Thursday, April 26, 2007

WOW!!!! That was quite a FAST trip.

Some kind of a conversion that was!!! We departed from Deming,NM at 7:20am and It was 36 deg!!!!!Brrrrrrrrr. The first morning we got up here at 4am it was 75deg!!!!! We headed to South (Mission) TX. traveling was great, no wind, clear as a bell. Made it through El Paso during the mid Sunday morning traffic and it was a snap....
When we got to Van Horn on I-10 we turned south on hwy 90. Larry and Linda Moore joined us in Deming and we following closely behind. We made it all the way to Sanderson,TX.,a total of 420 miles when we decided to hang it up for the day. That's a little longer day than we usually travel, but it was easy and exactly half way to Mission.
Early (7:15) departure again the next day to complete our trip. We had some wind today and of course it was side ways to partly head on. Everything went fairly smooth until we got to Larado,TX. We both took on a fill of Diesel at Flying J as it was the best price we had seen for a while...($2.689) Then when we started our last leg of our trip we found that it was a quite busy highway and a LOT of stop lights.....It was stop and go through a dozen or more little towns, thankfully it was only 124 miles, but it slowed us down by about a hour at least. We got into (Finally) the Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort at about 5:30. They normally close at 5, but Pat had called them and they were waiting for us. Soon we were in our sights.....Whew!!!!!

WHAT A NEAT PLACE!!!! This is the complex we came all this way to see. It is some kind of a layout. What a plan this place was. Its all brand new and most of it under construction. Three or four (could even be 5?) years ago when we camped here, this place was just a dream. We heard about it and saw some construction equipment starting on it, but we had no idea it would develop into the super large complex that is planned. Take a look at it on Check out the Master Plan and you will see what I mean. This is going to be one SUPER community!!! So much wilderness surrounding it and planned parks, lakes, rec areas, etc. Bentsen State Park on the south end includes the World Birding Center........
We are looking at an RV lot in Retama Village. That and this campground will be the only RV portion of the plan. Today we took an hour trip with the owner Mike Rhodes. Mike is a super guy and a real genius for putting all this multi multi million dollar complex together. He really has a "vision" and what's really interesting is he's only 45 years old!!!! He is one BUSY 45 year old, he has more going than most 3-4 people. His tour,meeting him, and seeing his enthusiasm was truly enjoyable...........Before he was in the meat packing business.

Today we are meeting with Ken the head engineer. We still have lots of questions and looking at the RV sites they have left. They are selling like crazy. The absolute BEST ones are of course already gone, but there are still plenty of good ones. Just deciding what we want is TOUGH!! Decisions, decisions,,,,,,,,????

It will be a FUN day!!!!!

ANOTHER GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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