Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More work and more FUN here in the BLACK HILL's !!

We are still waiting for the Dry Wall contractor to get finished. It seems to be taking him longer than we would like but we have found most contractors to be that way.  While he continues, we find other things to do.  Rocky got all the insulation up on the top.
Then the plywood was installed. It was HOT up in this area and everyone that worked up there was soaked in sweat.....but soon it was all done.
The place is well insulated all the way around and on top and even the interior walls.  I'm sure its going to be easy to heat and cool.    Last night the dry wall was all taped and mudded.  Now today, the dry wall contractor is supposed to finish it off and get it ready to be painted as soon as it dries.     Like someone said, it's beginning to look real "homey" now that the dry wall is up.  

Meanwhile Rollie, Gina and I put up a set of clothesline poles........
Digging up here is no easy task....rock, rock, rock !!!  Bur Rollie is not one to give up easy either!!
Gina is pretty persistent herself and between the two of them they got the job done.

 We had a couple bags of Quikrete left from the building project, so I mixed it up and we set the poles...under the watchful eye of Ms Pat.
There they are, all ready for me to head to the hardware store and get some eye bolts and Clothesline!!

Meanwhile, we even got a chance to take Rollie and Gina on another one of our favorite Hikes....."Lovers Leap".  Many of you have been on this Hike with us and know how beautiful it is.  Here we are on top. That's about a 300' straight down drop off behind us.

As soon as we finished the 3 mile Hike, we took the "Kids" around the Wildlife loop. Sure enough just as if we had planned it, the Buffalo were all over the place. Gina was extremely excited as we drove close to the first Buffalo she had seen up close.  She could have almost reached out and touched them.  Check out their Blog for pictures and comments on the Hike and trip through the Buffalo.

Thanks for stopping by and soon we will be back in our "Cabin" painting, hooking up wiring, shower and bathroom stool, sink and etc. Still lots of "stuff" to do, but it sure is exciting seeing it all fall into place.

Rocky and Sheri are leaving today to continue their traveling Ministry.  Rocky worked really hard getting the plumbing installed and helping with the finishing touches in the attic storage area.  Thanks Rocky and Sheri and our Prayers are with you for SAFE TRAVELS!!  We'll see you in a few weeks at the HDT Rally in Hutchinson.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

God Bless You All!


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Anonymous said...

Mike, I would buy an extra set of eye bolts so you can hook up a hammock when clothes aren't drying!

Don't think we will get anywhere near Custer this season, but looking forward to seeing yoou guys in Hutchinson KS

Doug Franks

Rick said...

I've found that drywaller's here aren't the most dependable guys around when it comes to completing jobs on time either. Hopefully, you'll be in painting mode by the weekend. Sure looks like it's going to be a cozy place when it's all finished up.

Paul Weaver said...

Tell Gina to ditch those flip flops and put on a good pair of boots or shoes when digging! Real women (or men) don't dig in flip

Connie and Rod said...

WOW, now that is some thick insulation. Should make the apartment extremely cheap to heat and cool since it also has the skin of the barn to protect it.

Great job y'all and kudos to everyone for working so hard. :)


Margie M. said...

I enjoy checking in to see the progress you are all making there. That is some thick insulation. Guess you'll be enjoying that thickness come winter. :)

Happytrails said...

Things are really taking shape and it looks great!!
Pat will really love that clothesline. I really prefer clothes air tried....they smell sooo good. :-)
I love that picture of you guys at Lover's Leap...just special.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)