Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We are ready to RALLY!!!

WOW!!  I mean, where does time go? Gee, here it is MARCH already!!  Can you believe it?  We can't seem to catch up. Here it is time for the Gypsy Journal Rally.  This is a great Rally and by far our favorite. This year it's being held at the Yuma County Fairgrounds in Yuma, AZ. This is Nick and Terry Russell's 4TH Western Gypsy Journal Rally. We have attended them all. Previously they were held at the Fairgrounds in Casa Grande, AZ. However, this year it is at the Fairgrounds in Yuma and it will be a new experience for us all. Nick says it a much better facility than the one in Casa Grande, so we are excited about this NEW experience.

Saturday morning we are leaving North Ranch and heading for Quartzsite, AZ where we will Boondock (dry camp out in the desert with no hook ups) and go on into Yuma Sunday morning. We will be arriving the day before the Rally actually starts. We want to have time to get situated and set up our PressurePro/PowerTank booth.   We have so many friends and customers who come to this Rally and we are looking forward to seeing them. Ms Megabyte was the "star" of the Rally last year, as it was her first and our first with a Kitty. She was brand new with us and scared to she runs the place!!   She is looking forward to seeing all her old friends again and this year she is not pregnant!!
All good things seem to come to an end.  Our friends Larry and Geri Gustafson, owners of the Broken Arrow Campground in Custer, have to go back to the "cold" country" and are departing this morning.They are getting more reservations than they can handle and have to get back to build some more new sites and a new Horse Barn and get the Campground ready to open by May 1ST.  If you want to get a site, you better call them ASAP because they are filling up FAST!! This is the MOST popular Campground in the area.  They aren't looking forward to getting back up in the cold country quite yet and I don't envy them....but duty calls.  They have been having a "Ball" riding their 4-wheelers out here in the desert. It has been so good having them around and we will miss them very much. Travel safe Larry and Geri and we'll see you in about 3 months in Custer.

Ms Pat has really gotten into the Line Dancing here at North Ranch. She loves it and others tell me she is quite good at it.  All of this is thanks to Danielle Mayer, who got her started down in the RGV at Retama Village. Danielle started a Line Dancing class there and according to Pat, she is a wonderful teacher. Danielle began her Line Dancing career here at North Ranch and has really taken to it.  She also gives lessons at the Diamond Campground and RV Park in Woodland Park, Colorado, where she and Jack workcamp in the summers high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 

We still have a lot to do getting ready to hitch up and move out of here Saturday but since we have been here for a month already, it gives us a chance to satisfy our "hitch Itch" and get outta "Dodge" for a few days.
Next Blog should be coming to you from the desert area of Quartzsite and hopefully we'll have a couple pictures of our location and campsite. Please check back with us.

Now we have 52 registered Followers! A big hardy welcome to: Thelma and Skip and Barry Fitzpatrick. Glad to have you join our group and thanks for following us. Please feel free to leave some comments in the comment section at the bottom of the Blog. We would love to hear from you.

It's a GREAT WEEK!!!

Hope to see you in Yuma, if not somewhere down the road.  God Bless you all and Safe Travels.

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Safe travels to you guys also. Please say hi to Nick and Miss Terry for us, and give Ms Mega a tummy rub for us!

Rick said...

Have a great time at the Rally, guys! Reading Nick's blog, it sure sounds like it should be a lot of fun. I'll be looking forward to your next post - maybe you can throw in a few pics of some of the potluck dinners and stuff?

Unknown said...

Greetings from Tallahassee and FSU. Enjoying your site and blog and planning my own Fulltiming day.