Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our assignment: ROUND MOUNTAIN !!!

See that mountain in the center of this picture taken from the top of our rig here at North Ranch in Congress,AZ? That's ROUND MOUNTAIN. This is the area where we ride our 4 wheelers a lot. We have ridden all around this Mountain, the front side, the back side and both the left and right sides. It is a Landmark for the area and keeps us from getting lost in this vast wilderness. Isn't the openness of the area outstanding? We love it!!! When we are out riding in the dozens of washes throughout the area and become disoriented, we just get up where we can see ROUND MOUNTAIN and we immediately know where we are.

Since DAY ONE, we have had the desire to go to the TOP of ROUND MOUNTAIN......This was the day!!!!!


Here we are about half way there.......

We are at the base of the mountain......

At about the halfway up point, with our great friends and neighbors Paul and Nancy Wilson, we decided to hike the rest of the way. It was about 2/3 of a mile on to the top. We could have ridden on up, but we wanted to HIKE IT!!! So we parked here and started the trek UP.

As usual, Pat took the lead. Its steeper than it looks and is very rocky. It would be a challenge to ride up but we'll save that for another day... today we're HIKING!!!! We love to HIKE!!!

It wasn't long and I was chugging along, when I looked up and there Pat was ON TOP!!!!! Whew,,,, I'll be there shortly!!! Chug, chug, chug.

The 360 deg view is quite a sight. These roads are on the back side of Round Mountain.

This is a shot of North Ranch from the top. See our TETON ?

After a little reminiscing, looking and relaxing on top, it was time to start down. Pat's leading, then Nancy, then Paul, then guess who? Yep, I'm bringing up the rear!!

I get delayed a little consuming the beauty of this desert, it is especially outstanding this spring!
I must have taken 2-3 dozen pictures of the flowers, different cacti, etc. on the way down. I'll put them in my web album.


I just had to show you this beautiful Easter Cactus just a short distance from our place. NO ONE that we know, has ever seen this many Blooms on one cactus at the same time!!! It is something else!!!

People come from as far away as Los Angeles, CA. to photograph this spectactular unusual sight.

Some of you just might recognize Nick Alezakis who now lives in a little community near LA. He and Joanne are our great friends that I introduced you to last week. We worked with them in Custer State Park....

This little jewel is on our property. Its a beauty and this is the way they usually appear, one or two at a time on a plant. They bloom around Easter almost every year. They are not late, Easter was just early this year...... (click on picture to enlarge)

Pat and I enjoy shooting our pistols. Finally this week we got out to sharpen up our aim a little. That's another thing we enjoy about this area, we can find a private place to target practice. Needless to say "I ain't as good as I once was"!!!!!! :-).......I've been shooting a pistol since I was 16 and had lots of formal training while I was on the Highway Patrol and at Custer State Park. I "used" to be a pretty darn good shot. But I don't know what is happening to me!!!! I introduced Pat to Pistol shooting shortly after we met about 23 years ago. She loved it and was exceptionally good at it. In fact she almost out shot me from that first day on the range. Well, she ALMOST did this time too!!!
OH, OK,,,,,,,,,,,,I just as well tell ya, she did OUT SHOOT me this time. But not by MUCH!!!!!:-(
Maybe I better have my eyes checked again!!!!

Hey, its been another GREAT WEEK !!!!!!!
We continue to be very thankful for all we have and enjoy.......

Son Scott seems to be continuing his slow but steady progress and was even cleared to go HOME for the weekend.....HURRAY!!!!!
Read his post on his CaringBridge web site at:
I'm sure he would enjoy a greeting from you if you wish to leave one. Many thanks again to all our friends that have been checking and asking about him and have left him messages. Please continue keeping him in your prayers.........

Thanks for stopping by, see you again next week!!!!

Stay SAFE!!!!!

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