Sunday, December 13, 2009

Toys for Tots,,,,,,

In hopes of making Christmas a little more enjoyable for some youngsters we bought a couple stuffed Animal Toys and took them to the local Harley Davidson Dealer.

This is a wonderful program and most all Harley Davidson Dealers across the country participate and collect thousands and thousands of Toys for Tots. When we arrived with the Toys, there were 2 Marine Reservists on hand receiving them and giving out "I donated a Toy" pins and other gifts to those that brought toys. They had a lot of toys and I'm sure lots more will come. It's a good feeling to think you might make some deserving youngster happy and their Christmas a little more enjoyable.

We started back on our "Project" this week, but it was so wet we had to wait until it dried out. Therefore, we still didn't get it done.  Like I said, you just can't get in a hurry around here!  Here are a couple pictures of what we got done.

The area behind our Coach House that includes the fence to conceal our trash can and other items is almost done.

 This will be a nice place to "hide" a few things. Oh ya, maybe we can even put our BBQ grill in there and the wind won't blow it out all the time! I think we should paint the fence to match the Coach House.  What do you think?

We have completed 12' behind the Coach House and have 40' to finish. it takes a lot of sand to get it level.. I have already hauled 48 sacks of paver sand from Home Depot and may have to go for more.  Hopefully, we will be able to complete the job next week.  I'm getting tired of having this mess on our Patio.  Why do these "Projects" always take longer and cost more than you think they will? I guess I'll never learn.

As Christmas nears, decorations are going up all around town and in the RV Park. I'm going to have to venture out after dark one of these nights and see them. Don't get out after dark much anymore, except early in the morning when we go out walking. Some of the Christmas lights are still on at 6:30 am when we head out on our walk, but not all of them..  Ms Pat put up our Christmas Tree about a week ago.  I'll have to remember to take a picture of it for you. It's a "special" Christmas tree.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you too are getting the Christmas spirit and will join us in contributing to the Toys for Tots and help make this Christmas a little more special for the little ones.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

     Time for me to again remind you to be sure and tell your loved ones that you love them, they may not be around forever....God Bless.


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Here at the Saguaro SKP Park the members donate to a fund each December, then the volunteers go out and buy specific items for children and seniors under the care of the county's protective services organization. This year we raised over $1400, so a lot of kids and elders will have a brighter Christmas. And the Benson Fire Department also has a drive for Toys for Tots. Yup, we get to help spread the Christmas joy!

squawmama said...

Good Morning Mike & Pat... What a great thing to do donating toys... I believe everyone who can should do that and also donate to the food for the needy every chance they can... I try to do it everytime I go shopping... I have a Marine friend who started me on the toy drive many years ago... Your walk is looking good and you know adventually it will get done. ☺☺☺ You are very special people. Have FUN & Travel Safe

Rick said...

Toys for Tots is a big thing up here in Canada too with the motorcycle clubs - they even have a big motorcycle parade through the downtowns of most cities. I kind of like the natural look of your fence - but painted would be ok too. It's amazing how some of these projects seem to drag on - I have some experience at that!

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful that you donated toys. Every year before Christmas our kids take atleast 10 toys from their closets and donate them to the local mission. It sure makes them feel good. I have hopes of talking the family into donating all of the money we spend at Christmas time and serving at a soup kitchen on Christmas Eve just so we can see really how fortunate we are. Everyone laughed at me last year when I suggested it... But that doesn't stop me! I enjoy reading your blog. Its nice to see someone else that enjoys the same hours of the day... Kids go to bed at 730pm and I wake up at 430am! Take care, Jill

squawmama said...

ps... If you haven't been by yet come on over and check out the videos I put on my blog of Christmas lights we saw when driving around in Van Buren... They are spectacular! Have a fun filled day my friends!

Bob and Molly said...

Hi Mike & Pat...Bob and I have a standing "Project Rule" ALWAYS takes TWICE as long, and costs TWICE as much as we think it will".... so we make sure we are prepared for everytime!! LOL! HUGS to both of you!