Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back in the beautiful BLACK HILLS !!

Our view of the Needles Hwy and Cathedral Spires.
From our "hill top".

We had a good trip from S Texas to Casper,WY and made it in good shape. Spent a week at the Teton factory and drove the last 250 miles over to our "place on the hill". Happy to be back!! The weather for the entire trip was PERFECT!!!! We even had a "tail" wind for 3 days and only 1 day of a headwind. Hit 1 rainstorm in Cheyenne,WY but it was not serious. Enjoyed the stay at the Teton factory, visited with old friends and made new ones. Took the factory tour one day and saw them building 5-6 new 2008's. They keep making nice changes, just enough to make you want a new one,,,,,,,,,,,whoa here,,,no way!!!! Ours is NEW! :)

Pat and I spent all day yesterday settling in. Opening our shop, storage building getting out the picnic table, etc, mowing and weed eating and all those good things. NOW, the place looks great. But we both were "pooped"........geez, forgot what work was like! had to take Advil just to get to sleep. BUT,,,,,,,today I feel like a NEW MAN!!!!!! Looked in the mirror,,,,,and I sure don't look like one!!!:(

Chuck and Rhoda Roper will be here Wed afternoon. They are our X neighbors and good friends from Tallahassee, Florida. Looking forward to seeing them. They will be around enjoying the Hills for a few days....

Now we have to get to HIKING some of these trails. Although we have done most all of them several times, we still enjoy it. I told Pat the other day, when I die, I want my ashes spread up here at one of our favorite places on the "lovers Leap" trail, right at LOVERS LEAP!!!! Of all the places we've been in the US, this is our favorite!!!! Especially during June, July, Aug and Sept.
Stop and see us!!!!

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Good job mike; welcome to the world of blogging.