Sunday, January 13, 2008

All Valley RV Show---Mercedes, TX Jan 10,11 & 12.

The All Valley RV Show was held this week in this BUSY South Texas Valley. This place is full of WINTER Texans.......It was held at the County Fair grounds. We decided to have a PressurePro Booth. About 5 years ago we visited our friends James and Marge Curtis that were staying down here and we attended this RV show. Our good friends and favorite travel companions Louis and Janette Hughes were with us. We NEVER dreamed we would be here now, own an RV lot here and be working this show!!! You just never know what's down the road or around the corner.

The Fair Grounds are 35 miles from our place in Mission, so we got up every morning, drove over and spent 10 hours each day in the booth......Working!!! As usual it was an "experience". You meet a lot of old friends, make new friends and a lot of fun and interesting people.....

This is the fairgrounds and our booth is right inside the door in the tan building on the right.

There were 3 large buildings full of RV's on display with several vendors inside and out. The weather was beautiful all 3 days.

This is our booth where we spent 10 hours each day talking until we were hoarse about the Fantastic product that we feel is one of the greatest SAFETY items in RVing. There were LOTS and LOTS of people at the Show.

All in All, it was a good show. It gave us a change of pace for a few days to keep our life challenging plus interesting and we made a couple bucks.

That being said, its nice to be back HOME. Needless to say it "wore" us out!!!! But that doesn't take much anymore.........:-)

Now to get all this STUFF put away and get back to NORMAL, whatever that is!!!!

One special pleasant surprise at this show, I saw an old school mate who I actually roomed with back in school . WOW, that was over 50 years ago!!!!!!! A special "HI" to Tom Boots and his wife. It was GREAT seeing you again! Both of their parents had ranches right near ours in the Sandhills of Nebraska.

We are Tuckered Out, but Oh it WAS A GREAT DAY !!!!!!!!!

See ya' all next week, maybe from Arizona. We don't know for sure right now.....

Take care


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