Thursday, April 5, 2007

UPDATE,,,,,,2ND POST....Trying to learn!!

Got our walk out of the way early. Some of our friends have gotten us interseted in a RV GATED RESORT that is just being built in Mission,TX. We started looking into it and it sure looks nice. We have been talking to the CEO of the developement and reviewing site maps, rules and regs. etc. We'r just in the talking stage, but this coulod develope into something. We arer a little disgruntled at North Ranch. We thought we were getting into a RV Park. However it has turned into a PARK MODEL park and non RV'ers are all around us and we are one of the FEW that hasn't built a PARK MODEL on our lot. That's not what we wanted at this point in our life.
If they are going to do that, they should have sections. A section for PARK MODELS and another section for RV's. The one we are looking at in So Texas is that way. So,,,we're looking, talking and thinking.
Took out one of our BIG cactus's today. The freeze had messed it up and it was looking bad. So I took it out and covered the area with some BIG rocks......looks much better.
Ran the Honda Generator for 12 minutes today for its monthly excersize. It starts on the second pull.......nice!
We are both getting "itchy" feet and wanting to travel. Maybe when we go to the Rally in Tucson to give the PressurePro Seminar we will travel to Mission, TX and just take a look at these FINE looking RV sites. Its in a NEW planned GATED area. Hadr to get the whole layout without seeing it in person. So,,,,,,I'm "kinda" gettin ready to shut this place up for the Summer. Got up to 90 deg today, but real nice.
First thing I knew it was Shower time.....then Happy Hour!!!!
Yep,,,,,Another GREAT day!!!!!

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