Sunday, February 15, 2009

North Ranch,,,,,2009

Whew,,,,,,,we made it to our place in North Ranch Escapee RV Park near Congress, AZ yesterday about noon. WOW, it sure was good to get here!!!

Second to Custer, SD., this is my favorite place to be. Look at all that OPEN SPACE behind our lot and the "Mountain" in the distance. That's all BLM property where we can ride our 4 wheeler for miles and miles. To the left is another Mountain range. There was snow on the mountains when we arrived yesterday. What a sight!! This is a beautiful valley!

UPDATE..........No KITTENS YET,,,,,,,,,,,,,I know from the emails and phone calls we receive that a lot of you are anxiously awaiting, just as we are. Little Ms Megabyte2 has done as we requested and waited until we arrived at North Ranch before having her kittens. All this has been a little much for her! We must remember that only a few weeks ago she was a "stray", sleeping under an old shed and just visiting us whenever she wanted. She has taken to most of the new life real well, but she has to be confused as heck right now. Especially with her being an expectant new mother and all. Pat is sure this is her first litter, as she is very young. But now we are stationary for a few months and can deal with all this better. Thank you all for your interest and help with this undertaking. It's been an experience. Now,we can get these kittens born, weaned and delivered to all the folks that have requested one. Ms Mega2 is a real cute, sweet kitty and I can only hope that she is enjoying all this and doesn't wish she was back under that shed........

We had a great Gypsy Journal Rally this year. The attendance was down, but the enjoyment was fantastic. Even though we had Wind, Rain, Frost, Mud and early morning temps in the 30's, we had one of our most successful Rallies ever. We sold over a dozen PressurePro Systems, (some very large systems) 7 PowerTanks and LOTs of DriWash waterless RV cleaning products. Pat and I were on the go for 5 days straight..... We were both really WORN OUT!!!! Thankfully, now we can relax and pull ourselves together a bit. Although we still have a ton of "stuff" to get done, we have some time. Old folks need time,,,,right?!!!

A friend recently told me that he was always taught to "respect his elders", but now days he doesn't have any!!! That's about where I am at right now!! Once in a while I run into someone OLDER than I am, but not often!!!!LOL

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you will drop by again soon...either in person if you're close by or to this Blog. Remember we love hearing from you. I have a Blog analysis that keeps track of the people that read the Posts and it always amazes me with the numbers. Dozens of you that stopped by our rig at the Rally told me that you read the Blog every Sunday and Wed and enjoy it. That's what makes it all worth while!!!!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!! (thanks Bob!)

God Bless


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Anonymous said...

Megabyte2 looks like a very happy and contented cat. I'm sure she is bringing you much joy.

You'll have to do like BobT and Sharon do. They put bird feed outside the window for the cat to watch the birds....Cat TV. :')

Glad to hear you did well at the Gypsy Journal Rally. Congrats.

Carol said...

you made me laugh outloud about the old folks! glad you had such a good time at the rally. looking forward to hearing about how many kitties you end up with! :)+

judilyn said...

North Ranch is really booming! ;->

We had lot #218 for 12 years, but sold it a few years ago. Are you anywhere near there?

We haven't visited for many years; must come some time to see all the changes.

Virtual hugs,

Judie, SKP #17907

Anonymous said...

Terry and I are thrilled that you had a successful rally and sold out of product two years in a row!

Not only are we proud to have such successful and well respected vendors as you and Pat at our rally, we are even more honored to be able to count you two among our friends.

Joy and Phil said...

Happy to hear you arrived at Congress safely. Great pictures of the area and of MsMega2. I agree she looks totally contented. That's one lucky little pussy cat.

We really enjoyed getting to know you both at the rally. Keep up the great work on your blog even though sometimes it is hard to find things to write about when you're not on the road. How well I know!

Phil and I will be reading and staying in touch.

Roger said...

Hey Mike and Pat!!

Great shot of NR!! Can't wait to see it some day. We are getting anxious to see you in Custer. Gotta a lot to do to get ready!

See ya soon!!

Rog & Suz