Sunday, March 30, 2008

Patio,,,,,,All DONE!!!!!!!

Patio and Landscaping all done and we moved back on our lot. It was worth the wait, we really like it......

There "she" is !!!! This was taken from the top of our Teton across the street where we were parked.

We're back on the lot and I took this from the roof.

It is GREAT stepping out on this instead of the plain ole rock!!!

We like the way it turned out. Victor and his guys did a super job!!

Did you notice the pattern Victor put in? This is a close up of the "diamond" he designed. There are 5 of them. Go back to the picture from the roof and click on it to enlarge and you can see the pattern. Soon we will spray the brick with a sealant that will give it the "wet" look. The pattern will stand out more then.

Nick and Terry Russell

The famous "one and only" NICK RUSSELL, Editor of the RV Publication GYPSY JOURNAL and author of many, many books wanted a PressurePro Tire Monitoring System for their conversion bus. We have gotten to know these fine folks quite well over the years and they were only 85 miles away, so we took advantage of the opportunity to drive over and see them and deliver the system.

Their big bus is a 1976 and in superb condition. Ms Terry has done most of the inside conversion, cabinets, etc. It is a masterpiece.......what a delight to go through it.

Nick is installing one of the Wireless Sensor Transmitters on the valve stem as we were installing the system. That Sensor sends a wireless signal up to a Monitor on the dash and gives the tire pressure. Also, it will send you a signal if your tire develops a leak as you're driving down the road. It went on smooth as silk!!! Nick was impressed, plus he was looking forward to not having to get down on his knees to check the air pressure in his tires before trips etc. AHH, now just "press" a button and there it is!!!!! Nick had 8 tires on his Bus and 4 on his Van that he tows behind. He put a Sensor on all 12 tires. He will soon discover, as so many of our other customers, how comforting it is to have this system as you travel down the highway. Knowing exactly how much air pressure you have in each tire and if you should pick up a nail or develop a problem it will let you know before a catastrophe. It's a great feeling!!! Read more about the system at:

Everyone visits Nick's GREAT BLOG,,,,,,,it a great daily read. If you don't already follow Nick and Terry, here is his Blog site: Look it over!!!

Hey another NICK!!!!!!! WOW, two Nicks in one week!!!! What a TREAT!!!!!

This is Nick and Joanne Alexakis,,,,,,,,,,Great old friends!!!! Now they are not OLD!!! But Nick and Joanne have been friends for a long time. We worked at Custer State Park with them and first met way back in 1996. They had been full time RV'ing for a year or two at that time and we had been at it for about a year. We have enjoyed some great times together, both in the Black Hills and also met them in Florida and in Arizona. They are originally from Minnesota and have worked all over the country since they started full time RV'ing. They drove over from near Los Angeles, CA. in their truck and spent a little time with us...staying at our little Motel in Congress, AZ. It's known as the "Smallest Motel in Arizona", with only 4 rooms. It's always so nice to see them. They are great people!!

Here they are with Ms Pat in front of our NEW patio!!!

A few other interesting things happened this week, but I don't want to wear you out!!!! I'll save some for later......

Son Scott up in Omaha, Nebr. is still desperately fighting to win his battle with AML. (Leukemia) I'm proud and happy to say he is still winning!!!!! Soon he will be getting a Bone Marrow biopsy. That will be the telling tale to see how the transplant went. Please join us in continuing our prayers for him and Ann. As usual here is his Caringbridge site so you can hear from him how he is doing:

It was a GREAT WEEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by. See ya next week, Lord willing!!!!!

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