Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gina Lands in Grenada….

Yesterday (Tuesday) we headed out at 7:30am to Prescott,AZ. We just love Prescott and when we just go for supplies and a little shopping (I hate that word) we always go to Prescott.  It is a lovely place in the mountains and has about all the stores that Phoenix has and not near all the traffic. It is where we bought almost all our furniture for our new house.  In fact, every time we go up there, I always think of last year about this same time that Gina, Rollie and us were shopping up there and loading it all into Rollie’s truck. In fact I had just mentioned to Ms. Pat that I was thinking of those times as we pulled into the Sam’s Club parking lot and the phone rang………. it was Gina!!! WOW, now that’s exciting. Talk about the power of thought!! With that “Bluetooth” set up in our new truck, all calls come into the Bose stereo system and Gina sounded as if she was sitting right there with us. She was at the Airport waiting for her and her daughter's flight to Grenada. I could feel the excitement in her voice. She and Nicole, Rollie and Gina's oldest daughter, are going there to visit Ashley, the other daughter, and spend a couple weeks. Gina is still recuperating from her surgery so the girls are going to make sure she  behaves herself and follows the doctors orders.  It was so good hearing from her....she made our day!
The above picture is of Gina and I watching Rollie and Ms. Pat play Softball in Custer, SD last summer.

This morning when I started up my computer there was a message from her letting us know that she had safely landed. She made our day again!! Good for you Girl!! Now relax and enjoy yourself!! As you said in your email, "Let the FUN BEGIN!!"

We had a super day in Prescott, as the weather was fantastic and I enjoyed looking through the “MY” stuff in all the stores while Ms. Pat did her grocery shopping…
New Trader Joe's coming to Prescott,AZ 4/19/2011
One of the things that Prescott lacked that Phoenix has and we missed was a TRADER JOE”S.  Well LOOK what we noticed right along the main highway right close to Costco…  Hallelujah...........Trader Joes is COMING SOON!!!!   Right on!!

Just as we headed out of town, our Bluetooth cell phone rang again. I can’t seem to get used to that thing and it scares the daylight’s out of me when it rings over the stereo system.  It was our friends Jerry and Suzy that were coming to visit us at North Ranch.   We had emailed them directions to our other lot a couple of days ago so we told them to go ahead and get set up.  We stopped by when we got home to welcome them and invited them down to Happy Hour.  It was so good seeing them again. We hadn't seen them since Mikel’s funeral in Tucson almost a year ago.  Gosh it was already 2:30pm, where had the day gone??
Suzy and Jerry.......4/19/2011
This is Jerry and Suzy just as they were leaving last night after Happy Hour!! We had a great visit with these fine folks.   They are on their way to attend their daughter's College graduation in Carson City, NV.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!! As we continue to Praise the Lord for all he provides to us.

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Travel safe all you travelers out there!! God Bless. Hope to see you Sunday.


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Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Today's technology is great for keeping up with family and friends. It can be a bit daunting at times. We have a Onstar phone system in our toad but rarely use it because my better half feels odd taking onto the the mirror. :)

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Great picture of you & Gina, hope you guys get to hook up again before long. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

Jerry and Suzy said...

And we are so pleased to be here in your beautiful park, on your beautiful "other lot!" We're going to poke around a little today and we'll be back for Happy Hour and supper tonight.

Sue and Doug said...

glad to hear that Gina landed safely!..have a great week!..

Anonymous said...

Pop's, It is always a treat for me to get to talk to you and Mom. Thoughts of y'all are always close to my heart!!! Us girls had an AWESOME day at the beach yesterday, soaking up the sun and watching the sunset. They told me that I had to take it easy or they wouldn't bring me back to the beach.LOL Love & Miss you both!!!!
Your daughter, Gina :-)