Wednesday, June 29, 2011

They got me!

We went out in the Park for a little jaunt on the Trike and we came upon an accident. They were stopping traffic when this Park Ranger (retired FBI agent) recognized me from a mug shot he had seen on a poster somewhere. Thank goodness Ms. Pat didn’t take a picture of them putting me on the ground and cuffing my hands behind my back..  It wasn’t a pretty picture!!
Since I was locked in the “paddy wagon”, Ms. Pat had to ride the trike home.  Looks pretty sharp on there doesn’t she?

Well, that was not a true story, just a joke. We had a great ride on a very, nice day and saw some of our old friends that work in the Park.
Here is the reason for the road being blocked. A horse trailer, loaded with horses, was headed down off Mt. Coolidge to French Creek Horse Camp and got a little too close to the edge of the road.  His little Medium Duty Freightliner didn’t have enough power to pull it back up on the road. The horses didn’t like to be all slanted like that and were becoming quite restless. They were afraid they were going to tip the trailer over and roll it down into the ditch.  I used to love to help solve "messes" like this when I worked in the Park. However, it was kinda nice to just think, "OK.  I don’t work here anymore. I’m retired!" Let the new guys worry about it and we just turned around and took another route.
I offered to let Ms Pat have the front seat and drive but she said she likes her back seat.  She sits up pretty high and can see better. She had her little camera and was getting lots of pictures as I drove.
Here is one of her shots of the Cathedral Spires taken as we drove up the Needles Highway. Everything sure is nice and green!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

It is great to have two more new followers:

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Welcome aboard!!!!  That puts us up to 191.  WOW, it wasn’t long ago that I didn’t think I would ever get to 50!!! God Bless you all and thank you so much for you comments and support. It is you all that keep me going.

Yesterday was my son Scott's Birthday. He would have been 50.  I sure wish he could have been here so we could celebrate this Big “0” with him but I know he was close by.  I spent most of the day talking to him and mainly just thinking about him.   I love this poem that is on my Blog everyday.

Those we love don't go away
They walk beside us everyday
In our hearts forever more
We just can't see them like before


Sunday, June 26, 2011


Here it is! I finally got it home. The mechanic that installed it was very thorough and meticulous. He has installed quite a few of these and stated that the final adjustments were extremely important and if not done properly, it would vibrate and/or pull to one side. After measuring and re-adjusting several times, he took it out for a spin. When he came back he said that with just a slight correction, it will be perfect.  He told me I could take it for a spin if I wanted to but it was already 5:30.   We had to load it and drive 70+ miles back home to Custer and all I wanted to do was get home. It was after 7pm when we arrived home and we were both worn out.  I didn’t even unload it. It was threatening rain and I left it all sealed up inside the cargo trailer.
Here I am all mounted on my new ride. We had just been out for a short spin in Custer State Park. It rode smooth and tracked as straight as a string. I am happy with it and I know Ms. Pat feels much safer. But it is different! I took it slow and easy on my first trip out.  I’ll ease into this thing and I believe it will be OK. You don’t lean to turn, you have to push and pull on the handle bars. It was a little hard on my shoulders but I will get used to it and maybe toughened up a bit.

Between both of us having our teeth checked and cleaned, along with getting our eyes tested and Ms. Pat having several Dr. appointments and my having some blood work done, we've been running like crazy. Then added to that, we've been checking out more flooring, kitchen cabinets, sinks, faucet's, table top stoves and microwaves and working on installation of everything. Whew, I wasn’t this busy back when I was working for a living!

At most of Ms. Pat’s Dr. appointments, they just referred her to another Dr. So next week is more Dr. appointments, I don’t know if we are gaining ground or not! At least, we finally have the floor installers scheduled to start on the floor installation next Wednesday or Thursday. We want to get that in before the cabinets are installed. It will be so good to get this floor and cabinets done. Then we can move in and make a “home” out of it. We have also been looking at all the furniture stores for mattresses, couches and chairs, etc. We really don’t want to get any furniture until all the floor is in.

I guess as they say, “it will all come out in the wash” but I am ready! Will there ever be a day we can sit back and say “we are all done”? I sure hope so!  But gosh, what would we do then? LOL. Oh, I’m sure we’ll find something.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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God Bless you all as we continue to give praise to our Father and almighty God for all he provides us and for looking over our daily activities.

