". Well, I'll try about anything ONCE, so I opened the bottle and took a swig.... WOW, that's neat stuff. Now what the "heck" is it?

Those of you that know John Palmer of Palmer Energy Systems of Lake City, FL., know that John is quite a "jokester" and if he tells you something and has a smile on his face, you better be careful! In my book, he is about the BEST solar guy in the country, but he has been known to pull more than one prank in his day.

John told me that they go down to the swamp and dip this water out and bottle it and have found it to be quite tasty and even healthy. He said it will heal ANYTHING!! I've known him for several years and I knew he was, of course, pulling my leg.:-) John was drinking the "stuff", so I knew it wouldn't kill ya' and I kept on drinking until the bottle was gone. I kidded John a little and told him "Gee, I feel immediately WONDERFUL and HEALTHY"! I really did like the stuff, but couldn't help wondering what it was that I just drank! I knew that now wasn't the time to ask John what was in it, because what he would tell me would be FAR from the truth!

Some time later, when John was in a more serious mood, he asked me "Did you really like that Swamp Juice"? I told him, "Yes I did, it was good" and he immediately told me what it had in it.
He takes a bottle of water, puts a little Honey in it, some Apple Cider vinegar and a dab of Ginger. I asked how much of each and he said you just adjust it to your taste. I told Pat that I thought it was a great, refreshing drink and would encourage us to drink more water as everyone should. We keep a few of the 16 oz bottles of water in the refer most of the time, so she took out a couple and mixed up some SWAMP WATER. She HATED it!!!!! Didn't want any more!! I really enjoyed it and have been drinking 1 or 2 bottles a day since. I had Pat adjust the ingredients a little to my preference, as I don't like anything sweet, so we cut down on the Honey. But I love Vinegar,,,,,i.e., pickle juice, pepper juice, etc., so we increased the Vinegar some.

I will admit, most people turn their nose up at it and don't even want to try it. But both Nick and Joanne were game enough to take a "swig". They both made a face and politely said they preferred "plain" water. So, if you're weird like me, you might give it a shot. Who knows?? You might like SWAMP JUICE. I sure do!!!

I hope I haven't left you with a "sour" taste in your mouth (-: but that's about it for today. We are busy enjoying our friends that are visiting. Nick and Joanne headed back to Calif yesterday AM and about 3:30 PM our friends Dave and Lois Brown stopped by. They spend winters in Yuma, AZ and are slowly headed back to their home in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Due to the bad weather up North, they aren't in a big hurry and will be around for a couple days before they head on to see kids in Oklahoma and Kansas......

I just checked and it's 13 deg in both Rapid City and Custer this morning and the second blizzard in a week just passed through and dropped over a foot of snow. I-90 and I-29 are still closed...... They have had some kind of a bad winter and now I hear another storm is headed their way.

Time to again give THANKS for our wonderful lifestyle..........

Take care and where ever you are.... no matter the weather,,,,,,,,be SAFE!!!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

PS. Let me know what you think of the "swamp juice",,,,,,that is IF,,,,you have nerve enough to try it! LOL ;-)

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