Sunday, October 3, 2010

Departure Day!!!

"D" day is finally here.  We’re heading out!  All day yesterday, we put the final touches on everything in preparation to head South this morning. The final and last task was blowing out all the water lines in our new Cabin so they won’t freeze and break. We have never had to do this before, as we didn’t have plumbing. Now we have LOTS of plumbing and we sure don’t want it to freeze. That would be disastrous! Rollie and Rocky did a superb job of planning for this procedure.  They plumbed this unit so that it is a mere 15 minute procedure to blow all the water out of the lines. They installed an air “quick coupling” on the water supply  manifold. Rollie was showing me how to do it. Wow, is it slick!!  Just  hook an air compressor to the quick coupling and open all the faucets. It may have taken a little longer than 15 minutes but only because Rollie was carefully explaining to Ms Pat and I exactly how to do it, so we will be able to winterize the place ourselves in the future. Then we put RV antifreeze in all the p-traps, stool, etc.  It was a neat procedure. 
Gina helped me organize and clear out the garage section of our building so we would have room to get everything stored for the Winter. It was a real “mess”. Stuff was piled everywhere.  Let me tell you, she is a go’er and a do’er!!  WOW, I guess it would be better said that “I helped Gina!”  She about wore me out...helping her put stuff where she wanted it.  But LOOK at what we acomplished…..doesn’t it look neat?WOW, we have room for everything!!!  Last night we filled it up putting everything is in its place for the Winter.  Thanks Gina, your my girl!!

So this morning we are all ready to go.  I don’t have much time and will have to cut this short.  We plan on going to somewhere around Cheyenne, Wyoming today...then tomorrow we will proceed on to Colorado Springs, Co. to the “Garden of the God’s” Campground where we will attend the Four Corners Foretravel Rally. I am so glad that Rollie and Gina are going with us. We look forward to meeting all the Foretravel folks and learning as much as we can about our new home.  Plus, we’re gonna tour the area and ride the Cog Rail to the top of Pikes Peak.  Pikes Peak is 14,115 feet so we'll be on top of the world.

As yet another Summer in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota comes  to an end, I can’t help but give my thanks to Rollie and Gina for such a wonderful, joyous and productive summer. Thanks also to Rocky and Sheri and all our other great friends that had a hand in making the summer what it was. Most of all we praise God for all of the “above” and this wonderful life he has laid out before us for without Him, none of it would be possible.

Be sure to check out Rollie and Gina’s Blog for more about what we have been doing here in the “HILLs”

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

We’ll see you down the road….God Bless!


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Connie and Rod said...

Have a wonderful trip in your new rig Mike and Pat.

Safe travels,

Travels with Emma said...

Safe travels to you all. :)

Rick said...

Great job getting ready to roll. That was good thinking on Rollie's part to install the air coupling on the water line intake.

Enjoy the trip in your new motorhome, it should be a lot of fun.s

pidge said...

Safe travels. Have a good time in Colorado. Never have gone to the top of Pike's Peak, but have spent a lot of time in the foot hills.

Karen and Al said...

Well now that you've gotten your new summer cabin completed, sold your Teton and bought a new Motorhome, you can relax and enjoy your trip.

That Cog Rail looks like an amazing trip and one that we will have to take....but I may need to start happy hour early that day :)

Have fun!