Sunday, September 7, 2008

North Platte, Nebraska

We got on the road just as the sun was coming up Friday morning headed for my class reunion in North Platte, Nebraska. It was a pretty morning and day!! We took a little different route so we could see some country that I hadn't seen for old home where I was born and raised ,,,,,,,, (=: The SANDHILLS of the PANHANDLE of NEBRASKA. We went through the Indian Reservation and down to Pine Ridge, SD and then south to Rushville, NE. East to Gordon, NE., then south to Ellsworth, NE. 55 miles of nice 2 lane road with hardly any traffic whatsoever. No towns or stops, just Sandhills, a few Cattle, many Windmills. It was a very pleasant drive. Now this is the kind of traveling I like,,,seemed like old times, WIDE open COUNTRY!!! I was born and raised in this country..............Too many years ago!!! Hard to believe there is this much beautiful wide open space in this country. It was fun and like a time back to the beginning.

We arrived at the Ouality Inn Convention Center in North Platte about 1pm. With the change to Central time it was now 2pm..... It wasn't long until I started seeing old classmates and the FUN began!


Time for our Farewell Breakfast,,,,,,,then head back home.........have to leave. Will continue with this when we get back to Custer,,,,,,,,this eve or in the morning.

Happy trails!!!!

It was GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by,,,drop back later....


MONDAY AM....................I spent over 1/2 hour writing on this this morning, only to have the satellite go down and LOSE the ENTIRE thing!!!! @#$&%*&%!!, I hate it when that happens!
Internet service was Bad last night and I couldn't finish this when we got home, so I thought I would do it this morning early......Now I lost it all,,,,,how discouraging!!!!! I've about had it with this satellite Hughesnet. TODAY, we will order the Verizon Air card. This certainly inspires me to make the switch. I've been putting it off for quite a while. Lots of our friends have the Air Cards and LOVE them. We will see, I'm ordering it TODAY................Guess I'll give this weeks Blog up for this week.... :-(

We sure Had a WONDERFUL Reunion !!!!!! Many thanks to those of you that keep making this happen!!!!

Stop back next week,,,,,,and leave a note in the "shout-box" above......

Meanwhile,,,,,Stay Safe!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Hi guys, sounds like you had a wonderful time at your reunion! Always nice to see old classmates, can't believe it was your 55th! Interested to hear how you like your aircard, keep in touch & let us know ok? Thanks Travel safe, Lee Ann & Larry