Sunday, May 11, 2008

On the ROAD again!!!!

We finally got everything put away and ready to head North for the summer. But first, one last ride in the desert with our GREAT friends and neighbors, Paul and Nancy Wilson. What a nice ride!! Paul and Nancy know the BLM desert surrounding North Ranch quite well. It's always such a treat to go with the "pro's". They have been around the ranch for around 10 + - years.

This is the "Fearsome Foursome". Taken just after we completed our last ride for the season. We are all a little dusty, thirsty and tired. We will sure miss these fine folks!!!

Yesterday morning we departed North Ranch at 8:30 am, headed North and East. Destination: Lincoln, Nebraska where Son Scott and daughter-in-law Ann live. It was a nice day and the wind wasn't blowing untill we hit Flagstaff. Surprisingly, it was blowing just the way we were going!!! That doesn't happen much. The BIG ole' Volvo just purred along. I set the cruise on 63 mph and it maintained that speed in easy fashion. Traffic was the usual Interstate BUSY, but it was moving nicely. About 8 hours and 400 miles later, we decided the Bar "S" RV park in Grants, NM would be our home for the night.

This is the office of Bar "S" RV Park. It's a nice, clean park and the young gentleman that greeted us was very friendly and my type of guy. The sights were large and the roads were wide. They advertise that they are "BIG RIG FRIENDLY" and they REALLY ARE!!! Many say "no RV is too big for us". Well, we always call them and warn them of our size. We find it better to warn them than to SURPRISE them!! However, it seems to be a challenge with these RV parks and they normally all say "sure we can handle you, come on in!!!! "

The sites are gravel and they are LONG!! We didn't even have to unhook the Honda. We just shut it off, plugged in the electric, put out 2 of the 3 slides and turned on the computers. Then we sat back and took care of business... Pat had received 2 orders for PressurePro systems as we drove down the road. She wrote them up and I prepared them for shipping. Plus, there was a bunch of email questions. First thing you know, it was 9 pm. I was BEAT!!!

Well, I did stick out a little further than the others,,,,,,,,,,,,maybe "quite" a little!!!! But there was plenty of road left for vehicles to pass.

I knew this place looked "familiar" as we pulled in. Finally, when we got settled in I remembered it. As soon as I heard the first TRAIN blow it's whistle,,,,,,,,,ah, yes, I remember this place!!! BOY, that train is close!! We stayed here 5-6 years ago. So if trains and whistles all night long bother you, this place is NOT where you want to stop. But we were quite tired and it didn't shake us at all!!! We would stop here again.... it's easy to get at and the price with our SKP (Escapee) discount was $14.08. Not bad!!!

We will be up and OUT of here tomorrow morning around 8am. We are 75 miles West of Albuquerque. We'll go through there about 9-10am, so it shouldn't be busy. We plan on going on East to Tucumcari. Thats about 300 miles; plus, we have to fuel up at the Flying J in Tucumcari. UGH,,,,,,don't enjoy that!!! It's well over $4.00 per gal,,,,and I need right at 150-160 gal.:-(

We should be in Lincoln by Wednesday or Thursday. I'll see you all again next week. Thanks for stopping by....

Its was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!


If you care to follow our daily travels, along with a map of our trail, I put it on this web site:

Where we are.


Jutta said...

Our paths almost crossed. We arrived at the Hollywood Casino, about 30 miles north of Albuquerque, last night after driving almost 300 miles. It would be nice to run into each other during our travels this year. We are on our way to Utah right now. It was really good to hear how well Scott is doing. Give him a hug from us when you arrive at their house. Have fun guys!!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Pat and Mike --
Hi! We remember meeting you guys at February's Gypsy Gathering. We got to your blog following Nick's mention of you on his blog.

We are glad to have another good blogging and RVing couple to follow on the 'Net.

Our time is being spent in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Branson, MO this spring - summer? It all depends!

See you down the road!