Friday, July 13, 2007

Hiking LITTLE DEVIL'S TOWER trail CSP 07/12/07

Nice beautiful cool morning at about 7:45am we are ready to hike......
But, Which way do we go ?????
One way is Harney Peak and the other is LITTLE DEVIL'S TOWER.....
Shucks,,,I don't know.......???

Ah, ,,,Pat says "lets go to:LITTLE DEVIL'S TOWER, we haven't done it for a while."
Ya, that sounds GREAT, Lets GO!!!!!

About 1/2 way up we can see where we will end up,,,,,,,,,,WAY up there on top of that ROCK!!

Up, Up and Up some more!!!!

Pat leads the way and pauses to look back and see if I'm still back there. Are you coming, she says.....
Yep, I'm right behind you. Just using my NEW camera.........

HEY,,,,were getting up there, won't be long now. These are just a few of the GREAT views......
See why we love this place.......Its like you have it ALL to yourself!!!
Just Pat, Me and GOD !!!

We are on TOP !!!
This is a telephoto shot of Harney Peak from the top of LITTLE DEVIL'S TOWER.

This is back aways.....

That is Harney WAY back there behind me...

NOW Pat is on TOP !!!!! What a VIEW!!!!!!!!
You can see our place from there, about 10 miles to the South.
I took a picture of our property, but since I'm so new to this, I LOST it !!!!
Please go to my web albums to see all the photo's.
Well that was our HIKE up to the top of LITTLE DEVIL'S TOWER........It only took us about 35 minutes to make it.......Its only a mile and a half.......But, its rated Strenuous. Not really that bad. I took quite a few more pictures on the way up. If you wish to look at them all, you can go to my Web Album at:
click on Little Devils Tower
Wish you were here HIKING with us...............Get on over here !!!!
What a GREAT DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lee Ann McCormick said...

Wow, what great pictures. I really enjoyed hiking along with you! Awesome views!

Larry & Lee Ann