Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas Day 2007

Its an OLD TIME tradition!!!

It was a tradition for years after I moved to Florida in 1977 that every Christmas Day I would drive to the Beach and have a glass of Champagne. Sort of a celebration of being OUT of the cold country and just give Thanks for LIFE. The last few years since we have been in the Arizona Desert during Christmas we haven't been able to do that.

Well since we are only about 80 miles from the Gulf Of Mexico this year here in Mission, TX., we decided to renew that tradition! We drove to South Padre Island and walked in the SAND. It was a beautiful day and a nice drive.

Here are of few pictures of the area.

The Beaches are not near as pretty as Northwest Florida, but the water and the weather was perfect. It was an enjoyable day.....

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them. We enjoyed our little trip of a couple hundred miles and it brought back memories of the past. We are both getting a little "itchy" to do some traveling as we have SAT about as long as we can handle. Fuel prices really put a crimp on us, so we just have to PARK more. Hard for us to do, cause we like to MOVE. We have a 3 day RV Rally to work here in the Rio Grande Valley on Jan 10-11-&-12Th where we have a booth with our business. Then shortly thereafter we plan to move on to our RV lot in Arizona, that's about 1200 miles..........So we'll be MOVIN ON soon!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by, we'll see you next Sunday.

It was a GREAT DAY!!!!!!

Take care

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