Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pole Bldg COMPLETED!!!

Howdy!!!! Glad to have you visit our Blog! Hope your week was a good one. We made good progress with our building project. IT'S ALL DONE!!! Can you believe it? I can't... we've been planning it for 4+ years and it finally happened.
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Tuesday morning early(6:30am) the concrete people showed up right on schedule..........The POURING began!!

People and wheel barrels were going every direction........

Soon it looked like this....... OOPS..don't know what happend to this picture...

The next day the drive and the sidewalk were poured and the inside floor had set up and was ready for the "joints" to be cut....

Cutting the "joints" made it VERY dusty! Pat and I washed it all out with a water hose and here it is almost dried. Looking GOOD!!!

The electric is all ready to hook up and I even brought some of my tools over from the storage shed........

Just a little over 2 weeks ago, July 15TH, this is how it looked......................

Aug 2ND it looks like this.....Wow, amazing........There were times I wondered if it would EVER happen and here it is DONE!! Getting contractors to do stuff up here in the Hills is a TASK!! We are going to enjoy it!!!

Pat already has her little "chat room" all set up. Some place to get in out of the wind and weather. Happy Hour MUST go on, rain or shine!!!

NEXT PROJECT was to get the ditch dug for the electrical line. Digging up here in this ROCK country is no simple matter!!! We rented a TRENCHER at the local hardware store and began chewing through the rock. Good friend and fellow Rv'er Jim Vickers stopped by and was checking on our work. When he saw this ditch he stated "what were you drinking when you did that"? HaHa........Yep, it's a little crooked!!!!!:-) That little trencher didn't like the side hill slope, nor did it like all the rocks it was hitting. Plus, it was not self-propelled.... you had to PULL it BACKWARD. It was hard to tell where you were going to say the least, but eventually with a lot of SWEAT, we got it 18" deep or close enough. WHEW, that was a JOB!!! That little machine about tore us up!!! Myself, Mark Bruss and Pat were WORN OUT after that little ordeal. Glad we didn't have another 30' to go!!!!

OOPS, forgot to mention our good friends Mark and Dale Bruss arrived THURSDAY right on schedule.....just in time to help us dig the electrical ditch. It's GREAT to see them and have them around for a spell. Hope we didn't work them too hard the first day!!

Well ,that's about it for another week..........we all need a little rest. All that excitement for a couple of old folks has about done us in.........Now to start filling up that 40X40 pole Bldg!! I already have a start on that....

Thanks for stopping by, look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all again next week.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!


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Jutta said...

Congratulations guys!! It really looks great. I can't believe it got finished to fast.

Doug & Jutta

Jerry and Suzy said...

Good for you! Now you can store a whole lot more of the Pressure Pro Systems for future customers!

That WAS a crooked trench, by the way, but we fully understand about rocky soil.

We'll check you out next week.

Jerry and Suzy