Travel safe….


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well....It Happened Again!

YES, I thank God it happened again. Just like every June 22nd for the last 3/4 of a century, I turned a year older. Thanks so much to everyone for the calls, emails, facebook, ecards, messages and for those that just thought of me.  I am a very lucky guy, in so many ways. When I think back over the past, I am in total awe. What a “past” it has been.  So many memories, it would take me a lifetime to tell you about them all. I do want to tell everyone that I am so blessed to have each and every one of you in my life…. THANK YOU !!!

I am happy to report that after a "looong" day in Rapid City yesterday, the Floor Covering and the Kitchen Cabinets have been ordered….plus we picked out the Sink, Stove Top and the Convection Microwave. The flooring is scheduled to start next week. Hopefully, by this time next week, it will be completed.  However the Kitchen Cabinets are a different story. It will be 4-6 weeks before they arrive. So, maybe with a little luck they will be installed by the end of July.

I can’t wait to get all this completed.  Will it ever be over?  We have accomplished so much it is unbelievable. Just to think that at this time last year, it was all just a dream. Now it is almost a Dream come true!!  However, in the future if I ever mention remodeling or building anything, will you please have a serious talk with me?,,,,Please!

We took the Harley into a Motorcycle shop in Spearfish for installation of the Voyage Trike Kit yesterday. It is supposed to be installed today. This Shop is a Voyager Trike Kit dealer and has experience installing them. So I am hoping it gets done today and I can go get it.  Maybe I’ll be "Triking" this afternoon...that would be a GREAT birthday present.  I’m anxious to see how this new adventure goes…. Wish me luck!

Welcome to our latest Followers:

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Very glad to have you folks join us…the total is nearing 190!  WOW, God Bless all you wonderful people!!

Fellow RV'ers, Ed and Marilyn, lost their beautiful Mobile Suites in a fire a couple of days ago while they were traveling to St. Joe, Mo.  They managed to save their truck and they weren't injured so it could have been a lot worse.  They definitely had  "God's Angels" traveling with them.  Take a look at their BLOG for more details and pictures.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they try to get their lives back in order.

Thanks for stopping by….


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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day........Dad’s!!

On this one day set aside especially for Fathers, I would like to wish you all a very pleasant, happy day! My Dad has been gone now for almost 10 years and I think I miss him more every year. Oh, how I wish I could give him a big hug. I didn’t do it enough when he was around. I love ya Pop’s and I know you're up there smiling down at us……I sure miss you and Mom.

I’m not "triking" yet! I took the Harley into the Harley dealer in Rapid City Wednesday for a 10K inspection. What a grand experience! All these Harley dealers I’ve been to across the country are so great to deal with. They treat you like you're someone special, like royalty. They did a super job and even washed it all up pretty.

While they were working on the Harley, Ms. Pat took me to all kinds of neat places. First she took me to Lowes where we looked at kitchen cabinets and more kitchen cabinets.  Then we sat down with Jack, one of their Kitchen specialists, and in a short time he had our kitchen all drawn out and copies printed. want a different color? Press a button on the computer and there you have a different color. Ms. Pat was having a ball but me, I was ready to GO!Surprised smile

We finally got out of Lowes and she said let's go to the Floor Covering store. Oh yes, just where I was wanting to go. Then we started looking at flooring and more flooring. Man there is a lot of different styles and colors of floor covering..whew!  The more we looked the more confused I got. So we went to another flooring store and looked at what they had.  Hmmm....looks the same as the last store to me. I was thinking,
Gee, I wish those Harley guys would call and say, "We need you to come over here, right now”!Smile

I don’t know how Ms. Pat keeps all this stuff straight but by now she had about a dozen brochures and an armful of samples.  One of her favorite samples was so big I almost needed help carrying it to the truck.
This is the flooring she is very interested in. This big sample gives a pretty good idea of how it will look in our “cabin”. This picture is the doorway to the bedroom. We were thinking about putting carpet in the bedroom but she is leaning more and more towards wood flooring throughout.  That means we'll be looking for "area rugs" soon. :-)
This is how the sample looks in the Bathroom….(above)
Here it is in the kitchen.(above).........
and the living room.  We'll be needing lots of those "area rugs".

