Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yes I Remember !

I remember as if it were yesterday. That day on Sept 11, 2001, we were out in the middle of a 5000 acre lake near Hot Springs, SD fishing. It was such a beautiful day, clear skies, no wind, when our phone rang. It was Terri, our daughter from Florida. She informed us what had just happened. In total shock, we put our fishing poles away and headed back home to our 5TH wheel so we could watch what was happening on TV. We will never forget…………NEVER!
I fly my Flag a lot but especially today, September11TH, in remembrance of those that lost their lives on that day. My heart goes out to the people that lost loved ones. I pray that somehow we can take our country back!

My last Blog “We Got Heat” sure raised the questions about the heaters we installed being put up near the ceiling. I put the link to “Comfort Cove Radiant Heat Systems” so anyone that was interested could check them out. But no one noticed it, so let me tell you a little bit about them. I, too, was skeptical when I saw that they were installed up near the ceiling. This comes direct from their web site:

How It Works

How It Warms Your Floor
The Comfort Cove home heater uses radiant heat, "it's heat at light speed"®. Radiant heat does not rise like hot air, instead, it heats anything in its path - up, down, or sideways - traveling in a straight line until it strikes an object. Radiant heat is unaffected by gravity, and will not fluctuate temperature. This efficient heating alternative warms floors and objects, as well as the air in a room, similar to the way the sun heats the earth. As objects in the room become warm (chairs, floors, and people), the surrounding air picks up heat by conduction and the entire room maintains a constant comfortable warmth.
People live on floors, not on ceilings
  • Air Heaters - Cold and Wasteful
  • Radiant Heat - Warm and Efficient
We learned about these heaters from the fellow that was installing our Kitchen Cabinets. He told us that he used them in several of his rental properties and his tenants loved them. He told us they are reasonably priced and extremely efficient. I went to their web site, checked them out and found that they were sold by our local power company. The Power Company endorses them highly and the local electrician that we use told us that they are a great deal and people they have installed them for love them.  In fact, Tom, the head electrician, told us they had installed ten of them that week.

They are 240 volt and take very low amperage. It was very simple to run the extra wire for ours and all 4 of the Radiant Heaters are on one 20amp circuit. We checked and with all the heaters on running full blast, they are only taking 16 amps. We have had a chance to use them with the cool mornings we are having up here in the Black Hills and we’re impressed..  It’s unbelievable how neat they work and how warm the floor gets. Sure makes walking on our new wood floors neat. Plus, since we are an “All Electric” home, the power company gives us a reduced rate!! So check them out if you have a room or two that needs some HEAT.  Their web site gives all the answers.  I hope I’ve cleared up the “Heaters up near the Ceiling” questions, if not let me know…and thanks for asking. It sure answered what to make my Blog about today! Smile

You all know how close Ms. Megabyte2 is to my heart and I am happy to report that she is doing GOOD. Thanks Charley and Sherry for asking.  She has come back almost 100% and that sure makes us happy and thankful.  She has more “homes” than any cat I know.  She conforms to each one we shuffle her into.  Here she is looking out her new "look out". I don’t think she likes it as well as she does the dash of the Motorhome but who knows.
She can also jump up on the front window sill and loves to look out from her new "perch"…..
Sometimes we play “Jail” and right now she is in Jail!Smile   She runs around the place a slippin' and a slidin' on the wood floor. I think she likes this place…
Quite often she gets to go outside...........but always under the close eye of “Mom”.
But oh my, she sure enjoys her Motorhome, too.
Ah yes!  What a wonderful place to relax and get a few rays! LOL

You can tell I love to talk about and show you pictures of my little gift from Heaven............Thank You Scooter. I love you man! 

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

Thank you all for stopping by and God Bless. Praise the Lord for our many Blessings!


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Jim and Sandie said...

I love the last picture of Ms Megabyte2. Talk about one happy kitty. And your "cabin" sure is looking nice and cozy. But 32 - definitely time to think about heading south.

squawmama said...

LOVE the pics of Ms Megabyte2 ... she looks so comfy in some of them pictures. So cute
Have fun

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

When I come back I want to be your cat.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Thanks for the info on your heaters. They sure had us baffled!

Sue and Doug said...

love the last shot of your beloved kitty!..we can only hope that when our turn comes our boy Oliver will enjoy catching some rays on the dash!!

Barb and Ron said...

I so enjoyed the pictures of Megabyte. She made me laugh out loud a couple of times! I've missed your blogs the last couple weeks, but I'm caught up now and sure are glad to be "back in touch." Take care - we sure miss you!

Paul Weaver said...

That solves my questions on the heaters..thanks!

I love the pictures of Ms Megabyte2. Our cat, Bella, lays on her back just like Megabyte2....Crazy kittie! LOL

René and Jeanette Genereux said...

Well, I am sold on those heaters. Thanks for the detailed explanation on the install and net heat effect. Maybe future RV's will have these too.

Great shots of your Ms Megabyte!

Al Bossence said...

Good explanation on those heaters Mike and it sure makes sense to me. Megabyte 2 is sure going to enjoy that radiant heat as well.

Debbie Goode said...

Great job answering the many questions! Sounds like you will be all warm and toasty no matter what the temp falls to outside. Megabyte 2 sure looks like one happy kitty!

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Thank you so much for the update on Ms. Megabyte2!! She looks so healthy and happy now!! And it looks like she enjoys your lifestyle as much as you do!! Our two fur babies, Cheyenne and Sadie, are really enjoying ours.

Safe travels!!