Sunday, March 22, 2009

Special GUESTS!!!

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We were so happy to have our Granddaughter Shala and son Pat and his wife Michelle stop by. Shala lives in Lincoln, Nebraska and attends the University of Nebr. She decided to take her "Spring Break" down here in AZ. Pat and Michelle live in Lake Havasu. Shala is real excited about a couple of events she has coming up soon.....both her and her Dad are training for a 1/2 Marathon run in Lincoln in May. Both have run races all over the country, including Boston and New York. But the really BIG event she has coming up is a trip to Argentina, South America. She has been accepted to attend a 4 to 6 week Spanish training session there. That will be some kind of an EXCITING trip,,,,,,,,we are so PROUD of her!!! Way to go Kiddo!!!
SPRING in this desert is something else! One of our favorite flowering cacti is this EASTER cactus. This one is in our front yard. They are one of the first to bloom every year. Here it is just starting.
You can almost see them opening as the day progresses...
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Then the next morning it is wide open!!!!
We used to have lots of Cacti in our yard,,,,,,,but some of them have a way of overwhelming you. Like they say around here,,,"they JUMP OUT at you"! When we had our patio built and new gravel put down, we had the landscapers take most of them out. A couple of these are about the only ones we have left, the others found their way out into the wilderness.....
Hope you are all having a HAPPY SPRING!!
It's been a GREAT WEEK!!!!
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Carol said...

It is always nice to have friends and relatives come for a visit---and the cactus are gorgeous!!! Always enjoying your blog! :)+

Anonymous said...

Nice looking family, Mike. And I LOVE your T-shirt :)

Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike, now you've gone and done it! We had decided that we had all the cactus we need in our yard. Now, thanks to you, we are going to have to look for an Easter cactus to be a highlight. What would we do without friends!