Sunday, September 21, 2008

On the ROAD again!!!

Yesterday (Saturday) it was time to leave our beautiful little spot on a hill in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Another summer gone and time to make our move. We enjoy it so much here that it's always a little sad when we leave. Things are all closed up and winterized and we are headed out.

We made a LONG trip (50 miles) to HART RANCH RV RESORT just south of Rapid City. Upon arrival we were met by many of our good friends with the TETON rally being held there. We are presenting a PressurePro seminar on Tuesday. We have already sold dozens of these fine folks a system, but several others have expressed a desire to have one.

Our last week in the hills was very BUSY and SHORT. There is an unbelievable amount of things to do to get ready to take off and leave a place for 8 months. We managed to get in a few more good hikes, one being the Stockade Lake trail which is my favorite. We also were able to work in one more Motorcycle ride in the park. We took the bike around the "Wildlife Loop" and made a big circle of 45 miles. It was an extra nice afternoon and we really enjoyed the ride. Sure makes one HAPPY to be able to enjoy such a life, at our age........(-:

The next day, Thursday, we loaded the Bike on the back of the Volvo truck and secured it for the trip. Then, all tires were properly aired up and double checked. That night Pat prepared a BIG FISH dinner for some of our best friends, the Hughes and Stewarts. It was delicious!! Walleye with Cheese Grits, Hush Puppies, Salad and Watermelon.......I love that 'southern" cookin!!!! We all had a great time....Plus we enjoyed catching the fish during the summer!

We will be here at HART RANCH RESORT until Thursday morning and then we will proceed on to Lincoln, Nebraska where we will spend a few days with Ann, our daughter-in-law. It's about 600 miles to Lincoln from here so it will be an easy 2 day trip. Next week at this time we should be in Lincoln....Good Lord willin!!!!

Plus, we get a SPECIAL treat...we get to see Terri, our traveling medical technician daughter. Her team just happens to be working in Omaha about 40 miles from Lincoln. What a wonderful coincidence. Terri works for the Center for Disease Control, traveling all over the USA with ALL expenses paid and a paycheck!! What a wonderful way to see this beautiful country!!!

Meanwhile, we are just enjoying this Beautiful Hart Ranch Resort, reminding ourselves of the last time we stayed here. Way back in 1995, we workkamped here for a month. At that time we were in our 32' Airstream, pulling it with a 3/4 T Ford pickup. Gosh, that was a LONG time ago!! We have come a LONG way since then. Here we sit now in a 45' Teton 5TH wheel pulling with a Volvo semi truck. There is more room in our truck than there was in that Airstream!!! LOL

Thanks for stopping by, glad to have you. Check back, I'll try to get some pictures and insert them in the next couple days......(I always forget to take pictures:-( )

See ya next week.......

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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