Sunday, August 7, 2011

Afternoon Thunderstorms

 2011-07-02 024
One afternoon about Happy Hour, while JRoger and Susan were here, we had one of our usual afternoon thunderstorms and, of course, it had some small hail and loud thunder…..
2011-07-02 026
The loud thunder and the hail was making a lot of noise in our metal "Toy Barn". It scared Ms. Megabyte2 so bad she zoomed out of there before we could close the door. Ms. Pat took off after her. Here she's asking me to come out in the rain and help her get her out from under the Motorhome because she was scared to death.2011-07-02 032
It's raining real hard and Ms. Megabyte2 won't come out.  Ms. Pat is beside herself..
2011-07-02 029
So, like an idiot, I run out to get wet too!! I’ll get her when she comes out the other side. JRoger and Susan were back in the barn having a ball watching and laughing at us…….and as you can see, getting it all on camera.
2011-07-02 035
Finally, we rescued her and were assuring her that she was safe and sound. Ms. Pat got drenched and I got a little wet myself.  I never realized how hilarious this fiasco must have looked until JRoger showed me these pictures.   WOW, what people won’t do for their pets, right?
Well, I was hoping I could show you a picture of the completed  kitchen cabinets today but that won’t happen. There sure is a lot more involved with this than one would realize.  The counter top wasn’t ready for install until Friday. When they brought it out with them from the cabinet shop to install, they found it wasn’t cut properly and would have to go back….  Man O' Man….!!
They did get quite a lot of other work done, like these crown moldings and the knobs and handles installed.
They look pretty neat, don’t you think? These take a lot of precise cuts.  Hopefully, one day it will be worth all this but I’m getting a little frustrated..  Ms. Pat says “you just have to be patient”! Boy, without her I don’t know what I’d do!  So maybe next week….?

Meanwhile the weather has been just yesterday with clear skies all day and a low of 54* when we got up and went for our walk.  Then it got clear up to a high of 78*.  All this time, there was very little humidity and a nice, cool gentle breeze. There was a low rumble in the background most of the day as I was mowing and digging rocks on the property but it wasn’t thunder! It was the sound of Motorcycles. The big Sturgis Bike Rally starts tomorrow and believe me there are Motorcycles everywhere with more to come. We will lay low and let them have the Hills and in about a week it will settle down again and we can have our Hills back again…

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

You're right parents will do anything for their pets. Glad that y'all got Ms. Megabyte back inside. The crown molding looks great. I too was hoping with you that the kitchen would be finished. Gina and I cannot wait to see the finished look. It's hard to believe a whole year has passed when we were up there. We love and miss y'all Mom & Pop's.

Love & Hugs,
Your Kids

Happytrails said...

Oh yes, we do most anything for our pets. After all, they are our 4 legged children!
Love the patient it will be worth the wait.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Thanks for your kind comment on our blog, we appreciate your visiting our blog.

We'd sure like to visit ya'll next time we're in either of your neighborhoods, would like to check out your Pressure Pro system in person.

We sure do go the extra mile for our pets, but they are not spoiled, are they? ;c)

Sue and Doug said...

Poor Kitty..scared out of her wits!..what brave souls you are to head out in the storm to rescue her!...

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Those cabinets are beautiful! I love the wood grain, and the crown moldings are a really nice addition. Yes, all the frustrations, delays, wrong items, etc. will one day fade in your memory and you'll enjoy your finished kitchen. Believe me, I've been there, done that! (Hated it while I was going through it, though.)

Al Bossence said...

I know that feeling of 'panic' when it comes to the well being of our pets. Just the slightest hint of trouble or danger brings about an instant response on our part. Pets are soooooo precious.

David, Sheila and Stella the Beagle said...

You sure got that right about what we do for our domesticated critters! Us pet owners are over the top sometimes, LOL!

Your cabinets are looking "Butimus", a term we picked up workamping that means something between Beautiful and Awesome!

Say hi to Ron & Barb for us! We've been so isolated on the farm here we don't see another person for a week sometimes. But eventually this farm will sell and we will be back out on the road again!

David & Sheila Knapp

Phyllis said...

I can just imagine the roars you will be hearing for the next week or so. I, too, would get soaking wet if our fellow got out in the rain.

Rod Ivers said...

We got caught in that storm too, and the water was running about 5 inches deep in the street. Sneek up town and take some pictures of the motorcycles down the center of the main street. Folks out here in blogland just don't understand how many cycles there are....

Rod safely back in KC