Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here is the ANSWER,,,,,,,,,

Sunday was a Glorious and Wonderful day!!! I told you Ms Pat and I were doing something "Special" and asked if anyone could guess what it was. I gave a few hints, but still no one guessed it. I mentioned the Church and that we would no doubt get "Wet". We most certainly did get wet, along with a few others.

Ms Pat and I were Re-Baptised. We were both raised as Christians and Baptised as young children and decided we wanted to do it again as an adult. We love this area so much and wanted to reconfirm and further strengthen our commitment to our saviour Jesus Christ. We have so much to be thankful for. It's just a small way to show where we place our trust.

(Pastor Neal Hughes and wife Deb)

We are so thankful we found this Church, with all its wonderful people, in this wonderful place we so adore. Pastor Neal Hughes is such a down to earth guy and carries a message that is so powerful and easily understood. I just knew that this was a message from God!!

Our place in the Hills is just so indescribably wonderful and is near where I was born and raised. When I return here every summer, I feel like I have returned home. It's so calming and relaxing....these are "my people". We all understand one another.

I had long ago picked the spot out in the Park where I told Ms Pat that I wish to have my ashes spread when I die. This is one of our favorite hikes in the Park.

Here we are at the top of "Lovers Leap". It's about a 3 mile Hike and a rather strenuous climb but Oh, what a Superb View!! We have brought many of our visiting friends up here. This is where I want my ashes to flow...on top of the world!!!

These are pictures of the Baptism last Sunday at Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park , taken by my good friend, neighbor and fellow Custer State Park worker Bob Stewart. Thanks again Bob, Good Job!!!

The water was COLD, the Spirits were WARM and it was a Glorious day!!!!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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Carol said...

tears in my eyes, lump in my throat. that was beautiful....congratulations. Mike, I sure wish I knew how to do a slideshow on here!!!

give each other a big hug from both of us! :)+

squawmama said...

Mike & Pat... Congratulations on the baptism... You are so right about how wonderful Custer is... We visited for 10 days and I could have stayed there forever... Thanks for sharing your blessed moment with us.

Travel Safe

Jerry and Suzy said...

Good for you, and congratulations! We have always thought a baptism was a forever thing, but there certainly is a value to reconfiming your belief and commitment to the Lord and to each other as well.

Rick said...

I guessed a river but it was a lake - pretty close though! Congratulations, Mike and Pat, and thanks for sharing this moment with us. I'll bet that water was cold!!

Bruce said...

I'm so happy for you both. What a lovely place you have chosen for distribution of your final remains. Congratulations to you both. Bruce

Bob and Molly said...

Amazing....Sylvan Lake Baptism! Thank you for sharing that...what a wonderful statement!

Randy and Terry said...

How exciting for you to share baptism with each other! Being able to state publicly your faith in Christ is so powerful and uplifting. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. How great is our God!!

dreamjosie said...

It was nice to meet you this evening. Great time. Pat, send me your email address so I can send you the quinoa salad recipe. Email me at