I spent almost a full day helping the Culligan  guy install a water treatment system in the barn. We put it up above the cabin, right close to the water heater.   It was a lot of hauling stuff up the ladder..
There it is up there. The brine tank was the heaviest. The salt we brought up in 50# bags.
Wow, what a mass of plumbing connections. A lot of them were installed so we could winterize the system as simply as possible. So now we are all set, nice soft “conditioned” water. I’m ready for a shower!

I wanted some of this conditioned water out in the Motorhome so the next day I plumbed a faucet out the side wall from under the kitchen sink. So now I can hook up a hose to the RV……….or wash my pickup, etc.
That’s about all we accomplished this week but we sure are enjoying this beautiful Black Hills weather...... 40’s every morning when we get up and 70’s during the day. Highest temperature all week was 76*. I love it!!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by. We continue to give thanks to our Father for all he provides us……….


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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

OK, Here’s The Deal

I told you that I was excited about a project involving my Harley Softail Motorcycle and that I would tell you all about it soon.  I’m not finished with the project yet but I just have to tell you about what I’m doing.  I’m turning my Harley into a TRIKE. Yep, my two wheeling day's may soon end. I’ve been thinking about a Trike for several years, especially since they have gotten so popular. You see more and more of them all over the country. They tell me something about the “Baby Boomers” coming of age.  Well, that puts me quite a few years OVER the age!  LOL!

It took me a while to convince myself that I wanted (needed) a Trike. I thought, "now that’s not Bike riding….they can’t steer that good because they can’t lean".  But as I continue to get older, I’m smart enough to realize that my balance is not going anywhere but downhill from here on.  These bigger bikes are somewhat hard to balance , especially at slow turns and especially when you have a passenger.  I have tipped over a couple times with Ms. Pat on the back. It was always when I was stopped or nearly stopped and didn’t hurt either of us or damage anything. However, it has made Ms. Pat a little reluctant to ride.  My son let me know that he felt it would be a good idea for us to get a trike. Sometimes you just have to listen to those young folks, especially when they are 54 years old….Smile 

Anyhow, after a lot of research and looking at Trikes, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want a full-blown trike. Number 1, they are quite expensive and Number 2, I don’t ride that much anymore. The "not riding much" is a stickler. You get out of practice and along with getting older every year, that makes it even tougher to control a Motorcycle. I have had to make a few decisions lately that I really didn’t want to make. One of those is I’m leaving my Bike here in SD when I go South because I don’t want the hassle of hauling it around anymore and this is where I enjoy riding the most. So, hard as it was, I bit the bullet and decided to leave the motorcycle here.

As they say, this getting old isn’t for "sissies".   Well, it's true and I’m not kidding and it's not easy either. This last year has really been tough on me. I have had to realize I just can’t do a lot of stuff I used to do and I’m going to have to plan on less and less.  I know a lot of you say, "OH, you're not old" or "you're only as old as you think you are", etc., etc.  Let me say this, your age in number of years may be irrelevant but one day you're going to have to come to grips with it. That time has come for me. I’m not giving up, not by a long shot. But I am slowing down, LIKE IT OR NOT!  I've still got a little get up and go in me, how much is the question. I’m going to go as long as I can but I hope I can recognize that I have to do what I HAVE to do when the time comes. Like I heard an old guy say the other day “I was taught to respect my elders but lately I’m having trouble finding any”!  That’s me!!!

Anyhow, I have decided to put a “real simple” Trike Kit on my Harley. One that I can take off quickly if I want to and ride without it or leave it on.   It's called a Voyager Kit…..
This is a picture of a Heritage Softail just like mine with the Voyager kit installed. Mine won’t look this fancy but it sold me on the Voyager. If I want to spend the money for all the accessories on this one, I can but I wanted to start simple.
It came in this big crate.  It took me an hour to get it out of the crate and although It was used, it was like new.  I bought it from a Harley dealer in California.   It was shipped by truck to Custer.   OK, lets see, where do I start? I better read the instructions again……
Here I have my bike blocked up, so this is close to how it will fit on my bike.  Hmmm.....that doesn’t look so bad. I decided to hold off on starting the installation and first take the Bike into the Harley dealer in Rapid City for it’s 10,000 mile inspection.
So in the not too distant future, I may have a Trike to ride.  It will be interesting to ride up to a stop sign and not even have to put your foot down.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.


