Sunday, August 29, 2010

The BIG SEARCH comes to a HAPPY ending!

All weekend we have been camped out in the fenced in lot of The Motorhomes of Texas dealership in Nacogdoches, TX. This is the friendliest and warmest dealership I have ever run into.
This is the 2003 Foretravel 40' U320 Motorhome that they just accquired and thought we might be interested in. This picture was taken just a few minutes after it arrived at the dealership. They were washing off the bugs and road grime on the outside but they hadn't touched the inside. I was anxious to see it BEFORE it was detailed by the dealership. It was purchased from a private owner and driven in from Kansas City, KS.

We looked it over with a fine tooth comb and took it out on a long test drive.  It was every bit as clean as we were told it was. It has 54,000 miles on it and it is CLEAN. It really didn't need any further cleaning but they insisted that they wanted to put a crew on it and give it a good going over. Although the owners records showed that it had been totally serviced with new oil and filters, etc. in March, they wanted to do it all again before they put it out.  "Just so we will both know FOR SURE", the sales mgr told me.

When the dealership closed that evening, we were the PROUD owners. We knew this is what we had been waiting for! Praise the Lord.  This is what He had for us. Well worth the wait. We went back to the Motel that night so excited that neither of us slept a wink.  It was understood that they would put a full crew on it early the next morning and we could stay in it that night and over the weekend. That would give us a chance to get familiar with everything and check out any items that needed correcting before we hit the road.   I was MORE than ready to get out of the Motel's!

A couple days ago, while we were waiting for this Coach to arrive, we toured the Foretravel Factory which is right across the road from this dealership.  Let me tell you, I was mighty impressed with the way they construct thier units. They don't push them out very fast and spend a lot of time and care paying attention to the details. The craftmanship is superb, second to nothing I have ever seen. I thought Teton was the best and I spent a lot of time watching them being built but Foretravel's work is superior to what Tetons was. "WAS", is the BIG word there.  Foretravel is still in business, both building and repairing, and is centrally located. I have several friends that have Foretravels and love them.

Foretravels slideouts are unique and have a feature that I didn't know even existed. All of their slideouts have a rubber bladder around them that fills with air and TOTALLY seals all the way around when it's in or out.  The bladder is inside so it's not exposed to any sunlight or elements for deterioration and makes an extremely tight seal to keep out wind, dirt, dust, water, etc.

Anyhow to make a long story a little shorter, here are a few of the options our new home has that we like:

450 hp Cummins engine
Tag Axle and nearly new tires all around.
Full body paint job and double clear coat in superb condition.
Aqua Hot water and heat.
Total "AIR"leveling syatem.  No jacks or levelers ever touch the ground.
Ms Pat loves the floor plan and the quality fixtures and conveniences throughout.

Plus many other things............You should be able to click on the link below the picture at the top and go to our Album for a look at the inside and of course a picture of Ms Megabyte2 in her new home....

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by. We will be here until they get everything in "ship shape" and to our satisfaction and then we will head on back home to Custer.  It could be the middle of the week or longer if necessary. We are in no rush as we want to get everything done now and not rush things. Besides these are great people. They make us feel right at home and the wifi is GREAT.   And by the way, our sales person is Mel Cordray.  He is fine young, family man and is taking great care of us.

God Bless you all. We continue to be thankful for all our Father has done for us with his blessings.


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Karen and Al said...

Very, very nice! I'm so glad you were able to find that nice "little" motor home. Ms. M seems to approve as well!

Paul Weaver said...

CONGRATULATIONS Mike & Pat. You have an awesome looking motor home. Foretravels are a great choice!

Best Wishes and Safe Travels in the future.

ps...couldn't get the additional pics to load...missed megabytes's reaction to his new home!

Paul Weaver said... the pictures to work..I wasn't clicking at the correct spot. Great looking motor home. You should sure enjoy living and traveling in it!

Good Luck and God Bless


Anonymous said...

It is absolutely gorgeous. Of course Foretravel has always been my dream coach. We had a dealership in Spokane years ago (now closed) and they also sold Itasca which we bought from them. Great customer service.

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Gina and I are so happy for you both. It looks beautiful and we knew that God had the right one picked out for y'all. We cannot wait to see it. We love miss & love y'all!!

Your kids

Mark and Dortha said...

I love you new house. Can't wait to see it.

Enjoy the ride.

Hugs to you both.

Ruth said...

It's beautiful. Really gorgeous. I can see why you fell in love with it. Sure you'll have many happy RV tales in that one.
Your fur buddy looks very much like our Arthur. I have a picture of him in one of my blogs.
Well happy trails to you with your new rig.

Ruth said...

I don't know why my comments came up Anonymous. Never has before I have a blogger account..strange,sorry about that. See if this works..Ruth

Janna and Mike said...

Mike and Pat--how wonderful, we looked at all the photos--you guys bought yourselves a beautiful coach. Travel safe!

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Nice motorhome! Congratulations, and here's wishing you many happy miles on the road in it.

Rick said...

Your new MH is a real beauty and well worth the wait! I'll bet you are going to have a fun ride home to Custer later this week. Congrats!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Congratulations, I am sure you will love the new rig.

Jerry and Suzy said...

COngratulations! Your album came in nice and clear. Now you can show up anywhere any time and look real spiffy! Not that you didn't look spiffy before, but you'll be happier in the Foretravel, and it makes you look spiffier with the big grin on your fce!

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Congratulations on a beautiful rig!

Bruce said...

Holy Moly, what a rig. Congratulations. That baby really looks really nice and loaded. Liked the one of Mega 2 making herself at home already...

Rod Ivers said...

Looks like a great Rig! A great find, and a dealer that you like as well. Looks like a special deal.

Nick Russell said...

Congratulations! It's beautiful! Can't wait to see it!

David, Sheila and Stella the Beagle said...

Now that is a nice coach Mike, the three of you will travel in comfort and style indeed!

David & Sheila Knapp

Happytrails said...

We are a little late in catching up on blogs but we have read about your new "home" and took a look at the pics. CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is beautiful. Mike and I wish you and Pat many many happy and safe miles of traveling in your Foretravel. What a fine coach!! We hope that one day you and Pat might give us a tour!! :-)

Take care and enjoy!!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)