Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Now I remember!!

Oh Ya, now I remember all the little chores owning a HOUSE brings along with it. It’s SPRING cleaning time! Surprised smile
Ms. Pat has been clipping bushes and tree’s and I have been raking and picking up the clippings.
Ms. Pat says, “We are going to wash the windows” ! OH,,,,well I remember I have to go see a guy. “No you don’t” she replied, which is just what I knew she would say!
My job was removing all the screen’s, scrubbing them and hosing them off and reinstalling them. We have a BUNCH of windows! There is 8 stainless steel screws holding these screens in place.
Ms. Pat’s job was to wash the window’s, inside and out. She uses Dri Wash n Guard Ultra Ion on all our windows. Same stuff we polish and protect our cars, trucks and Motorhome with. For those of you that don’t know about or use Dri Wash n Guard, you should really take a look. It is the best protection and easier to use than any polish we have found, by far!  It also works great on “windows”... any windows and you can use it on your windshield and car windows. It’s about like putting on Rain-X, only much easier. Give it a try... thousand’s of RV’ers use it and have for years. We have used it for over 10 years ourselves. Tried a lot of other stuff but liked Dri- Wash a lot better.

That’s about all that is going on around the Ranch, right at the moment. The weather has been outstanding and after a colder winter than usual, we are enjoying these 50* morning's and afternoon temps in the mid 70’s. It seems to me a lot of folks are headed North kinda early this year. Anyhow a lot of our friends are “on the move”.  You all travel safe out there.  We will wait a couple months before we head up that way, unless the “hitch itch” just gets too much to handle. :-)

John and Sandy are here at North Ranch while Sandy is taking the Driving School class. Denny Orr, one of the instructors lives here and gives lessons right here at the Ranch.  They are on our old lot and visited us for Happy Hour Monday.  It was great seeing them again. They visited us last summer at our place in Custer, SD. Hopefully we will get in at least one more Happy Hour with them before they depart. John was a deputy Sherriff in Wisconsin for over 30 years. You get a couple ole' COPs together and the stories really fly…… Again, the good ole times!

Thanks for your email Pam, I know its hard to wait for my Blog Post! LOL,,,,,,The dad bum router wouldn’t work this morning.  A couple hours on line with the 3G store got it up and running. (I hope!) Sorry I'm late but I’m OK. Thanks for caring! Hugs!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by………Come on back Sunday.


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Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Grand Opening!"

Last night at Happy Hour we had a "Grand Opening"....the opening of the beautiful quilt that Barb made for Ms. Pat. It was a special evening as Barb and Ron Bergquist are leaving us tomorrow and heading on to Las Vegas for the DWG Convention. Barb brought some special creamy "Green Chili" soup and "Chipotle" cornbread, while Ms. Pat cooked hamburgers. We invited some other special friends, Mel and Nina, who are at North Ranch attending the annual Woodcarvers Convention that is held here every year.  Our friends Paul and Nancy were also our special guests and Paul brought some of his homegrown, homemade cucumber and onion pickles.
This is Mel and Nina, special guests at Happy Hour last night. They are leaving North Ranch today, also.  They are good friends that have visited us many times here at North Ranch and have also been up to Custer and spent some time with us there. It's always good to see these fine folks. Mel is retired from the US Air Force and travels the country in a big, beautiful Kountry Star Motorhome, all equipped with a PressurePro Tire Monitoring System and a PowerTank, of course!!  DSC_3035
OK, here goes!!  I know Janna wants to see this quilt opened up and several others have ask for it also, so here is Barb and Ms. Pat getting ready to OPEN IT UP!!
Here it is,,,,,,,,isn’t it a beauty! Those of you that have done this work know just how many long hours Barb spent working on this!   The pattern is called "Log Cabin".  It will really look beautiful on our Brass Bed in the "Cabin" in Custer, SD.  Ms. Pat and I will enjoy it for the rest of our lives and hopefully that will be a LONG TIME!! :-)  Thank you so much Barb!!
I know quilters will want to see the backside, so here Ms. Pat and Barb proudly display the beautiful backside of the quilt…
So it was a great Happy Hour send off of Barb and Ron to their convention is Vegas! Ron and Barb sitting on the left, Nancy and Paul on the right and Ms. Pat and I standing.
Then we all sat down and enjoyed a great meal in our wonderful  “Arizona Room” screened porch with our new tile and all the beautiful decorations and wall hangings done by Gina and Rollie.  Mel and Nina couldn’t join us for supper as they were having a Woodcarvers Banquet at the Activities Center……hope theirs was as good as ours!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!  We are so happy and thankful to our Father and Savior Jesus Christ for what he provides us making all this possible.  We are on our way to Church and Ron and Barb have decided to join us before they take off.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels......


