Sunday, February 17, 2008

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

First of all, I must tell you that Son Scott's Bone Marrow Transplant took place Monday as scheduled without a hitch!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!
We were so concerned about it we had a hard time keeping our minds on business!!! So far, other than a few complications, it has gone extremely well for him. It will take approximately 10 days before they will know for sure that his body accepts the Transplant. Please keep him and Ann in your prayers. Here is his CaringBridge website so you can read about it. Please sign his guest book while you are there. We are so proud of those two!!!

WOW,,,,,it was a BUSY week!!!! We moved 173 miles to Casa Grande, AZ for the Gypsy Journal Rally. We were there and all set up for business Monday morning. It was a GREAT rally. We gave our 1.5 hr Seminar on Tuesday. Shortly after that business picked up and we sold a BUNCH of PressurePro Tire Monitoring systems and two PowerTanks. We sold MORE than we thought we would, in fact we RAN OUT of stock. Several others wanted a system, so we called our Distributor and ask them to "overnight" a shipment. Well, they did better than that!!

They flew a shipment into the local airport themselves!!!! Now you can't beat service like that!

Here is Pat receiving our new shipment from Duane Sprague our distributor, at the local Airport.

Here is a NEAT picture of the Rally. Its a full 360deg panoramic view, plus you can pan up and down and zoom in. Try it:

See our rig in the Panorama? We were set up and selling right out of our's along side of the long building.....

We were on our feet for hours at a time. Here Pat relaxes a few seconds while talking with a customer.
(click on picture to enlarge)

Here is a link to our friend Nick Russell's web site. He and his wife Terri put this fabulous affair on. There were over 250 rigs there. Thats close to 500 people and from the feedback I was getting, they all had a SUPER time.
We enjoyed seeing a lot of our old friends and old customers, and meeting new friends and new customers!

Yesterday we got back to North Ranch about 2:30 and it was 4pm before we got everything unloaded and had a chance to relax. BOY-O-BOY, its good to be back HOME at the Ranch!!! At the Fairgrounds in Casa Grande, we only had 15amps and no sewer hookups. We both needed a nice LONG, HOT shower!!!!! Now we need some R&R!!! WE are WORN OUT.............Considering retirement.............:-) I have about a dozen projects going that I have to complete first!!!

Its a busy LIFE!!!! Thank GOD!!!!! Otherwise I'd worry myself to death.

See ya next week, have a good one!!!

It was a GREAT DAY!!!!!! EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!


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