Monday, May 28, 2007

Last day in South Texas!!!!

Its been 5 weeks since we arrived here in South Texas. We came here to look at the RV Sites that our friends the Bevington's and the Rodonis's spoke so highly of and looked to us to be a good bargain. We bought one the first week we were here and The Chief said he could easily get it built and let us park on it for AT LEAST a couple days before we had to leave. WELL,,,,it didn't happen. The permitting, inspecting, surveying and getting the form builders, the plumbers and the electricians all moving was more of a problem than even the Chief expected. It seem the county is getting more and more particular and its imposable to fight city hall.

We held off as long as we could, but we have to be in Casper,WY for our Teton appointment in a week. I don't want to cut it any closer in case we endure a problem or bad weather. Its quite a trip, about 1450 miles.

So were wrapping things up today and will pull out in the morning about 8am and do our best to get to Kerrville, Tx north of San Antonio. I only like to plan on 300 miles at the most even when I'm sort of in a hurry. Plans can always be changed, but I have to have a plan. We LOVE the Buckhorn Lake RV park right along I-10 North of Kerrville and stay there when ever we can. Their sites are 100' long!!!!! Not cheap, but comfortable!

Next post we will probably (God willin) be in WY or home in Custer. We enjoy traveling, even after 12+ years of it, so we're a little excited to be going, but have a LOT of work to do...

See Ya down the road!!!!!!



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