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Friends from Retama and Enjoying Our New Porch.

Last Sunday we had just gotten out of Church and pulled into the Safeway grocery store parking lot when we received a call that Ron and Barb Bergquist were just about to North Ranch. We advised them to stand by for a few minutes and we would be there to show them to our small lot. It was great so see them has been a long time. They came from Mission Texas, our old neighborhood at Retama Village, and are headed for a DWG Conference in Las Vegas. After a few hugs, we took them to our lot and showed them where to park their big beautiful 40’ Monaco Signature Series Motorhome and left them to get set up. We told them Happy Hour was at our place at 4 pm and Ms. Pat announced that she was serving the Gina Special “Taco Soup” for Supper.
Here we are at 4 pm sharp enjoying “Happy Hour” and our newly tiled porch.  We also invited our good friends and neighbors Paul and Nancy Wilson to join us and meet our friends.  Ron and Barb will be staying close to them. 
This is Barb and Ron Bergquist, new full-timers from Dallas, Texas and owners of an RV lot in Retama Village in Mission, TX.  Ron is a retired VP from Cash America and Barb is recently retired from Harley Davidson. Do you see what is setting on the table in front of Ms. Pat?
Barb made this "Beautiful Quilt" for Ms. Pat and presented her with it at Happy Hour. Ms. Pat was totally surprised and I think I even saw a few tears. :-)  Barb remembered Ms. Pat's favorite colors and made the quilt with all these special colors.  It is beautiful!! Thank you Barb for the special gift.  I know Ms Pat will cherish it forever.
Ms Pat can't bring herself to open it up just yet because Barb did such a good job folding it and tying it with a beautiful blue ribbon. Before they leave, we'll open it up and give you a better look.  Janna, I know you are anxious for Ms Pat to spread it out so you can see
it. :-)  Barb is an excellent quilter and this is a very, special quilt as Barb was going through some difficult times when she was quilting it.  Ron and Barb will be with us for a week.  They will be checking out all the sights in the surrounding area and Barb is getting in a little Line Dancing with Ms. Pat and the group up at the Club House.

We got a little of that wind and rain storm that was going across the country Monday  That was a good thing because the desert was getting a little dry, so the 1/4 “ rain was definitetly needed.  We can see the cacti and tree’s around the park getting ready to bloom. A sure sign that spring is right around the corner. Gosh, it’s almost the end of March already! Hard to believe, 1/4 of the year almost gone. It seems like it only started a couple weeks ago.  Only 2 months and we will be closing this place up for the Summer and heading to the Beautiful Black Hills.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to stop buy. God Bless and safe travels to all of you out there on the highways.


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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trailer is Painted......Finally!!

Remember the trailer I bought about a year ago? I bought it mainly to store our 4 wheeler ATV’s in. It’s a beautiful trailer and especially well made and I got a good deal on it.
Here it is when I brought it home last Winter. It only had ONE problem....all that signage. The trailer was like new and I thought I would be able to remove all that lettering myself, no big deal. I had hoped at first it was decals.  I could have taken a heat gun and removed them in a heartbeat. but no such luck.  It was paint! I still figured I could get it off fairly easy. You know, paint thinner, paint remover, Acetone, something!  Well, I was wrong! The painter that painted the lettering was a Pro and they weren’t coming off....not without a whole lot of work sanding and then repainting.

 Long time Blog readers remember me asking you all about it and for an easy solution. Nobody had one, so I’ve been looking for someone to do it for me. The local auto body shop guy couldn’t get the trailer into his Paint Booth because it was too tall.  He referred me to a guy at the AIRPORT who paints AIRPLANES in an airplane hanger. So off I went to the airport. I love airports.  I used to fly a lot.  I have a pilots license and then I got into Skydiving.  The airport brings back a lot of good memories of very enjoyable days.

Here are the results!
They did one SUPERB job!! They were painting Lear Jets right next to my trailer! I am really pleased with the results. This makes a wonderful place to store both of our Polaris Sportsman 4 Wheelers while we are gone, plus it's handy to have to haul stuff.

Now I am much happier with the way it looks as it sits in our yard here at North Ranch.  All that signage really bugged me and I don’t suppose the neighbors appreciated it either. A lot of folks here have trailers in their yard, both for use and for storage. You sure can’t build a building as cheap as you can buy a nice trailer. Plus all the gyrations you have to go through, building permits, approval from the lot owners assoc, etc. etc. 