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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting Back in the Groove….

Ms. Pat is putting the final touches on a towel ring in our bathroom. With the horrendous amount that was accomplished on our “Cabin” last year by Rollie and Gina, Rocky and Sheri, and multitudes of friends and neighbors, it's surprising we still have so much left do do. With the building of our place at Retama Village in Mission, TX, then the remodeling of the house and yard at North Ranch in Arizona, along with building the "Cabin" here in Custer, it has all about overwhelmed us! Especially ME! I do not care for this kind of work AT ALL!  I have never ever cared for any kind of carpenter work. I’m a mechanical type guy. I can cut a board half a dozen times and it will still be too short! But here we go again... we still have all the floor covering, the kitchen cabinets, sink, lots of trim work and getting some furniture to finish the project.
We’ll take on these jobs one by one and someday, we may be finished. It's hard to find any contractors to work up here in the Summer.  It's their busy time of year so we'll just have to do what we can.  Meanwhile, the first project of the Summer is to get these towel bars installed. Ms. Pat says they MUST be perfectly level!
There right on, perfect!!

Ah, the last one…….Ms. Pat approves.....I’m outta here. I have to work on my Motorcycle..Smile
Well, she had one more very important job for me……..last but not least. Now we are all set. We have sure been enjoying this fine bathroom and the Shower is SUPERB!!

Now on to my Motorcycle.  I have an extremely exciting project going on right now with my Harley Softail Classic motorcycle, but I will wait until another time to tell you all about it. To say I am excited about it is an understatement.

Meanwhile, Ms. Pat has had some Flooring installers come out and measure up the entire “Cabin” floor and she is in the process of looking at floor covering and making a decision on what she wants, type, color, etc. More stuff that I don’t want any part of……Gina and Dale, Ms Pat really wishes you were here for support. :-)
Ms. Pat wanted a burner set up so she could pre-cook several "slabs" of baby back ribs she bought at Sams Club before freezing them. Now that interests me! We sure miss Rollie and all his great cookers and burners and especially his delicious cooking. Soon we had her all fixed up and she had a big pot of ribs and the Toy Barn was smelling GOOD!
Now don’t these baby backs look good? I can assure you they were GOOD!  Ms Pat says they weren't as good as Rollie's but I though they were DELICIOUS!!
We had the pleasure of having our friends Barbara and Tom stop by yesterday evening to say howdy and pick up some PressurePro supplies. It was great to see these fine folks way up here in the Black Hills. They were establishing residency in Rapid City and we hope we’ll see more of them. They have always been extremely helpful at the Gypsy Journal Rallies we have attended in Arizona. They handle all the Seminar sound and projection equipment and they do an excellent job!! Enjoy the Hills guys and stop on back….

One last item before I close
I have a “Brake Buddy” toad vehicle braking system For Sale in case any one has a need for one. It is in excellent shape and I would make some one a good deal on it or trade for ?  Give me a holler.

I want to extend a Big WELCOME to our latest followers:

Doyle and Terri Johnson

Welcome to our Blog Folks, I am so happy to have you stop by. Please feel free to comment at any time. Most of us Bloggers cherish any and all means a lot to us. If I have missed any followers, I am truly sorry. We do appreciate you very much. It is all of our followers that keep me going! God Bless you all!!

It was a GREAT WEEK !!!! As we continue to Praise God for giving us the strength to keep going and providing us with such a beautiful life.  Thank you for stopping by!


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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Things First!

Saturday we got kinda settled in, I got all the “stuff” out of the Barn. My main purpose to was get the Harley out. I had it almost sealed inside the cargo trailer, then with a cover on. It hardly had a speck of dust on it. It had been sitting for 8 months and I sure missed it. With one push of the starter it fired right off.. Oh Boy, it sounded good.....only a Harley can sound that good!!  I was ready for a ride!!

