Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The SEARCH goes on !

Ms Megabyte2 says “Are we there YET?????  Megabyte2 is doing fine on our search for a Motorhome.  She rides quietly in her bed on the back seat while moving, but will walk around the car and look out the windows whenever we stop.

This tremendous HEAT is about to get us all tho and the humidity is something that Ms Pat and I have not seen for years and years. The temps are 105 ++ and mostly PLUS!!  WOW, guess it's a good reminder but I sure haven’t missed it.

Monday we looked at several Motorhomes at Motorhome Specialties in Alvarado, TX just south of Fort Worth. We started at 7 am and by noon we had seen everything that even slightly interested us. We didn’t see anything that really took our eye, so we decided to work our way on towards Houston.

We decided to swing over to Nacogdoches, Tx and check out Motorhomes of Texas. They sell all brands, but specialize in Foretravels. Having heard a lot of good things and having several friends and customers that have Foretravels, we wanted to check them out for ourselves.

After looking at the Foretravels, we saw why folks like them so well. They are truly SUPERB and well built. Teton always impressed me, but these are definitely outstanding. We enjoyed the small but impressive and friendly dealership that is right across and down the road a block or two from the Foretravel Factory.  We were impressed to say the least. We looked around until the dealership closed at 5 pm.  Then we decided to travel on south a ways toward Houston to look at a couple of motorhomes that we were interested in.

We went a short ways and found a Motel close to Livingston, TX for the night. (home of the Escapee’s).  We were up and out early yesterday morning and we were in South Houston at the PPL RV consignment lot right about 10 am.   All I can say is WOW!!!  What a place!  What a ZOO is my real feeling!!  Take a number and go wander around for a while and if you're interested in anything, take another number and wait until someone can talk to you.  They have close to 500 units on display and cram jammed in so close to one another you can’t even walk around them. Meanwhile, it's soaking, drippy sweaty HOT!!!! There are thousands of vehicles zooming by on the road right next to the lot and not even a breath of fresh air anywhere.

The traffic surrounding this place is something else. You feel like you are right downtown in the metro area. Not the kind of place an old cowboy wants to hang around for long.  My feet were ready to haul a#$ out of there. We talked with a salesman about the main unit that we drove down to see. He knew little about it and acted like if we wanted it, go ahead and pay for it.

I offered him what I thought it was worth and he said “No Way” so Ms Pat and I said “OK” .  We got up,  went to the waiting room where Ms Megabyte was waiting in the nice cool air conditioning, picked her up and got the heck out of Houston just as fast as we came in.  Out of the 3 places we have been, this was by far the worst!  I won’t be back.  Like I told Pat, even if we did buy one there, the traffic is so bad and it is so tight, it would be a nightmare even getting it out.

We decided to head back to Nacogdoches and take a second look at what they have.  While we were doing that, we found out that they had just bought a unit that was something we would definitely like to see. Only problem, it wouldn’t be in for a couple days.

We decided to go find a Motel with good wifi and continue our search while waiting for this newly accquired Foretravel to arrive.  We will probably be here until at least Friday. Hopefully by then we can check out this rig and see if we’re interested. If not, we’ll do what's necessary and continue the search. We have others we would like to inspect.  One is near Tampa, Florida and the other is in Washington, IN.   Many, many more miles away from us.  What do you do and how far do you go???  Who knows???  We do know you have to do what you have to do.  And, we do know you can’t tell anything by looking at pictures... they can be very deceiving. You HAVE to inspect them personally!!

Neither of us enjoy this Motel life AT ALL… NOT FUN!!!  However, it will be OK as we ask our Father above to give us strength and guide us through it all. I’m sure He will and that He has something special right around the corner,  just for us.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

Thanks for stopping by and we will continue to keep you updated.


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Happytrails said...

We will lift you all up in prayer that God will lead you to the right motorhome. In the meantime, as best as you can, enjoy the moment.

Take care!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Rick said...

Great picture of Ms Megabyte2! Those Foretravel MH's look like real beauties. It'll be a tough decision, but I'm sure you'll find just the right one. That heat would be real difficult to deal with alright.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Sounds like you are covered from the prayer side. We'll give you credit for having good sense, will end up with the right rig, the right price, the right time! Then you can scurry your little selves right back to South Dakota and out of the humidity and general nastiness of hot weather.

Karen and Al said...

I'm sorry the weather is so hot for your search.

I don't know where the one near Tampa is, but if you get to Tampa, try Lazy Days. I think they are the largest RV dealer in the US. We bought ours there and had wonderful service and got a nice used unit. Check out their website @ They have nice pictures and videos of many, many units.

Good luck in your search and take care of that very cute kitty!

Karen and Al said...

Yeah, I just checked They have tons of very nice diesel motorhomes in the 40+ plus range. They have lots of pictures of each unit. Check it may be worth a drive to Tampa, and you can stop by and see us!

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Hey Pop's,

Gina and I are sure missing y'all. We know it's frustrating but you and Mom will know the right one when y'all see it. Ms Megabyte looks like she's doing great. Just remember, Our Father will take care of y'all and will show you the right motorhome. Our prayers are with y'all.

Love Y'all
Your Kids

Rod Ivers said...

Go up to Red Bay and go thru the Tiffin factory. I'm not sure they make the absolute best, but they are surely the nicest people in the MH business. And they will stand behind you like no other!

Sharon Del Rosario said...

You have a lot more stamina than I do in dealing with the heat and humidity. I'd wait until November to go to south Texas or Florida! And I second the recommendation to check out Tiffin, if you haven't already been to the factory. They don't sell rigs there, but you can find good ones for sale on the web site, if you want used. Good luck in your search.

Paul Weaver said...

Foretravel is definitely a wonderful MH and the factory is in a great location. You see many of these units coming into Escapee's Rainbow's End in Livingston....probably due to it's location near the factory!

Megabyte2 gets final approval in all decisions...I assume!

Have a safe trip and God Bless