We are staying busy here at the Ranch in Arizona and enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having.  I have a couple other projects in the making...never a dull moment around here. But we never forget to take the time to thank our Heavenly Father for blessing us the way he has and making this all possible. Praise the Lord!

It was a GREAT WEEK !!!!

I want to welcome our latest followers:

Carol Kerr
Donna K

Thank you and all the others that follow my blog and put up with my jibbering..  I know it can’t be very interesting at times but we try not to bore you too much.  God Bless and you come on back anytime!

We’re off to Church as we await the arrival of our good friends Ron and Barb, coming all the way from down in Mission Texas....part of the Retama Gang!


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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Porch Tile Completed!

WOW, just in the nick of time, too! A few minutes before Happy Hour last night, we moved all the furniture back onto the porch.
Just as promised Rich and his son Eli showed up early Monday morning to finish up our Porch tile job. Here they are doing the grouting.

Furniture all back in. Wow, what a difference! Just what this place needed to give it a more homey, finished look. This picture is taken looking out towards the street. We are so glad to have this job completed. We wanted Gina to pass approval on the Tile we purchased but she has been extremely busy the last few weeks. She is an excellent color coordinator and decorator.  She had a hand in choosing everything in this place. We think she will like it and can’t wait for her to see it.  Also, our good friend Dale Bruss was visiting us last year when we were purchasing stuff for the new house and she helped us a lot, too.  Dale was an Interior Decorator in her former life.  What do you think, Gina and Dale??
The love seat is back in it's usual place but it looks a lot better than it did on the bare concrete……
This is a replica statue of Ms. Megabyte2 that Gina bought for us…I just love it. She even painted a little black spot on it’s nose just like Megabyte2 has. The poor, real Ms. Megabyte2 was so upset because she couldn’t come out on “her” porch all weekend. She just couldn’t understand that…
But yesterday afternoon she got to come back out and enjoy it. She loves this porch just as much as we do. Last night, even after it got dark, she didn’t want to come back in the house.

So, another “project” completed here at North Ranch.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  God Bless You all and safe travels to our traveling friends.


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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home Sweet HOME!!

Gosh!!  It sure is nice to be back home here in North Ranch. I guess I’m really becoming a "homebody"! Maybe it’s because we haven’t had a HOUSE for 15 years but I was sure looking forward to getting back. It was a long, hard, tiring 4 day’s standing in that booth at the Gypsy Journal Rally and by Friday morning Ms. Pat and I were both getting anxious to get back home to the Ranch.  It was a nice, easy trip back.  The hardest part was the fuel stop at Flying J as we were leaving where we took on 100 gal of diesel at a price of $3.879. That $400.00 was more than we made at the rally but we had a great time and enjoyed seeing everybody.

We pulled into North Ranch right after lunch time and stopped at the community dump station so we wouldn’t have to mess with it when we got home. Mike and Janna had been looking after our place while we were gone so we knew it was in good hands. After getting new tires on their "new to them" trailer on Friday,  they moved up to our other lot and told us to plan on Happy Hour and Supper at their place.  Janna is an excellent cook, so needless to say, we had a wonderful meal...charcoal grilled cheeseburgers and potato salad.  YUM!
When we pulled up to our carport, this is what we saw………..A MESS!!  Mike and Janna told us they had started to tile our porch while we were gone, so we weren’t surprised and we were anxious to see how much they had gotten done.
They were cutting and laying tile like crazy.....
As you can see, they were almost done and we were afraid we might not be able to walk on it. If that was the case, we would have had to spend another night in the Motorhome as there is no other entrance into the house except the 2 doors on the porch. However, they assured us that the front half was all dry and could be walked on as they had done it the previous day. BOY, that worked out nice! This young fellow, his brother and father built this place so they are very familiar with it.
It was Friday afternoon so they finished up and told us they would see us Monday and do the grouting.  We LOVE the tile and Ms. Pat is extremely happy with the way it turned out.  What do you think?? 

We quickly unloaded most of our stuff from the motorhome just in time to head up to Mike and Janna’s place for “Happy Hour” and supper.

It was a very enjoyable evening with these wonderful folks.  We have really enjoyed meeting and getting to know them.  They told us they were planning to leave the next morning and we sure hated to see them go.  Hurry back you two and safe travels. 
Back home I wasn’t the only one glad to be home, Ms. Megabyte2 curled up in her bed and was sound asleep just as I was when Ms. Pat woke me up at 9pm and told me it was time to go to BED!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  Come on back Wednesday and maybe the porch will be all done! 

