Sunday, February 10, 2008

Back HOME!!!!

On Thursday Feb 7th Mikel and I left the COLD, COLD, country and flew from Omaha back to Tucson. It was about 12 deg when we got to the Omaha Airport and we were anxious to get back to AZ. When we stepped off the airplane in Tucson, it was a beautiful sunny day and the temp was around 70. What a change!!!! Pleasant change !!!

Although we were anxious to leave the cold country, it was extremely hard to leave Scott and Ann in Omaha. They arrived at the Univ of Nebr Medical Center where we were staying 2 days before we had to leave for home. He had surgery on his chest where they installed a HICKMAN, line. It is a double port line that is surgically implanted in his jugular vein. This is a more direct line for the Chemo and the Bone Marrow Transplant.

Shortly thereafter, he began receiving the Chemo doses, plus several other shots and drip lines. The Chemo was pumped into him 4 times a day, 6am-12noon-6pm and 12midnight. It took around 2 hours for each dose to be pumped into his body. He and Ann are in the same room at the Medical Center Hospital, right next to the Lied Transplant Center where we were staying. They allowed Mikel and I to visit with him a few hours each day since we would be leaving soon and were blood relatives. No other visitors are allowed, as he was in the "bubble" and most of the nurses had to were masks and gloves as they entered his room. Even if we would have stayed, we wouldn't have been able to continue visiting him. They MUST eliminate any possibility of contamination as the Chemo continues to wipe out his immune system and the CANCER. This will prepare him for the Transplant. If all continues to go as well as it is, the Transplant will be Monday, Feb 11th. That's the BIG DAY!!!!!! We are all hoping and praying that it will be successful and his body will accept it.........

I mentioned it was hard to leave Scott at such a dramatic time as this. It was also hard to watch this Chemo do its job and drag him down. Its gets worse and worse with each dose! He gets nauseous, feverish, chills with violent shaking, diarrhea and many other side effects along with extreme fatigue. I felt so sorry for him and also felt so helpless! Thank God Ann is there by his side assisting him in every manner. I realize how hard this is for both of them and I am so PROUD!!! I must say that Scott is standing up exceptionally well through all this and what he has already been through! His outlook is great and he is happy and friendly, joking continually with his nurses. It confirms the feeling that he will BEAT this thing!!! If anyone can, he will.

Tomorrow is the BIG day. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers with us and I know it will come out succesful.

Click on this web site to hear more direct from Scott and Ann.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them........

They wanted us to experience a nice snow STORM while we were there, so they ordered this Special for us!! This was taken out of our room window.

This is Scott's room.

Ann has her bed right close, so she can keep a watchful eye!

These are the pumps and monitoring equipment Scott uses. It was interesting that it has a self contained battery pack and when he needed to use the bathroom, he just unplugged it and took it with him!

These are the bags of medication that Scott is receiving at the moment. There are two bags on the closest hook and the top bag is CHEMO!!!

This is the best look I could get at the Mountains from the airport in Denver.

DIA is a NICE airport. Its new since I used to live and work here.....We enjoyed touring it. The 4.5 hr lay over got a little long. We both wanted to get home.....

Here is our gate and its time to load !!! Next stop TUCSON, AZ. Can't wait to see Ms. Pat's smiling face...............PLUS,,,,today is our Anniversary!!!!!!!!!

Mikel and I were happy to have our mission completed. The exact match of Stem Cells are now in easy possesion of the Medical Team at the Univ of Nebr Medical Center for the TRANSPLANT!!!!!!
Its interesting to note (as I understand it) that both boys will have the same DNA after the Transplant and Scott will acquire Mikel's blood type. Scotts is O+ and Mikel is A+, so Scott will also be A+.

We will be anxiously waiting for the results of the Transplant and I will keep you advised. Also please visit Scott and Anns CaringBridge web sight. They are keeping it up as best they can while all this is happening................*Leave them a note!!!

MONDAY, will be a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya all next week.


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