Sunday afternoon was a beautiful day and I told Ms. Pat I was going for a ride… in the Park. After not riding for several months I like to get a few miles solo before I take any passengers. So she was happy to stay home this time but she warned me to be careful. I told her I would and that I would be home by 3pm..
After riding through the Park, I turned south on the “Wildlife Loop”. I like to ride the southern prairie part of the park when I ride my bike. I encountered a couple small herds of Buffalo right away and I idled right on through and proceeded on South. My first stop was at the Lame Johnny Creek bridge. This is where the “Wild Burros” hang out. It is also where my good friend Bob Sperry used to hang out. I always stopped here and talked with Bob. We worked together in the Park for 10 years. He was from Oklahoma, a Historian and loved to dress up in the old “Buffalo Hunters” garb and give scheduled history discussions to the public under this tree. Unfortunately, Bob lost his battle with cancer recently. This beautiful Memorial Bench has been erected in his honor. It seemed strange for Bob not to be there but you know I believe I felt his presence and spirit as I silently said a prayer and wished him well. Inscribed in big letters on the bench it says: “BUFFALO BOB”.
There was two little baby Burros under Bob’s shade tree enjoying the shade also. They are so cute when they are small. I just love them. They were only a couple weeks old and still a little shy of people and wouldn’t let me “HUG” them. I thought at first that they were twins but I soon saw that they had different mommys. They sure had to be born at about the same time….their Moms looked just alike also.

I climbed back on the Harley and proceeded on around the Loop. I turned South at the end of the Loop road and drove down through the Wind Cave National Park. I came upon another large herd of Buffalo and idled slowly through them. They are gorgeous animals and always a special attraction to see. 

On down the road I stopped high on a hill where I could see for miles in every direction. I was inhaling the beauty of the place and enjoying the fine weather and just talking to God. I suddenly noticed it was almost 3pm and I was still a long way from home. I better get moving but first I called Ms. Pat to tell her I was OK but would be a little late. She kinda knows that when I take a ride in the Park, I get lost in time. ...time and memories. Praise the Lord.
It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.


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Sunday, June 5, 2011

We’re HOME!!

Friday, about Noon, we pulled up the hill on Windmill Lane to our “Little Piece of Heaven in the Hills”. It is so great to be back. As much as we love our home at North Ranch, this is our favorite place to be in the Summer. Everything looked good.  The Hills are extremely green this year and of course, as always, they're BEAUTIFUL!
Here we are backed onto our RV Pad. Our “Cabin” in the pole barn is not quite ready for occupancy, so we will continue living in the RV until we get it finished.
We just love the view we have from the top of this Hill. Way in the distance, you can barely see Harney Peak. You can also see the Cathedral Spires, the famous “Needles Eye” and the “Needles Highway” that runs through Custer State Park. I’m sure many of you have driven that highway before.

The trip up here this year was one of the "windiest" I ever remember.  Out of the six days it took us to get here, the only day the wind didn’t blow was Tuesday and that was the day the Motorhome was parked and we were driving the little truck on the “Million Dollar Highway”.  The first day the wind caused us to shut down at noon in Flagstaff. The second day it was windy but bearable and we made it 375 miles to our destination  near Durango, CO.  When we pulled out again on Wednesday,  the wind was blowing again but bearable and we made it to Rifle, CO.  On the way, we stopped off in Grand Junction to see my close cousin Shirley and her husband Ev. This is Shirley and Ev at their beautiful home in Grand Junction, where we parked right out in front of there house.  We visited for a couple of hours and then we were on our way.

This is Shirley and I standing in front of the Motorhome just before we headed on down the road.  Shirley is a “Special Person” to me.  Now listen to this. Shirley’s Mom and my Mom were sisters....OK? Now that’s no big deal but what really makes it special is Shirley’s Dad and my Dad were brothers.   Got it?  They say that makes us "double first cousins".  Our DNA is probably as close as you can get to being brother and sister. That doesn’t happen very often and that is why she is special.  Plus, she is a darn nice Gal. I’m a few years older than her and she is as close to being a sister as I will ever have. It was great seeing the two of them again, even if it was just for a short time.

The wind caused us to shut down again about Noon on Thursday near Rawlins, WY. It was blowing 35-40mph and gusting up to 65mph. We sat in a large pull off for almost 7 hours. The wind died down around 6 pm, just enough for us to make it to Independence Rock south of Casper, where we spent the night. Friday morning early, we continued on and had a couple hours before the wind came up again. Just as we turned East towards Custer it was blowing hard again. But it was right at our tail…so we literally blew HOME!!