God Bless you all!


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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fifth Annual Western Gypsy Gathering Rally, 2011

We are here at the 5TH Annual Western Gypsy Gathering Rally in Yuma, AZ. Nick Russell, editor of the Gypsy Journal RV newspaper, started having this Western Rally 5 years ago in 2007. We have attended them all as Vendors. The first 3 were held at the Fairgrounds in Casa Grande,AZ. The last 2 have been here at the Fairgrounds in Yuma. Since I still don’t have a camera, I will refer you to Nicks Blog. He has lots of pictures of the activities.

Nick puts on a great Rally and one of the things I enjoy most is that we have so many friends and customers that also attend. It's like old homecoming week every year. What really amazes me is the amount of people that say to me “Hey Mike, I read your Blog all the time”. Unbelievable, even the famous well-known DICK REED of the RV Driving School told me he reads it and enjoys it!  Dick is almost as old as I am and he started the RV Driving School way back in 1991.  In 2007 he sold the Driving School to Dennis Hill, another one of our fine friends and customers.

Yesterday, we gave our Seminar presentation on PressurePro Tire Monitoring Systems and PowerTanks. Considering that almost everyone here already has one of our systems, we had a good attendance and great participation.

The Blog will be extra short this morning as we are rushed with all the activities and attending to our Booth. We continue to get several orders to fill from our website and fortunately we found a little Post Office a couple miles away that saves us some time on our daily run. The main PO is way over on the other side of the world.

The Rally will be over Friday morning.  We will head back to North Ranch and probably be there by Friday evening or Saturday morning. Then Ms. Pat and I can sit back and relax with our 5TH Gypsy Journal Rally under our belts.   It’s Ms. Megabyte2’s third year to attend with us and I think she is also in a bigger hurry than we are to get back to “her” house at the Ranch. She doesn’t enjoy these noisy airplanes that rattle the windows and shake the ground at all!!! She looks at me as if to say “Who’s stupid idea was this anyhow”?

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

God Bless you all and we’ll see you from back at the RANCH Sunday!


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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back in the DESERT again!!

We departed North Ranch just before noon yesterday leaving our place in the good hands of Mike and Janna. They are waiting for some tires and wheels for the trailer they just purchased. It has been such a treat to have these folks with us the past few days and has given us a chance to get to know them. They are mighty fine folks and we wish they could stay around much longer but they have other pressing things to do and see. As soon as their tires and wheels get in and they get them installed, they will be on their way towards southeast Arizona to spend a little time looking around.

We made it to our destination over here in the desert near MM#99 about 5 miles south of Quartzite,AZ.  It was only a 100 mile trip for the day but we had stopped off in Aquila, AZ at some friend's house for a short visit.  It was about 3pm when we found our campsite.  It was a beautiful warm afternoon and we prepared for a nice, quite evening in the desert. I went in to get the camera so I could take a couple pictures of this beautiful spot and our new rig for the Blog this morning when I discovered I had forgotten and left my camera back at the house.  What a bummer!  Now I have no camera for the entire Gypsy Journal Rally.  I could SWEAR....but Ms. Pat is trying to break me of doing that, so I’ll just go off somewhere and throw a tantrum. This memory thing is starting to scare me folks! I have never had the best memory in the world but let me tell you, lately its gotten to the point of being right down SCARY!! I remember putting the camera on the couch so I wouldn’t forget it and it must still be laying there…   Sad smile
Since I don’t have my camera, about all I can do is show you the picture I took last year at this exact same spot, exact same day, just not with our Motorhome.  Seeing this old Rig does bring back some real fond memories though...

Today we will slowly make our way on the 80 miles to the Fairgrounds in Yuma. The Fifth Annual Western Gypsy Journal Rally doesn’t start until tomorrow but today is “Early Bird” day.  We can check in at Noon and get all set up for the registration and big kick off day tomorrow.  We have many, many friends that attend this Rally and we look forward to seeing them all and meeting some new ones. That’s the main reason we come to the Gypsy Journal Rally. Now if we just happen to sell a PressurePro System  and a PowerTank or two, well that’s OK too!!
I have shown you pictures on this Blog of our good friends Dave Brown and Lois Putnam many times. Some of you have met them at our place in Custer, SD or at North Ranch. They even visited us in Tallahassee, Fl before we sold our house there. Here is a picture I took of them sitting with Ms. Pat in our Booth at the Gypsy Journal Rally last year. Since they spend their winters in Yuma, they always came and spent a couple days in the booth with us.  I am so saddened to report that Dave took real sick just a couple months ago with lung cancer and passed away on Feb 28TH. Had I not been so tied up with Dr appointments myself right at that time, both Ms. Pat and I would have been at his bedside.

