Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Project !!

Well, here we go again!! Another project that we have been planning to get done has started.
A couple years ago, when we painted our Storage shed here on our lot at North Ranch in Congress, AZ, it was decided we needed to put something over the wood "T" board on the exterior walls. It is sometimes called "boxcar" siding and I don't care much for it, especially when it gets a few years old. (click on all photo's to enlarge)

Here it is before we started.
Our good friends and neighbors, Tom and Sally Gierisch, had their shed covered with Stucco. We thought it looked real good and fits in with a lot of the Southwestern decor in the area. We said "We should do that to ours one of these days and especially when it needs painting again." That time is here, so we asked Sally for the name of the person that finished theirs. We called the number she had and no one there could speak English enough to talk to us.......Hmmmmm, so we asked Sally to call for us. Sally speaks Spanish and used to work with contractors in El Paso in her "other life"!!! Ah ha! That did it... Jose called us back and agreed to come and give us an estimate..

Yesterday, they got started.....First, all the trim was removed, new metal corners and bases were installed. Then this Styrofoam was installed.
With 3 of them working on this little 10X12 shed, it didn't take long.
Next, came the "chicken" wire that was installed over the Styrofoam. However, "quiting time" came along. They always tell you "we'll be back Manana", which is supposed to mean tomorrow. However, we have found after dealing with a lot of these contractors, it may mean sometime in the future! We only HOPE it's tomorrow! :-)
Maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to show you the finished product on Sunday. But, as we've learned, no promises....
It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by......God Bless
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Jerry and Suzy said...

You guys are changing the world, one building in one location at a time! And you are being smarter than Mrs. Winchester. I'll bet you don't have any doors and windows that open onto a brick wall or staircases that end at a ceiling!

Keep on building!