Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Visiting Ann in Lincoln, Nebraska

As you know, we parked overnight Saturday evening in the Parking lot of The Great Platte River Road Archway on Interstate 80, near Kearney, Nebraska. We got up Sunday morning and toured the Archway Monument. All I can say is my usual....WOW!!  It is every bit as wonderful as everyone else told us.
I showed you a picture of the large statue of this Buffalo in my last Blog, but I wanted to show you this picture with Ms Pat standing in front of it. You can see the enormous size of this Great Buffalo.

From Archway Monument, Kearney, NE Oct 2011
As soon as we got inside the Archway and started to experience all the genuine Western culture, these two desperado's captured Ms. Pat and were going to keep her! No Way!!!  I couldn't ever give her up!! I had to pay a large Ransom to keep her!

Click on the link below the above picture and it will take you to my Web Album and 87 other pictures of our journey through this Archway.   It was some experience and we highly recommend this place.  What a journey and for only $8.50 per person. There is even a couple pictures out the window of the traffic moving under us on I-80. Take a look.

We then continued our journey East to Lincoln and went to our usual parking place at the Lancaster Event Center on 84TH St. in Lincoln. NE. It has many, many RV sites with 50 amp electric hookups and water and dump station close by.   We have parked here so many times before, we know the manager and it is just a couple miles from Scott and Ann's house. As you can see, we almost have the place to ourselves.

We enjoyed spending the last two days helping Ann do all sorts of odd jobs around her place and getting her a little more prepared for Winter.  We cleaned gutters, mowed grass, raked leaves, trimmed tree branches and many other little items., including getting her snow blower started and ready to go.  Ms Pat and I were truly "tuckered out" each day but felt good about accomplishing so much.  I even started Scott's truck and drove it around and prepared it for Ann to sell. We had to say our goodbyes last night as we must continue on down the road. That's always a hard task, to say good bye and I sure don't like that part in the least.  We look forward to seeing Ann again.  She is a lovely gal, an important part of our family and we love her very much.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!! As we continue to enjoy what our Father above has provided..

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This morning we are leaving around 8:00am and hope to make it to the Elks Club RV parking space in Iola, Kansas.  That's about 300 miles and half way to Little Rock, AR. our next stop.  We're looking forward to spending a few days there with our friends Louis & Janette and Greg & Bonnie.

Stop on back Sunday and we'll be talking to you from Little Rock!!


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Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Honk your horn as you blow thru Kansas City,we are headed out today for a little camping trip.

If we knew you were going to be so close we would have chased you down for a meeting.

Janna and Mike said...

Remember when you get to Arkansas you are in Janna's country--I grew up about 45 minutes from Little Rock and all my family still lives on the farm my grandfather owned. Sounds like you enjoyed your time with Ann. Drive safely!

Sue and Doug said...

sounds to me like you and Ms.Pat are having a great time..nice to be able to help Ann out!!..have a great week and safe travels!!

Ruth said...

We passed under the Archway on our way out to our Caravan about this time last year. We had absolutely no idea what a great place it is. Next time we won't go sailing past. Thanks for the information .

Jim and Sandie said...

She is definitely worth the ransom. Jim would probably have to think about it for me. lol So nice that you could spend a few days with Ann helping her out. Drive safe.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Good to see you got to stop and help your friend Ann out with some of the Fall chores.It is good to be able to help your friends when they are in need, and the good feeling is worth more than money can buy.Take care my friends, and be safe out there. Sam & Donna...