Dave was from Sturgis, SD. and a true buddy and good friend. A jolly guy he was and always had on his Sailor Cap and Cowboy Boots. He was 85 or 86 years YOUNG and as active as a any man many years younger than him. I admired him so much. Pat and I both fished with him many, many times over the years and had so much fun. We camped and cooked fish with him and Lois at Angostura Lake in South Dakota. He LOVED the southern way Ms Pat cooked fish and her "Hush Puppies" and Cheese Grit's. We loved him like a family member and will truly miss him. It is with tears in my eyes that I dedicate this Blog to him. So long my Friend. I know God has a special place for you and I want you to spot all those fish so one day you can take us out fishing again.  God has another great Angel!! We will get together with Lois as soon as we get to Yuma.  Her family will be taking her back to South Dakota next week.

It’s been a LONG WEEK!!!!  I hope greater ones are to come.  None the less, I continue to Praise the Lord for what he provides us..

Thanks for stopping by.  Drop in on Wednesday and I’ll report on how the Rally is going.   If anyone knows of a GREAT, CHEAP little camera I can pick up at Wal-Mart or Sam’s, please let me know..

God Bless you all……and Safe travels


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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nice Weather and Good Friends!!

Yes....the Weather has really turned out great the last few days and our plans have fallen into place perfectly.   Praise the Lord!!  Don’t you just love it when your plans finally come together and you can sit back, enjoy and appreciate the results? We have owned a small lot here in North Ranch for several years. With a small lot, they don’t allow you to have guests stay on it with you. However, if you have one of the larger lots, you can have as many guests as you can comfortably get on it. Since we bought our little home on this large lot, we can now park our friends right on it and close to us.  We also decided to keep our small lot and have additional space for friends that want to stay around for a while.  

Yesterday all that planning came into reality. Larry and Geri, previous owners of the Broken Arrow Campground in Custer, SD,  are enjoying our small lot.   When we got the word that Mike and Janna were headed this way...Hallelujah....we had a place for them. We met them a couple weeks ago when we were boondocking in the desert near Bouse,AZ with Rollie and Gina. We have known them through our Blogs for a while but were finally able to meet them in person.  Mike and Janna are from Montana and I could tell right from the beginning that they were our kind of people and I hoped we would have the chance to get to know then better.

Since they were headed this way to get new tires and wheels for their new cargo trailer they just bought, Ms. Pat and I invited them to stay with us.   About 2:30 pm yesterday, they called and said they would be at North Ranch in about an hour. We met them at the gate and led them down to our place. They have been boondocking in Bouse and haven't had any hookups of any kind for over 2 months. So we got them all situated on our new big lot with FULL hookups.
We no more than got everything all situated and I looked at my watch and LOW and BEHOLD it was 3:56.  I told Janna, WOW, just perfect....HAPPY HOUR in 4 minutes in our screened-in porch! A few minutes later, Larry and Geri arrived and we were all seated in our favorite Happy Hour spot on our new patio furniture and enjoying a beverage of our choice and some wonderful companionship.  Wow, Life is GOOD!!  How could you beat this?  Again, I love it so much when a plan comes all together. It sure makes it all worth while!!
As the sun went down and evening set in, all were settled  and a beautiful day came to a pleasant end at the Ranch. A good time was had by all. Mike and Janna are all set to head into Phoenix and get their new tires and wheels for their new trailer in a few days and we are starting to load up our Motorhome in preparation for heading over to Yuma next week for the Gypsy Journal Rally.
Thursday we went to the Tile Store in Phoenix and made the first move in our new Project. We now have all the tile for the screened-in Porch. The next move is up to Rich, our contractor, to get started on the job. He will work us into his schedule as soon as he can.  More on this project later. I can hardly wait for the completion, it's gonna be NEAT!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Our Blog will come to you next Sunday from some where in the desert near Quartzite.   We plan to boondock on our way to Yuma where we will set up our usual  PressurePro and PowerTank booth to service all our many old customers and hopefully help some more RV’ers become safer on the road as they monitor the air pressure in their tires while traveling in their RV's.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you Sunday.

God Bless you all.


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