Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!!

The Weather Forecasters down here are usually pretty accurate.  They had a freeze warning out so we knew it was going to be cold. Yesterday it was 31 deg down here in Mission, TX. when we got up. Frost was definitely on the Pumpkin and everything else!! We never sleep with any heat on, so it didn't take me long to get dressed.  Too cold for the heat pump, so both electric heaters were activated and I continued putting on clothes....3 shirts,  my hooded sweat shirt and sweat pants. My insulated coveralls were in the basement or I would have put them on. The Blue Flame Heater is also put away, but I sure could have used it.

The sun is just coming up,  Frost is on the grass, all the roofs and my poor ole Truck is saying "You promised to take me where it is warm". Well, we are as far SOUTH as we can get in the US. Just a mile South is Mexico, and I'm not about to go there!

Our friends, Larry and Jeri Gustafson, from Custer, SD, who have been visiting us and touring the south, decided this was the morning for them to head on West towards Arizona. The cold didn't bother them much, they are used to it. Above they are all prepared to HEAD WEST!! We certainly enjoyed having them with us and wish the weather could have been better. Except for the first afternoon and evening they arrived, the weather has been LOUSY to BAD. Several days we were confined to the inside as it downpoured outside. They enjoyed Retama RV Park, the Pool and the Exercise room, but I think they had seen about all of the Rio Grande Valley they wanted.  Seminole State Park West of Del Rio is their next stop, then on to Big Bend National Park, south of Alpine.  Safe Travels Guys.....see you in Arizona!

Wouldn't it be shocking to be across the street in the Club House having coffee and hear sirens outside and see Fire Trucks pull up in front of your RV?  Yes....shocking, but not FUN!!  That's what happened to our friends and neighbors Bob and Kathleen Gomez. Shortly after Larry and Jeri had left, I noticed smoke at the West end of our Park but they burn Sugar Cane often around here and I assumed that's what it was. At the same time, I heard several sirens in the distance, but since there is a lot of Border Patrol activity in this area, that also happens regularly. It crossed my mind about the smoke being an RV Fire since it was so close and when I saw this Firetruck pull up down at the other end of the Park, I knew something was up. I hollered at Pat and got on my bike and headed that way.

I saw that it was Bob and Kathleen's Motorhome and was told immediately that they were not in the Rig. Soon there were 3 Fire Trucks, several Police cars and an Ambulance. The smoke was really bellowing up by then.  Darn!  I ran off without my camera....fine Photographer I am!!

The fire started somewhere around the Furnace, which is right below the Refrigerator and between the damage the fire did and the damage the Firemen did, I personally feel the Coach is definitely a "Total Loss"... no question. See the Fireman on top of the Motorhome in the picture? What's he doing you say?  Well, he's chopping a hole in the roof!!  One of the others was knocking out the windows with a sledge hammer!!

The Gomez's are in a mess right before the holidays and our hearts go out to them. The inside of their beautiful home is water and foam soaked. Its a wet, slick, slimy, burned and smokey mess.  They have lots of friends here and everyone is helping out but it has to be devastating for them. The most important thing is they are OK and their little dog Cookie is OK.  We thank God for that. 
After hearing about Nick and Terry Russell's robbery and now the Gomez's fire, that's about all the excitement we could stand for this week.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  It's 50 deg this morning, so we are looking forward to some warmer weather and getting ready for our weekly motorcycle ride.


My CONGRATULATIONS go out to the NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS for a Superb Football game with the #3 Texas Longhorns last night in the Cowboy's Stadium. What a GAME!!!  Texas was favored by several Touchdowns.  The entire game was CLOSE!  UN was ahead the entire first quarter....then Texas managed to kick a field goal in the last SECOND and win by 1 point. 13 to 12....Big Red is Comin' BACK!!!!

Yesterday was a great Football day.   I also watched, and was pleased to see Alabama STOP the #1 ranked Unversity of Florida.  Being the Florida State Fans that we are, that was good in our book...LOL.
Sorry Tebow and Gator fans!!  I know the loss was tough.

God Bless You All !!


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Rick said...

That's terrible news about your friends MH, but at least no one was hurt including their dog. I guess with the cold weather, heaters and furnaces are something us RV'ers have to be constantly aware of. It's been cool here in the mornings too lately - it was 37F this morning which is way too cold! Enjoy your bike ride - 50F sounds like a heatwave!

squawmama said...

Wow what a horrible thing the coach catching on fire... That is scary... What a beautiful park you’re in Mike... And YES I being a NOLES fan was pretty happy too... I always say my favorite teams are Florida State and anyone who beats the GATORS... However that being said I did feel bad for Tebow... Seems like such a nice Christian boy and an excellent athlete... Have Fun & Travel Safe

Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike, guess we were up too early yesterday to catch your post, but caught it today. Fire in a rig is a terror, and I sure wouldn't want any part of it, even if I were safely in the club house. It's good your friends are where they are where you and your other neighbors are willing helpers.