Sunday, November 4, 2007

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HOWDY !!!!

Well its time to switch from our Travel Journal back to this Blog, since we will be stationary for a while. A lot has happened since our last post at the HDT rally in Wichita. We have traveled over 2000 miles and been in several States. We went directly to Sedalia, MO from Wichita for the Medium Duty truck Rally and at the same location worked the Hitchhiker Rally.

We gave Seminars at both rallies and had good attendance and sold a lot of PressurePro Tire monitoring Systems. So it was definitely a SUCCESSFUL venture. Most all are a "venture" but not all are Successful.....

From Missouri we went to Little Rock AR. to visit our long time "special" friends Louis and Janette Hughes. After a few GREAT days with these special people we had to continue our journey south towards Mission TX., which is about as FAR South as you can get in TEXAS. You can see our Travel Journal at : to follow our trip.

Finally on Oct 20th we pulled into Retama Village in Mission, TX. Several of our other friends were already there and settled on their NEW RV lots that we have all purchased in this BRAND NEW over 55 gated RV community. Our lot had been completed over the summer and we weren't sure our rig would fit on it. After a lot of paper work and measurements we "thought" it would fit, but it did worry us a little.

As you can see, it fit just as we planned!!! A little tight, but we wanted this corner lot REAL bad, as it has a lot more patio area than most others and it was the LAST one!!! We're quite happy with the way it turned out!! There are 14 of our friends that have bought a lot here. We all feel it is a SUPER bargain for such a nice area. The prices of the lots have already went up a few thousand dollars and lots are selling like crazy. Good investment and an enjoyable place with great people to spend some time......

Now we are working on our little "house" officially called "COACH HOUSE". It will have a bathroom with shower and a sitting room with couch that makes into a bed. So our kids and friends can come visit and have a place to stay..........Can't wait to see you all!!!!

I'll include a few pictures of the place and our work on it here and give you a link to many many more.....

Here it is!!! You can see it was a close fit! However just as we planed. In the future we will no doubt "downsize" a little and our next rig will fit even better........But I'll show you the back and Patio area we have and you'll see why this was our favorite lot!!!

Only the corner lots have this "pie" shaped patio. Most of them are much narrower. We really like this area already.

Pat is standing in front of our "coach House" . I told her it was going to be my SHOP. I knew I was gonna lose that battle !!! She is already picking out the fixtures and ceramic tile, etc. Most of you know I hate that kind of stuff. However Pat likes it and she done the last house we had built. So guess who gets to do it????? Right!!! Wait till you see it, it should turn out neat!!

This is a view from the back of our Teton. All landscaping and grass mowing, weed eating, etc., is done by management. Its all underground automatic watering system.

Here is another picture from the front closer in.

Jack Mayer and Pat are talking about our plans for our Coach Houses.......Lots of decisions to make! As you can see, its plumbed for water and sewer and wire conduit is run. We have to pull the wire and do all the other stuff........

We have decided we want a "Raised", "Boxed" ceiling. So all this has to be removed. Some of the later pictures show us doing that....Its gonna be neat and make the room look a LOT bigger. The Coach Houses are all 12x20. All are "supposed" to be the same outside, but you can do anything you want inside..........Sky is the limit,,,,well,,,,,the roof is the limit! :-)

This picture is taken from the top of our Teton. It is looking directly across the street. There are 2 more big trucks at the end of that street, a red one and a white one......Mark's and Jim's.

This is our next door neighbors to the West, David and Ute Czetli. They are from Maryland. Cute little "Smart" car he has, isn't it? It fits crosswise on the back of his Volvo.....

This is our neighbors to the East. Dick and ???? Peers. They are from Eastern Iowa. This is our first time to meet them.

If you want to see more pictures of our lot and the construction we are doing click on this:

Beginning of the groundwork:

Inside Construction:

That's more pictures than you'll ever want to see, I'm sure.

To see where we are located, click here:

See how close to Mexico we are? That dotted line at the bottom of the map is Mexico.....
Zoom in or out by pressing the + or -, or do the Google earth thing if you are so inclined and want to fly around the area a little....

Its a GREAT DAY!!!!!

Thanks for dropping by!


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