We are so happy to be back in the Black Hills. We’re getting settled in and had a nice long HOT shower in our “Cabin” last night before Happy Hour.  Loving these 40 deg mornings and 70 deg days.  I dusted off the Harley yesterday and I can feel a nice “Ride in the Park” coming up, maybe this afternoon. Thanks for following along with us and now let the FUN begin!!

We Praise the Lord everyday for his wonderful BLESSINGS.  It is because of all he provides us that makes this wonderful lifestyle possible.

Today is a very special and memorable day for us.  It was 3 years ago today, June 5TH, that “Scooter” lost his battle with Cancer and went Home to his Father in Heaven.  God Bless you Son, you are missed very much.


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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We’re on the Road Again!!

Sunday we were up way before the crack of dawn.  Of course, we are up every day way before the crack of dawn.   But this was special....we were headed back to our Summer home in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was such a beautiful morning. Clear as a bell and not even a breeze as the sun came up over the horizon. We checked the place one last time and pulled the Motorhome onto the street, hooked the pickup on the back and by 7:30, we were “ready to roll”!  We swung around by Paul and Nancy's place to stop and say our final goodbyes and get our much needed hugs.  We sure hated to leave our good friends but we'll see them again real soon.  By 7:45, we were headed North up Yarnell hill towards Prescott.

We wanted to get an early start before the wind came up.  WELL, by the time we got to Prescott, it was blowing pretty hard but it was a nice tail wind. It blew us all the way up to I-40 but I knew when we headed East, we were going to have problems, as it would be a direct side wind.  Plus, by that time, it was blowing 30-40mph and wind advisories were out for I-40 and especially East of Flagstaff. That is a trouble area that is always prone to serious wind and dust storms.  We limped into Flagstaff but along the way we nearly lost one of the Fantastic fan covers. We stopped and I dug out our good old “DUCK TAPE” and taped it down as best I could. We're lucky we didn't lose the whole cover.  When we arrived at Flagstaff, we knew we couldn't go any further!!  WOW, 166 miles.  For some RV’ers, that’s a days drive but not us,.  However, that was it for today…… better conditions tomorrow, we hope. 

Monday, Memorial Day, we were up and out on the Interstate by 7:30 again with another pleasant morning.  We stopped at the Flying J in Winslow, AZ and filled with diesel.  Even Flying J is quiet at that time of the morning and we were feeling good when the price of fuel was only $3.819.  Yeah....ONLY!!!

We continued East and soon turned North on AZ 191 and proceeded on to Chinle and spent some time at the Canyon De Chelly National Monument. We didn't get to go through the whole thing because we didn't want to hang around until the wind started blowing again.  It's a beautiful place and we'll get back there one day.

We ended up at Echo Basin Ranch RV Resort, near Mancos, Co, about half way between Cortez and Durango. Now, we lost an hour when we crossed into Colorado, so we arrived right guessed it "HAPPY HOUR"!!!! 
Ms. Megabyte2 was also happy to arrive so she could check out the new area.   It was a great travel day and we put 375 miles under our belts that day.

Yesterday, we decided to tour the Durango area and check out the  Million Dollar Highway.  We drove all the way up Hwy 550 to Silverton, then through Ouray and on up to Ridgway.   We turned at Ridgway and made a loop back towards Cortez, going through the Telluride Ski Area and on home to Mancos.   What a wonderful, beautiful trip. We went a total of 245 miles through some of the most beautiful country in the world. The weather was again outstanding and you don’t see country this pretty that often.!!  I love this Mountain Time zone, as "Happy Hour" comes an hour earlier!  Hip, Hip, Hurray!!!

Above are a few of the pictures of the Million Dollar highway and our Campground.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Tomorrow we will continue on our trip and head up to Grand Junction, CO, where we will stop for a short visit with my favorite cousin, Shirley.  She recently had some major surgery and we need to stop by to see how she's doing.  Then, we'll continue on North up to Rawlins, WY and from there to Custer.  We are anxious to get home to our Beautiful Black Hills and our "little piece of Heaven".  We continue to thank our Father for all he has provided us.

Travel Safe and God Bless you all…

Sunday’s Blog may well come to you from Custer.  Please stop back!


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