Sunday, August 17, 2008

Not much NEWS this week.............

Things have slowed down a lot around the BLACK HILLS and our place. It was still a cool week, but most of the Bikers have headed back to their homes. We were able to get our morning walk in every day except Tuesday when we had to be in Rapid City at Dr. Hafner's Black Hills Regional Eye Clinic at 8:30 am. It was time for our annual eye check ups.

Here is a little 1 minute clip from the local newspaper on the headlines for the area. It's kinda neat........A Wagon Train, a Sturgis Shooting, Rattlesnakes and the Little League World Series are all part of this week in review.

Rapid City Journal

We were excited that the Little League team from Rapid City made it to the Little League World Series playoff's. It was a FIRST for South Dakota! We hoped they would make a good showing, but that wasn't going to be. They quickly lost the first game 10-0, then yesterday they came out strong in the beginning but lost it in the 4th inning. Final score was 9-4. That pretty much squelches their chances of moving into the finals. They have one more game Monday. It's FUN to watch these young fellows play and Win, Lose or Draw, this will be an experience they won't forget. We'll be there Monday cheering them on!!!

While we were in town we stopped by the new Cabela's Sporting goods store that just opened in Rapid City. Folks in the area are quite excited about the store and it's a nice addition to the Hills, but it doesn't compare to the Cabela's Home Store in Sidney, Nebraska. I was surprised... it's a small store, not even as big as the one in Mitchell, SD. However, it does have the usual MAZE of sporting goods, hunting and fishing supplies, plus much more. I am in complete AWE when I enter one of these stores. My eyes get as big as saucers.......WOW !!!! It has some NEAT inside displays. I went especially to see the Herd of BUFFALO............Here are a few photo's:

(click on photo's to enlarge)

The BUFFALO herd.....

A little closer up..... This is not a Mural or a painting. Its actual Buffalo standing on the ledge!:-)

You can see the pictures better if you click and enlarge them. They also aren't quite so dark.

That was about it for us this week, it was unusually cool all week. The high was 79 on Tuesday and the low was 43 on Saturday morning..............We ended up the week with a Cook Out with our old and new friends down at the Broken Arrow Campground. We met Jim & Patti Coble, some of our NEW PressurePro customers, who arrived yesterday and are staying at Broken Arrow for a week or maybe more???

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.............................Hope to see you next week....

Travel Safe!!!


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Jerry and Suzy said...

We have always enjoyed Cabella's stores, stayed overnight in their parking lot at Kearney, Nebraska, after we couldn't find the town's city park. We'd do that more often, but we really should have shore power for my CPAP pump.

But it's good to have the option!

Bob and Molly said...

We know you'll enjoy the building...congrats on getting it up!
Thanks so much for your concern about Kristy. She is hanging in there, that's about all I can say at this time. It is tough, as you well know!
M and B