Sunday, January 9, 2011


I love the comments I receive on the Blog and I notice that most of my Blogger buddies also enjoy getting them. It's kind of a way that makes us realize that someone is actually reading this stuff. “Followers” is probably the next best way to know. Then, of course, there are all the analytics and web counters that let you know how many viewers you had on a given day.

Having said that, I must say that I visit a lot of Blogs that I don’t comment on. I try to but sometimes you just don’t have time. Especially when you're as slow as I am on one of these keyboards. Plus, some of the gyrations you have to go through in order to get your comment published is mindboggling and frustrates me real quick.  I like Rick’s new idea of letting the comments go right on through without all the word games but I know he has many other spam preventers installed.  Anyhow, I appreciate all your comments very much and I’m glad you stop by even if you don’t have time to comment.

Thank you all for your complements on the pickup cover.  Malone, it is the same brand as yours.....a TRUXEDO, made right up in South Dakota.  Sam,’s a SOFT cover so I can roll it up and secure it when I want to haul my motorcycle or something else. So far, we are real happy with it.
My next project was to install this Base Plate so we can tow the Silverado behind the Motorhome. Not much to it really.  It's hard to believe Blue Ox charges $388.00 plus shipping for it. I got lucky and found this lightly used one from a fellow RV’er and saved a couple hundred bucks.
It went on real easy.  It just inserts into the frame in the same location that the factory equipped Tow Hooks were in. Slick and simple.
There are two holes that have to be drilled in the frame.  I don’t have the equipment with me to do such heavy drilling so I’ll have to take it somewhere to get that done. Next will be installing the "Light Kit". That won’t be as simple as it was on the Honda. On the Honda, I just put an extra bulb in the tail light housing on each side and wired direct. This one doesn’t have room for that.  You have to splice into the truck wiring and add diodes on each wire to avoid electrical feedback. Soon as I get that and the brake installed, it will be ready to tow.

January is kind of a blah month around here, not a lot going on and my ambition level isn’t running very high. The biggest thing I don’t like about this time of the year is the Federal Income Tax for last year is soon due. Now I don’t mind paying taxes (ya, Right!) and we pay quarterly in advance. But what they put you through and all the forms etc. drives us nuts!!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you’ll come back.

God Bless


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All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Ok now Pop's this January cannot be too bad because we, your kids will be there in less than a week. Yea!!! We're trying to finish up everything around the house and should be out of here by mid week. Miss and Love You and Mom,

Your Kids

Al Bossence said...

Wished I had your mechanical smarts. The transfer of the tow package from our Hyundai Santa Fe to the Jeep cost us a small fortune to say the least. Base plate for the Jeep had to be shipped from British Columbia. Sounds like you have a slight case of the January blahs. Maybe an adventurous ATV run through the desert might be in order or how about a drive up to Montana & try that truck out in some 5 foot snow drifts. Now, that should get some excitement going eh:))

JB said...

Nice looking truck there Mike. My Truxedo is working great for me also.

JB said...

Nice looking truck there Mike. My Truxedo is working great for me also.

Rick said...

All that mechanical stuff for the towbar installation would leave me in the dust! It's great that you can at least do most of it yourself.

Once you get that truck hooked up behind your MH, you are going to be one fearsome looking load driving down the highway!!

Rod Ivers said...

Not too much to that base plate for the Chevy pickup. That just shows that the truck already has a real frame and doesn't need to be beefed up in order to tow it.
Good luck with the diode wiring, and I'm sure that will give you another thing to write a blog about, as you learn more on how that hookup goes.

At least the brake box isn't too much to deal with, LOL

Unknown said...

Hey Mike,would you please follow me on my blog? I'd love that, thanks!

Sue and Doug said...

nice post with lots of information!..soon your 'kids' will be there and all will be 'right'... I, too love knowing that people are actually reading my blog..and commenting is like having a conversation!!..have a great day!!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Mike, that install job on the truck looks great, I'm sure the wiring kit for your truck isn't to bad to install, although I think before I went with all the diodes and stuff I would go under the body and follow the frame to where the trailer lights hitch up and just tap in there.The left and right are already separated there so you won't need diodes. You can make a neat look with that black plastic cable wrap for the wiring harness and black wire ties.Be safe out there. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Cyndi said...

I just want to let you know I read you every time you post! Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Even though I don't comment very often-- I just want you know how much I enjoy reading each and every posting you make on your blog. Thanks for sharing your incredible journey. Karen Hardamon, Fayetteville, AR

Anonymous said...

Mike and Pat, just a note to let you know how much I truly enjoy reading your blog in Fayetteville, AR//Karen Hardamon

David, Sheila and Stella the Beagle said...

I always read your Blog daily dreaming of the day we can move more freely move around the country.

Jerry and Suzy said...

What is a real plus about comments is when they also show up as email. Then you can exchange comments about comments where nobody else can see them!

If you are having a blah time, you should have joined up with our rally over in Parker, AZ! It's not that far from where you are now.

Debbie Goode said...

Ya know some of my fondest childhood memories are of my "popo" and I working on whatever old car he had at the time. I know...I'm a girl, but I was his little 'grease monkey' helper and I loved every minute of it. Your blog reminded me of those special times today....thanks for the memory!