Sunday, October 17, 2010

Movin’ on !!

The Photo session on Friday afternoon was a sure sign that the HDT Rally for 2010 was about to be over. The breakfast Saturday morning was the final gathering and by 10:00 am we were headed out. This is the 6TH year in a row that we have attended this Rally. This year we attended not as HDT’ers but as "Outcasts" with our new Motorhome.  There are 3 or 4 of us older folks (I'm speaking for myself, Gene) that have recently changed to Motorhomes and are now called the "Outcasts".  We enjoy the Rally very much as there is always still a lot to learn and the friendships we have made in this group are “Priceless”.  I will probably come back again next year...if they will have us. What a Super group this is and it's always interesting to meet the new folks that are interested in becoming a SAFE Rv’er. 

I won’t say any more about the LGT’s (Little Girl Trucks). The folks at the rally didn’t mind that designation but a couple of my readers took exception. One even made the statement that “them's fighting words”.   Now I know ole' Rick was just kidding. I have more respect for Rick than you can ever believe.  I would bet my last buck that his LGT is NOT overloaded in any way, shape or form and that his truck will stop the beautiful new 5TH wheel he just purchased.

After we bid our farewells, we headed South from Hutchinson, KS and got on I-35 and headed towards TEXAS. We are going back to Nacogdoches to Motorhomes of Texas where we bought our Rig. They are going to check out a couple things for us.  We have a few other errands to run before we head on towards our place in the Rio Grande Valley at Retama Village in Mission.  We hope to sell or rent our place there so if you're looking for a wonderful spot to spend a few months this winter, take a look.  3903 Lark Drive  It's a beauty!!

We drove 340 miles yesterday and found ourselves at the Oklahoma/Texas border town of Thackerville,OK parked at the BIG “WinStar” Casino parking lot. The big 450 hp Cummins diesel purred along beautifully and it was an easy, enjoyable trip. Pat and I had a light (very light :-) ) supper and then walked over to the BIG Casino. We found out that we had just missed Toby Keith who played there last night. He has his own bar inside the Casino called "Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill".  The place was very busy and it is HUGE. We walked around and looked at the sights and each dropped 5 bucks in the slots so fast it wasn’t funny. Seeing it wasn’t our night and the cigarette smoke was killing us, we walked back to the Motorhome and watched a little TV. Soon it was time to "hit the hay"!!

Today we have an easy trip of about 260 miles.  We have the gate code to get into Motorhomes of Texas lot so we will spend the night there and be ready for some early morning work. We’ll hang around there for a few days and make a decision on our next move..... so stop on back Wednesday and check up on us….. ‘till then BE SAFE!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!


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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

I had to laugh that the post with the Little girl trucks, would bring any negative reaction at all. I think most of the pickup owners are like us, out of necessity. The truth is as much as I would love to own a HDT After raising four boys and retiring on a policeman's pension, Donna & I just cannot afford anything bigger than what we have so we are comfortable, living within our means. That doesn't mean that if by some unseen circumstance we somehow come into a way to afford an upgrade we wouldn't do it. Life is short. Rick & I have probably done a lot of research before settling on the Duramax/Allison trucks we have and yes we have tow capacity to spare, and I am satisfied with the braking response I get. I hope any detractor's were in jest, as you are to nice a guy to have purposely hurt someones feeling's. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Keep on a'rollin', Mike and Pat. Perhaps we'll find a way to get up and visit you this winter, but don't count on it. We're already pretty booked with rallies and SKP Chapter stuff, plus we want to spend a little more time in New Mexico. But we'll keep readin' ya! By the way, we have some windmills in last evening's blog post.

Rick said...

Of course I knew you were kidding us about our LGT's, Mike! It was all in good fun and when I look at all those big, beautiful diesels lined up in your picture, I just have to nod and admit that you may just have a point!

But, now that you're an 'outcast', you'll just have to join the rest of us in admiring those great rigs!

Good luck with selling your place down in Mission!

Mark and Dortha said...

Sorry I didn't know you were hanging out at the Winstar. We would have joined you.

Hope we get to see you at Retama.