Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hiking LOVERS LEAP with Friends.

This is Pat and I on top of "one" of our favorite Hikes in Custer State Park. LOVERS LEAP This is one of the first Hikes we take our friends on. Its a 3 mile hike, the first half is quite a climb and the last half is down hill. The TOP is quite a nice view!! Worth the trip!!

This is Chuck and Rhoda Roper our GOOD friends and former neighbors from Tallahassee, Fl. They were the first visitors we took on this hike in June this summer. Enjoyed having them visit us. They didn't want to leave!! Unfortunately they still have to WORK!

This is our friends and fellow Tetoners Jim and Donnalyn Vickers. We met them at the TETON factory in Casper, Wy in June. They were also from south Florida. Jim was a STATE FARM agent and Donnalyn managed the agency. They have a NEW 2008 TETON on order and were waiting while it was being built. We took them on LOVERS LEAP trail just last week. Here we are just before taking off up the mountain. As you can see JIM is one tall dude! I believe he is 6'4 or 6'5. They had a High Line Mororhome and sold it, bought a new Freightliner Mercedes Truck and a TETON 5th wheel. They have been full timing for 2-3 years and loving it!! What GREAT friends we meet out here!!!! We have a LOT in common with these fellow Insurance Agents.......

Here Jim is NOT QUITE so tall!!!! :-) We had a GREAT hike!!!! We will probably do LOVERS LEAP at least one more time before we leave..............
It was a GREAT DAY !!!!!

(click on pictures to enlarge them, you can really see the scenery then!)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Recognize this Mountian?

This is a shot of CRAZY HORSE MOUNTAIN from the Stockade Lake hiking trail that we do a couple times a week. This is about 7 miles North. Interesting how he is always watching us. There are several Hikes in Custer State Park that Chief Crazy Horse has his eyes on you,,,,,,just watching!!!!! Click on the picture and enlarge it, you will see him even better.. I don't think I'd want him after me!!

It was a GREAT DAY !!!!

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

SNOW in AUGUST,,,,,,,really???

NO.............Not Really. But we did get 4 inches of RAIN last night............This is a picture of FOAM as the water runs over the Stockade DAM in CSP. It sure looks like snow!! Click on the picture to enlarge it..

This is water coming over the dam. There hasn't been any water running over it ALL summer.

This is the back side of the Dam as water runs on down under the Bridge and into French Creek.......Its good to see it running like that, the Lake gets VERY stale unless it gets some water running through it.....
It doesn't "fix" our drought, but is sure helps. There was some flooding around and over in Hermosa they say there were HOUSES floating!!!!! It came FAST & FURIOUS !!!
Its a GREAT DAY!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007


This ULTRA ION totally amazes me!!!

When I first got this HONDA about a year ago, I put a couple GOOD coats of ULTRA ION on it.

In June it was quite dirty, I took a wet rag and a dry rag and wiped it down. This is the way it looked after doing that........Unbelievable!!!! Took me about 20 minutes.

I have not washed this car with a hose and soap since I got it. Just Dri Wash, ULTRA ION.....

Click on the picture to enlarge it and see what it really looks like!!!!

It is a GREAT DAY !!!!!


Saturday, August 11, 2007


Early one morning this BALLOON landed right out in front of our place. This is a local Balloon that gives rides and we see it quite often passing over us, this is the first time they landed so CLOSE. This was taken from our front door. It was neat.......One day I'm gona take a ride in one......What a VIEW from up there! I've rode in a lot of little and big planes and a chopper, but never a Balloon. It's not to late. Lets do it !!!
It is a GREAT DAY !!!
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Friday, August 10, 2007


Everybody needs a flag!!!
We haven't had a FLAG for a long time. I have been looking for the type of pole that was easy up and easy down. I didn't want to drill any holes, but it had to be a good secure mount. Our friends Mark and Dale Bruss have a FLAG POLE BUDDY. I liked it and decided to install this NEAT flag pole on the Ladder of our TETON.
To see more pictures of the complete kit and INSTALLATION,

click here:

Its a GREAT DAY !!!!!!


Sunday, August 5, 2007

THANK YOU !!!!! and THANK GOD !!!

Remember a while back when I told you all to send us SOME rain?.........VERY HIGH Fire Danger to a MODERATE fire Danger.......Much better!!! Especially for this BIKE week. MOTORCYCLES everywhere................

In the last 10 days we have got around 2 inches of RAIN........WONDERFUL !!!

No HAIL either,,,,,,,close but NO damage. South of rapid and Hart Ranch RV Resort had GRAPEFRUIT size a few days ago, with all kinds of damage....


Every bit helps!!!!

Its a GREAT DAY !!!!!!!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

LED Tail Lights on TETON.

I love LED lights !!!! Especially tail light's..........I had LED's put on the Taillight's of the Volvo truck when I built the bed. I've been after TETON to put them on the TETON's for years...

They would never do it, said they weren't available...........:-( When we were at the Teton factory this spring, I noticed that they now used LED's!!!!!

So I started looking. I could buy them from Teton, at quite a high price or I could try to locate them for less. I found them at : Ordered them and below is the installation process..

Click on pictures to enlarge them.

They came in a package like this.

First you remove the original tail light lens covers. On the wraparound light on the corner, you have to cut out the light bulb.

The directions are fairly simple and its not much of a job.........

Even a Cave Man could do it !!!

Remove the old bulb and plug the NEW LED light into the socket and that's it!!!

This is what the back side of the LED looks like. It is a sealed unit....

This is the Front side and all you do now is use the old screws and fasten the new LED back in where the old lens came off...

There it is ALL REPLACED......

The inside lens with the clear center is a back up light. I didn't do anything with it.

However I'm thinking about replacing it with one of the new LED's also. I need taillight's and turn signals MUCH more than I need Back up lights. We never drive much at night anyhow, let alone back up !!


The one on the left is all done.....See how much brighter it is than the right????

Now,,,to get the other one done....

Cost : approx $160.00 for 6 LED lights including shipping...




You can see more pictures of the lights including part numbers at: