Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On the Road again!!!

We hit the road Monday morning about 8:30 out of Mission, TX., headed Northwest. The wind was blowing like crazy, which is fairly normal in the Rio Grande Valley...except it usually blows from the south. Wouldn't you know it...when we get ready to blows from the North and gives us a big headwind. It only lasted a couple hundred miles and then it calmed down.

We took a new route and went straight North out of Mission, up to McCook on 681, then on North through Hebbronville and on to Freer where we got on Hwy 44 West and picked up Hwy 83 again North of Laredo. Fairly good Farm roads most of the way........We arrived at Del Rio about 4:00 and after a brief stop at Wally World, we proceeded on west for about 50 miles to our Hill Top rest area. A neat outlook just off the road near Langtry, TX. It has a beautiful view of the Seminole Canyon area where Judge Roy Bean was the law of the land years ago. His Saloon and Museum are close by. This is a popular boondock area for anyone on this route. It is, however, far from civilization and has no Cell signal or Verizon Internet. I was able to get DirectTV on our King Dome and we watched Jack Bauer save the world on our favorite TV program "24". :-)

Just as the sun was setting, we settled into our private hilltop outlook. We had it all to ourselves, then about dark a Pickup camper came in behind us and spent the night. It was an enjoyable quite evening with NO communications with the outer world.........'cept good ole TV!!!

You can click on this picture and enlarge it so you can read more about the area if you wish. It is also an important Railroad area.

We were up and on the road early the next morning at sunup. I sure enjoyed the new battery bank of 8 ACM batteries and the 800 amps storage, along with the new Magnum 2880 watt inverter. They worked like a CHARM!!!!

A few hours later we pulled into the Flying "J" at Anthony, TX just North of El Paso, where we took on 140 gal of diesel fuel at $2.139 a gal. Then we sailed on West 80 miles to the Dream Catcher SKP park at Deming, NM. We have stayed here "umpteen" times before and it's a quick and easy "in and out place" in the outskirts of a small little town that's easy to get around in. My kind of PLACE. So we may stay a couple days and get caught up and relax a bit (ha) before we head on to the Gypsy Journal Rally in Casa Grande, AZ and go to WORK. We have lots of catching up to do, orders to process, etc. It's amazing how much can pile up when you're out of touch for just a couple days!

So far the trip has been great and it's a GREAT WEEK!!!

Take care and stop back Sunday....


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Sounds like a good trip so far, except for that headwind. See you Friday!

Paul Weaver said...

WOW, Mike what a beautiful overnight rest stop. Be tempted to stay there a few days!

Have a great trip.

Paul Weaver

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that your trip is going well. And I was thrilled to hear that you took the kitty with you!
We miss you guys a lot!

Carol said...

I love that place you spent the night by the side of the road. Talk about being out in the middle of no where! I see by one post that you took the kitty with you! Good for you. She will be good company and I know that she appreciates having a good home. She will be major spoiled!!! :)+