Saturday, October 13, 2007

HDT Rally- Wichita, KS 2007

The HDT rally has been held in Wichita, KS for the last 4 years. Started out with about 14 folks with HDT's wanting to get together and talk about this type of extra safe tow vehicle. This year there were 59 trucks and 120 folks that came. We had get togethers all over the campground. Old friends and New friends gettin together. This was our little group having HAPPY HOUR.....

We had some Great Meetings......

Trucks everywhere...

This is Kenny Doonan, owner of the Peterbuilt Dealer that sponsors the Rally.

We had lots of FOOD........BBQ's, STEAK's, even PIZZA!! Plus a BUNCH of Pot Luck's!!

This is the majority of the trucks grouped together for a picture...Several were in the shop getting service and others missed the session.

I had to climb up a Fire Dept Ladder truck to get that last picture. Here the Firemen are getting me ready to go up........

I'm climbing up-up-up..............Lots of steps to get to the top!

Finally made it !!!! NEAT view from up there......

I took this picture from the top my my 5th wheel.

It was a GREAT WEEK. Learned a LOT more about Trucks, Diesel Fuel, additives, Air Brakes and MORE!!!!
I can't help to wonder how many there will be next year. The towing of a 5th wheel by a Heavy Duty Truck is becoming a VERY popular thing to do. More and More people are finding out how well they do and how safe they are. All this for about the cost of a new Pickup Truck. Its the WAY TO GO!!!!!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!


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