Saturday, August 18, 2007

SNOW in AUGUST,,,,,,,really???

NO.............Not Really. But we did get 4 inches of RAIN last night............This is a picture of FOAM as the water runs over the Stockade DAM in CSP. It sure looks like snow!! Click on the picture to enlarge it..

This is water coming over the dam. There hasn't been any water running over it ALL summer.

This is the back side of the Dam as water runs on down under the Bridge and into French Creek.......Its good to see it running like that, the Lake gets VERY stale unless it gets some water running through it.....
It doesn't "fix" our drought, but is sure helps. There was some flooding around and over in Hermosa they say there were HOUSES floating!!!!! It came FAST & FURIOUS !!!
Its a GREAT DAY!!!!!

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